Core Values

Core Values | TBK Metal

What are the values we need to have are to help us achieve our mission and our vision?


– Aligning employee development with company goals is mutually beneficial and reliable!


– Integrity is considered as honesty and truthfulness of one’s actions, it’s the basic moral, principle and value that we need to adhere to.


– Responsibility is a state of mind that voluntarily and actively looks inward!

Pragmatism & Innovation

– Pragmitism is being practical and realistic, or seeking truth from facts; innovation is breaking out of existing patterns and using new methods to improve existing situations.

Pursue Excellence

– Excellence is continuous progress, the pursuit of excellence is progress every day!

Team Spirit

– A team is a group of people working together for a common goal.

About Us

Company Profile

Founded in 2009, Foshan TBK Metal Co., Ltd. is committed to designing, manufacturing, marketing and installing of metal decorative materials and products ...

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Since the company started in 2009, the business of TBK Metal Co., Ltd. grown up quickly and consistently by offering premium-quality architectual metal products ...

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Vision & Mission

We spare no effort to be a renowned contractor of metal decorative engineering all over the world! The mission tells us the direction to move forward, ...

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Innovative Design & Premium Quality

Inovative Architectural Metalworks

Serve projects with innovative design and premium quality

For many years, TBK Metal has been engaged in the designing and manufacturing of decorative metal products and systems. Our products are widely distributed around the world among various customers with standard and custom-made products that are used in many projects. All our metal products are carefully crafted with different designs and beautiful effects to help you improve the outlook of your interior & exterior.

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