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The etched stainless steel sheets by TBK Metal combine both clever engineering and good looks. Well-made, these things are both strong and gorgeous. They have nice drawings on them showing how much we care about quality. This gives customers a great solution that is long-lasting but also stylish forever.

Our etched metal sheets do more than just function, they become a place where careful work and art come together. Every sketch tells a story of skill, showing commitment and knowledge. Showing aesthetic and strength, these pages represent TBK Metal’s never-ending work to be top in making metal things.

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    Etched Stainless Steel Sheets


    Explore our Amazing Designs

    Stainless steel sheets that look nice, don’t rust easily and last long are used in many places for different things. The method uses chemicals or lasers to make designs on the steel’s surface. Normal uses are designing buildings, making inside decorations, car parts, and things you use for cooking. It also helps in electronic devices that we regularly wear or hold.

    Architectural Design

    Pretty building panels use stainless steel that's been etched. They look nice on wall decorations, inside lifts, and in front of buildings. In big business buildings, fancy signs often use shiny metal sheets with engraved marks or brand names.

    Interior Design

    Use fancy stainless steel for furniture like tables, counters, and cupboard fronts. This will improve tables, countertops, and cabinet doors' style. Brighten rooms decoratively with style by using etched stainless steel in pretty lighting fixtures, lamp shades, and hanging lights.

    Automotive Industry

    High-quality etched stainless steel makes supercar interiors look nicer. This includes dashboards, refined panels, and special details inside the car. It also makes the outside look better with fancy decorations, adding to a nice total car appearance.

    Kitchen Appliances

    Steel made better with carvings makes fancy kitchen appliances, like refrigerators and ovens, look nice. This includes top-notch hoods for cooking too. The patterns used also make kitchen backsplashes look good and match the style.

    Jewelry and Accessories

    Expensive fashion like watches, bracelets, and cufflinks often use etched stainless steel with designs. Jewelry designers like this tough metal and its special look, often use marked steel in their designs to make things more attractive.

    Electronic Devices

    Marked steel makes things like phones, tablets, and laptops made in factories look modern. It's added during the making process to smart devices. It makes things look better, mixing usefulness with modern style.

    Art and Sculptures

    Artists love to use stainless steel sheets with unique patterns. They bend the material and make special art pieces or statues. Its flexibility lets us make detailed designs, encouraging imagination and new ideas in art projects.

    The versatile stainless steel that gets etched can be used in many different areas. It combines both looking good and working well. Its many uses show up in lots of creative ways, making things better both looks-wise and useful. It makes things look better and more helpful across lots of fields and design jobs.

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      Standard:JIS, AiSi, ASTM, GB, DIN, EN.
      Thickness:0.3 mm – 3.0 mm.
      Width:1000mm, 1219mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, Customized.
      Length:2000mm, 2438mm, 2500mm, 3000mm, 3048mm, Customized.
      SS Grade:Stainless Steel: 304, 316, 201, 430, etc. or Aluminium
      Technique:Cold Rolled.
      Colors:Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Champagne, Copper, Black, Blue.
      Edge:Mill, Slit.
      Applications:Claddings, Screens Ceilings, Elevator Decoration, etc.
      Packing:PVC + Waterproof  Paper + Wooden Package.

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        Etched Metal Sheets

        Pattern Options

        A Wide Range of Designs

        Etched metal sheets have lots of pretty patterns, mixing fancy shapes with natural ideas. Getting the etching right results in very detailed designs. This gives a lot of different textures and shapes to look at. This flexibility lets builders, creators, and artists change metal surfaces in many ways. This way they can meet different styles that people like along with what each project requires.

        Making unique plans changes metal sheets with designs into personal stuff that looks like art. Working with manufacturers to allow you to create special designs. It can match brand images, art ideas, or different themes. It fits into things like buildings and cars, giving hardworking parts that are both useful and good-looking at the same time.

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          Materials for Etched Stainless Steel

          304 vs. 306 Etched Stainless Steel

          Material Options

          Choosing the best thing to carve on is very important because you need both good looks and strength that lasts for a long time. Out of the choices, 304 stainless steel is great because it’s not expensive. Meanwhile, people notice how well 316 stainless steel resists facing damage caused by wearing it down or rusting over time. Each mixture gives to certain needs, combining how it works and looking good.

          304 Stainless Steel

          Stainless steel called 304 is good because it doesn't rust easily and costs less, making it popular for engraved uses. Its ability to change for use in decoration, building, and practical purposes is smooth. Good at handling different settings, it's the best pick for projects stressing both long-lasting and pretty looks.

          316 Stainless Steel

          316 stainless steel is perfect at not being damaged by rust, so it's perfect for hard places like near water or chemicals where it gets exposed. Its strong construction makes it perfect for carved signs in difficult situations. It provides a long life and a good look. It is the best option where stopping rust matters very much.

          For etching projects, you need to pick between 304 and 316 stainless steel. While 304 stainless steel is cost-saving and can do a lot of different things, the higher quality bit known as 316 stainless steel does best inside places where everything gets eaten up easily. Each choice connects strength with beauty, giving different industries special answers for their specific problems.

