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Aluminium Carpet to Tile Transition Strips

With 8-12mm Height

Aluminium carpet-to-tile transition strips, 8-12mm in height, which seamlessly link carpet and tile, give a reliable and robust combination. A modern style which I opt for, guarantees a smooth change of floor types. The 8-12mm height range works with a minor change in floor level and remains a blemish-free surface. 

These strips are designed to protect the carpet and tile edges, thus this helps in extending their lifespan hence averting hazards of trips. They are an extremely versatile supplement to the decor of any room. Easy to set up and operate, they allow smooth transition to other stories, therefore, being the best option for this event.

Material:Aluminium, Stainless Steel
Color:Square/Round/L Shape/U Shape/T Shape/Ramp Shape, etc.
Height:8/10/12 mm / Customized.
Thickness:1.0-2.0 mm / Customizable
Length:2.5/3.0 Meters
Packing:Plastic film for each piece, outside with carton
Applications:Ceramic tile edge protection & decoration

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    Premium Quality

    Applications for Aluminium Transition Strips

    The Durable and Low-Maintenance Solution for Kitchen and Bathroom Spaces

    Aluminium transition strips are very polyvalent pieces having thousands of applications mainly in construction and interior design. These turn lanes are multi-functional and these play three important roles which are decorative, functionality, and safety. These are some Examples of aluminium transition strip applications:

    Flooring Transitions

    Aluminium transition strips help connect different types of floors such as carpet to hardwood or tile floor and ensure safety by doing away with tripping hazards. They also upgrade the flooring's looks with a shiny and well-plied finish.

    Door Thresholds

    Such strips of type frequently act as door thresholds, in places such as offices, stores, and residences. They help to simply plug in the spaces under the doors and gaps on the floor thus keeping your space clean and the heat from escaping.

    Stair Edging

    The aluminium nosings are in use as transition strips and edge protectors for the edges of stair treads, therefore, adding safety and facilitating sawing of the stair edges by supplying a non-slip surface and improved visibility of stair edges.

    Transition between Rooms

    Aluminium trim or transition strips work as separators between different flooring rooms with different types of floors for example live room with its carpet and a kitchen with tile floor to achieve a smooth design which dictates a transition between different rooms.

    Outdoor Applications

    Aluminium carpet-to-tile transition strips can be also used in outdoor areas, whenever they are applied on the transition between outdoor and indoor spaces, patio doors, or as a covering for expansion joints in outdoor decks or walkways.

    Commercial and Industrial Flooring

    In principal applications, like in industrial buildings and production facilities, aluminium transition strips are popular 'tricks' of architects to create a seamless transition between office and factory spaces like from warehouses to production areas.

    Aluminium Transition Strips play a substantial role in modern construction design and engineering. They both have technical and visual needs: the stability during hard conditions and the robustness in diverse scenes. We have added various strips to these projects that not only match the form but also the function, be it a flooring transition strip or a door threshold.

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      Other Optional Profiles

      To add aesthetics and functionality to a different range of applications, the option of numerous decorative profiles is included aside from the strips of carpet-to-tile transition. Meanwhile, just take a look at the decorative profiles under. That brings the additional alternatives that match diverse design tastes and take the general appearance of the space to a higher level.

      Carpet to Floor Transition Strip

      The strip facilitates a change from the carpet to laminate or vinyl floorings or hardwood in it's itself. This lends a neat, smooth, and overall balanced effect to the finished product since the two linens combine to look like a single picture.

      Tile to Floor Transition Strip

      That was aimed at filling the gap between tiles and other structure types including concrete and wood. The way it does its job is what is perfect because it is nice to the change period, protects the tile's edge, and only shows brilliance.

      Carpet Edge Trim

      Placed at the ends of exposed carpet edges, this trim would seal the carpet and fix the look of the entire room. It provides a smart and clean look making the area attractive and at the same time enhancing the lifespan of the carpeted area.

      Tile Edge Trim

      Like the carpet edge trim, this one has a border of tiled surfaces shielding them from chipping and having a nice appearance. It is multifunctional and serves two main purposes it gives the profession and uniform look to the projects.

      Stair Nosing

      Stair nosing includes both safety and aesthetic features at the edges of the steps thereby, reducing the possibility of slips and protecting the edges from damage. This extension is a dream both of design and practice for every staircase.

      Metal profiles for transition strips that blend different floorcoverings not only make the room more practical but also add the missing decoration. They just do not stop where necessary, but they also emanate elegance simultaneously. These enhancements are more than useful, they are the element that is necessary to the common characteristics of the room.

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        Benefits in Tiling Applications

        Highlights of Carpet-To-Tile Transition Strips

        Excellent Performance

        Find out the uniqueness and beauty of aluminium carpet-to-tile transition strips. Built for longevity these strips intellectually connect any flooring surfaces, therefore ensuring a safe and beautiful usage no matter the room. They add to the aesthetics of the space and improve the functionality in various environments because of the user-friendly design.

