One Of The Leading Stainless Steel Fabricators In China
As our business continues to thrive, we have emerged as a prominent player in the field of stainless steel fabrication. Our engineers have developed a reputation as the industry's foremost specialists via years of devoted study and experimentation thanks to our constant commitment to creating premium components from versatile materials. Our reputation extends beyond China, positioning us as a formidable force in the global stainless steel fabrication landscape.
Overall Solutions For Architectural Metal Work System
TBK Metal is a trusted architectural metal fabricator, boasting an expert team dedicated to delivering tailored solutions for over 500 complex projects. It's not surprising that we have built a solid name in the metal works sector given our dedication to unrivaled experience and uncompromising quality.

Design | Engineering | Fabrication | Finishing | Installation
Serve Projects Over A Variety Of Countries & Regions
At our core, we are committed to providing unparalleled service to customers worldwide. Recognizing the diverse requirements that arise from different locations and applications, we diligently cater to a wide range of markets. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that people and businesses all over the world may fully benefit from our projects, taking into account the specifics of each distinct environment.
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Innovative Design & Premium Quality

Architectural Stainless Steel & Metal Work

Serve architectural projects with innovative design and premium quality

With years of experience, TBK Metal specializes in crafting an array of stunning decorative stainless steel and other metal works and systems. Customers from all around the world have access to our items thanks to widespread praise. Our broad selection of designs accommodates various project needs by providing both standard and custom alternatives. Elevating the aesthetics of your building, our metal works boast unique designs and captivating effects, enhancing both the interior and exterior spaces with unparalleled beauty.

Materials, Patterns & Surfaces

With TBK’s range of stainless steel and other metal products, your building’s exterior and interior undergo a remarkable transformation, exuding extraordinary style. Our extensive sheet metal offerings encompass stainless steel, aluminium, copper, and galvanized steel, among others. As an experienced stainless steel fabricator, we bring years of manufacturing and marketing expertise to deliver aesthetically pleasing and durable metal products and treatments, elevating your building’s appeal and longevity.

304 & 316 Stainless Steel Sheet & Plate | TBK Metal

Metal Sheets

Metal is extensively used across various industries and applications, forming the foundation of architectural engineering. Numerous metal sheets and products are available, each with unique properties like hardness, density, ductility, and cohesion. To fulfill your specific needs, consider these factors carefully and choose accordingly.

Stainless Steel | Aluminum
Steel & Iron | Copper

Water Ripple Stainless Steel | Decorative Patterned Sheet Metal | TBK Metal

Patterns & Styles

Metal sheets can be customized with various captivating styles, patterns, and shapes. Patterned metal sheets offer numerous advantages and choices over plain ones. Utilizing CAD and other design software, we can craft aesthetically appealing metal sheets that meet specific requirements, granting us the freedom to create stunning visual effects.

Perforated Sheet | Embossed Sheet
Laser Cut Sheet | Expanded Sheet

Sheet Metal Finishes for Stainless Steel & Aluminium | TBK Metal

Surface Finishes

Post fabrication, metal sheets and products undergo surface treatments and finishes to enhance durability, anti-corrosion properties, and aesthetics. These processes offer a range of surface options, catering to diverse visual effects and functional requirements, while ensuring the longevity and improved appearance of the metal sheets.

Powder Coating | Brushing
Galvanizing | Anodizing

Established in 2009, Foshan TBK Metal Co., Ltd. is a renowned stainless steel fabricator dedicated to crafting and delivering top-notch metal decorative materials and products. Design firms, construction contractors, metal distributors, and elevator and appliance manufacturers, among other diversified industries, are served by our comprehensive architectural stainless steel and metal solutions. With rapid expansion into both domestic and international markets …

Why Choose Us

Overall Solutions

At TBK, we offer complete solutions in addition to materials. We are able to help clients build structures that include cutting-edge designs and durable functions thanks to our expertise in project design, engineering, fabrication, and installation.

Extensive Experience

Through global partnerships with contractors, designers, and architects, TBK Metal gains invaluable industry insights, delivering cost-effective solutions and efficient services that conquer diverse challenges in countless projects.

Technical Support

TBK's team of qualified professionals offers support throughout the entire process, covering design, style/color, and installation. They're dedicated to ensuring you receive the assistance you need at every step.

Custom-Made Service

Besides standard metal sheet products, TBK excels in custom metal fabrication to meet unique customer needs. Their bespoke solutions consistently exceed expectations, providing unexpected value-added services that truly stand out.

Projects With Our Custom Metal Work

As you can see from these showcased architectural projects, TBK’s stainless steel fabrication and metal sheet products meet the highest international standards, earning them well-deserved recognition. Their exceptional craftsmanship and vast experience in architectural projects guarantee top-notch quality and value-added results. Additionally, TBK’s knowledge enables distributors, contractors, and architects to release their design imagination and find cutting-edge yet doable solutions, enhancing their spaces with unrivaled inspiration.

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Our Partners

Through strategic partnerships with prominent domestic and international enterprises and institutions, TBK Metal has successfully delivered optimal solutions for its diverse projects. These valuable collaborations have enriched our expertise in the realms of metal fabrication and engineering. We consistently improve our capacity to deliver superior services and cutting-edge solutions to satisfy our clients' changing wants by utilizing the expertise obtained from these partnerships.

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