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            Stainless Steel Finishes

            Other Finish Options

            Other Polished Finishes Available

            A stainless steel look can open endless beauty choices, hiding flaws nicely with a series of well-made stainless steel finishes. The smooth, soft feel creates a mix of brightness and depth. It attracts people’s attention easily. The controlled light reflection makes seeing better. It creates a nice atmosphere that works well with practical use and eye-pleasing beauty.

            Stainless steel groups help in meeting various needs of workplaces and homes. They can have a brushed, shiny, or smooth look on the surface. These stainless steel types mix style and grace. They give options such as a smooth satin shine or shiny mirror finish that easily blends long-lasting strength with a lovely design.

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              Benefits in Commercial Applications

              Highlights of Etched Stainless Steel

              Excellent Performance

              Beginning a trip into the world of stainless steel creates many chances. Its amazing features include being pretty, not rusting easily and can change well. Beyond looks, it’s strong against harm and lets you make changes to fit your way. Let’s look at eight big reasons why engraved stainless steel is a good pick for various businesses.

              Aesthetic Versatility

              Etched stainless steel options that are beautiful give the flexibility to make areas look nice and comfy. Whether used in building houses, interior decorating, or many different businesses it adds class and flexibility to lots of places.

              Corrosion Resistance

              The etched stainless steel sheet, because it doesn't rust easily makes sure solid structure even in tough situations. This strength makes them good for long-lasting use. They always work well and we can count on their reliability.

              Customization Options

              Making designs needs lots of careful cutting, helping collaboration between craft workers and factory people. This basic but important step guarantees that special designs match a brand's character, creative ideas, or big concepts.

              Functional Applications

              Etched metal sheet not only makes things look better but also has important jobs in many different industries. It helps make parts stronger and last longer in cars, electronics devices, medicine sectors as well building jobs.

              Highlights - Etched Metal Sheets | TBK Metal

              Durable and Long-Lasting

              Keeping shiny stainless steel easy is about its low need for care. It doesn't need much so it stays good looking and keeps working well as time goes by. This usefulness makes it a good pick for uses where keeping things simple is important.

              Ease of Maintenance

              Caring for engraved stainless steel is easy. It doesn't need much so it stays good looking and keeps working well as time goes by. This usefulness makes it a good pick for uses where keeping things simple is important.

              Luxurious Finishes

              Different styles like brushed, shiny, and smooth make engraved stainless steel better. They bring a high-class feel to it. This makes it an attractive option for fancy uses in building design, inside decorations, and styling. It increases the beauty of your place.

              Environmental Sustainability

              Etched stainless steel is something we can reuse, sustainably helping the environment. Stainless steel sheets made of strong material and can be recycled match up with good for the environment practices used in creating things.

              Etched stainless steel stands out as a good and strong answer, smoothly mixing looks with usefulness. With its designs that can be changed, resistance to rust, and simple care duties, it is very useful in all kinds of businesses. Luxury touches and green practices make it even more attractive. They promise long-lasting benefits in many uses too.

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                Frequently Asked Questions


                Frequently Asked Questions

                Find out about engraved metal sheets by asking common questions. From the different metals good for engraving to what you can do with them, how long they last and their effect on nature learn this important stuff. This will help you understand this versatile material better.

                A1: Etching uses chemicals or lasers to make designs on metal surfaces like stainless steel sheets. Taking out material one by one makes detailed, personal designs. These shine the amazing skill and care used in this method.

                A2: Different metals like steel, copper, brass and aluminum are often marked or engraved. The choice depends on what the project needs. It weighs quality, rust protection, and preference for a look to get the best results.

                A3: In building construction, design of inside spaces, car parts making and electronics along with jewelry creation steel sheets have different uses. They make doors, signs, furniture, and machines look better. They easily mix beauty with usefulness to fit in any place well.

                A4: Certainly! Marked metal sheets are good for special designs. Factories work with customers to make special designs, that exactly match their branding or art ideas and project needs. They highlight the special flexibility of these metal sheets.

                A5: Known for their strength, metal sheets especially made from stainless steel are very tough and long-lasting. They easily withstand strong things like acid, lots of people walking on them, and different weather conditions. Perfect for jobs that last a long time, they can handle wear and tear very well.

                A6: Certainly! It’s easy to keep metal sheets clean and looking nice. Just use a cleaning spray often, it works great! The strong thing about marked paper keeps it alive for many years while needing little care, so you can easily look after them with ease.

                A7: Certainly, metal sheets with designs that are carved are very good to use outside. Mostly made from strong stuff that doesn’t rust like steel, they stay looking good and strong. They don’t care about the different kinds of weather they must face.

                A8: Of course, metal sheets used for engraving, like stainless steel, can be recycled. This matches up in environmentally friendly ways, so using metal sheets with markings is a pick that looks at both style needs and worries about the environment.

                FAQs - Etched Stainless Steel Sheets | TBK Metal

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