        Durable Construction

        These aluminium strips of transition are so durable that they can go side over the side without bending. Their tough build ensures longevity; therefore they perform in the best way even in areas of heavy traffic booming against wear.

        Seamless Integration

        In a wink of an eye, the strips merge the carpet with the tile thus producing seamless transitions between the two surfaces. It is one of the little details that don`t impress people much but at the same time contribute to the atmosphere of any site.

        Enhanced Safety

        Such a pattern has low elevated strips that help to make transitions between the flooring and consequently decline trivial accidents. It is a journey that ends in a safe and undisrupted change which will ensure both security and sense.

        Customizable Options

        The transition strips made with aluminium alloy and a wider range of finishes and profiles give the freedom to adjust that with any interior design. In addition to that, it lends your room a sophisticated touch of the handmade and customized.

        Easy Installation

        Those strips are easy to install so you may choose to try it out even if you are a do-it-yourselfer or hire a professional. Just like the simplicity of the process saves a significant amount of time, it reduces the efforts needed in shift change as well.

        Moisture Resistance

        Aluminium's wet durability is witnessed in no warping or cracking in spillage or leak zones thus, it's a lifetime endurance trait. It's proven durability brings peace of mind and avoidance of moisture during its service period in highly-moisture areas.

        Versatile Applications

        These transition strips are comfortably placed in every residential as well as commercial and industrial zone with no problem at all. They are easily familiar with different environments and places which is a high rate of flexibility and adaptability.

        Aesthetic Appeal

        Do not just be a practical option, alumimum transition strips can also beautify the interiors, a modern vibe that would simply make the spaces more attractive. It is a perfect blend of both sets of factors i.e. workability and modern style.

        The aluminium carpet-to-tile transition strips are perfectly balanced between durability, safety, and appearance. They are highly convenient from the point of view of their versatile application and appropriate for installation everywhere – in living and working areas. Accentuate a variety of locations with these tailored and forward-looking solutions right now.

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          Frequently Asked Questions


          Frequently Asked Questions

          Dive into the super universe of carpet-to-tile transition strips from our exhaustive FAQs section and learn a wide range of information. Whether you have a specific reason for the project or not and you are just on the internet looking for installations or material choices, this article will cover everything.

          Previously the gap was filled with thin pieces that had the same texture and color as to floor covering. In addition to visual homogeneity and safe floor, they could be used to make adjacent flooring materials look harmonious without effort.

          Transition strips may do this job effectively thus, a smooth and aesthetically at the same time transition between various flooring materials and also prevent slips or simple trips can be achieved. It has assisted in edge protection of the same.

          Unless these transition strips are not the type that needs to be drilled into a wall, then the installation procedures will vary according to the type of strip used but mostly, they are mounted with the help of adhesives, screws or nails.

          Transitional strips are very useful, call it what you want, they are an excellent element when you only have one kind of flooring type that covers all of the room and helps in passing you from one type to the other one, such as hardwood to tiles or laminate to carpets.

          Yes, the purchase of transition strips comes out analogous with the level of the brands’ alleged durability, for instance, skip the aluminium plastics, and try the wood, and the PVC. Besides they are sold with several types of finishes to compliment different decor styles.

          Our intentionally designed transition strips are of the kind that are highly resistant to heavy foot traffic and are exactly up to the task of providing a great deal of wear and tear withstanding factor. This made it possible to prolong a great deal of their life.

          Consider the width of the thresholds of the flooring materials, the texture and color of transition strips, and the general style of the space and you will certainly decide on the properly selecting transition strips.

          Depending on the application, transition strips can be elaborately designed for outdoor use. These transition strips can then be used to get into the indoor area, to transition, or to cover expansion joints in outdoor spaces like decks or walkways.

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            Ideal Manufacturing Solutions

            TBK Metal

            Architectural Metal Fabricator for Carpet Transition Strips

            Leading architectural metal fabricator TBK Metal specializes in the creation of premium metal transition strips. TBK Metal has established a solid reputation as a reliable supplier of superior transition strips for both commercial and residential applications because of their knowledge of metal fabrication and dedication to superb craftsmanship.

            The main focus at TBK Metal is quality. Every metal transition strip used by us is made with utmost precision to attain maximum durability and strength. From stainless steel to aluminium, our parts hold up well through high foot traffic and retain structural integrity. Find finishes and styles matching any kind of atmosphere, old or new interiors.

            TBK Metal, unlike other companies because of a deep concern about detail. They cooperate with architects, designers, and builders for interaction and fabrication of custom transition strips, made to match each floor plan. The trained officers compose their works with the given dimensions, ornaments, and outlines, to satisfy functionality and artistry at the same time.

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