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Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

For Architectural Stainless Steel & Aluminium

TBK Metal specializes in custom stainless steel sheets and aluminium sheets, as well as other sheet metal fabrication services, to suit the diversified needs of the clients. Not only do we offer fabrication but to architects, contractors, designers, and building owners we also provide an overall architectural metalwork solution, which includes design, engineering, finishing, and installation services.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services For Architectural Projects | TBK Metal

TBK Metal provides fabrication services that are customized to your vision and intended results, ensuring high quality and cost efficiency. Through our creative redesign and vast expertise, we strive to provide unlimited solutions. Our equipment is purposefully built for architectural and decorating applications so that the finished products and services exceed expectations.

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    Processe Types of Our Metal Fabrication​

    Some metal products manufacture with different fabrication techniques while others do not. Awareness of these techniques is imperative for the attainment of the desired shapes and uses. An assortment of sheet metal fabrication techniques turn aluminum and stainless-steel stock into finished products using the same techniques long used by fabricators.

    Sheet Metal Cutting | Sheet Metal Fabrication Services | TBK Metal

    Sheet Metal Cutting

    There are some tailored methods to cut aluminium and stainless steel sheet metals virtually. The shear-based techniques are mainly shearing, punching, and sawing, which use specific machines. Other than this, laser cutting, plasma cutting, and water cutting provide accurate results, especially thick sheets of metal, that make strong fabrication have high accuracy.

    Cutting Processes Include:
    Shearing | Punching | Sawing | Laser Cutting
    Plasma Cutting | Water Jet Cutting

    Click here for more details about sheet metal cutting.

    Sheet Metal Forming | Sheet Metal Fabrication Services | TBK Metal

    Sheet Metal Forming

    There are some tailored methods to cut aluminium and stainless steel sheet metals effectively. Shearing, punching, and sawing are the three shear-based procedures that employ specialized machinery. Other than this, laser cutting, plasma cutting, and water cutting provide accurate results, especially thick sheets of metal, that make high fabrication accuracy.

    Forming Processes Include
    Bending | Stamping | Roll Forming
    Curling | Spinning | Stretching

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    Sheet Metal Joints & Joining Techniques| Sheet Metal Fabrication Services | TBK Metal

    Sheet Metal Joining

    Many fabricators often have a preferred way of using different sheet metal joining techniques depending on assembly conditions, cost, size, function, or some other properties. Manufacturing companies can conveniently decide which way of production is most applicable to their products. Here under the main tissues that fabricators use for the joints.

    Joining Processes Include:
    Mechanical Joint | Welding Joint | Folding Joint | Rivet Joint
    Brazing Joint | Clinching Joint | Adhesive Joint

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    Sheet Metal Finishes for Stainless Steel & Aluminium | TBK Metal

    Sheet Metal Finishing

    A variety of surface finishes for stainless steel and aluminum sheet metal fabrications are available to create visual texture and provide functional features. Such coating improves visual appeal, and corrosion resistance, and strengthens durability. However, they differ in properties, performance, and processing costs, therefore, the selection should be based on certain criteria.

    Finishing Processes Include
    Powder Coating | Anodizing | Brushing
    Sandblasting | Mirror | Etching

    Click here for more details about sheet metal finishing.

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      What Is Sheet Metal Fabrication?

      The process of sheet metal fabrication generically pertains to many production techniques from sheet metal to produce things of particular shape, pattern, or function. Metal forming is a wide range of processes that are selected depending on the principle factors that include application, metal type, surface quality, installation, and budget since the choice matters a lot in this case.

      TBK Metal is a metalworking company that works on decorative stainless steel sheets among many aluminum alloys, copper, steel, and iron metal panels. Commonly used in architecture and decor they are for their durability, style, the easiness of maintenance, and the fact that they are very pleasing to the eye, bringing life to the interior as well as the exterior spaces.

      Of course, every precise fabrication process is not only, but also other fabrication methods should be in interaction with each other, the general types of fabrication that we can see are cutting, curling, bending, stamping, punching, and joining, among others. In this article, we will get more details of the fabrication processes that we will look at later.

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        Innovative Design & Premium Quality

        Metal Fabrication for Architectural Projects

        Serve projects with innovative design and premium quality

        Our company offers a comprehensive custom solution in metal sheet fabrication. We produce various structural and decorative sheet metal products like facade cladding, roofing, fences, ceilings, divider screens, and railings for different architectural projects. Our services combine aesthetics with function to guarantee the long life of materials under harsh weather conditions and other tough environments.

        Attaining structural integrity and aesthetic appearance in metal sheet fabrication is very important. This is of most relevance when we have an idea of integrating vision and practicality which works most effectively in offices, restaurants as well as apartments. Hence these metal works can not only transform the environment but also animate the visible parameters.

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          What To Prepare Before Sheet Metal Fabrication

          Presumably, some pre-planning is necessary before the commencement of the stainless steel & aluminium sheet metal fabricating process. However, doing this is like achieving an impossibility if we don’t have the needed and proper knowledge of that. The fabrication sheet metal processes undergo some preparation steps and skills that are as discussed hereafter.

          Idea & Concept

          Making aluminium and stainless steel products begins with an impression and idea. Account for preferred styles, functionalities, shapes, dimensions, thickness, bending radii, and tolerances for a particular appearance and suitability.

          Engineering Estimation

          After we come up with the project ideas, engineers create blueprints for calculating engineering requirements. Such drawings explain metal, size group, and structure details, which are fundamental, before sending them to the workshop.

          Fabricability Analysis

          The drawings will be assessed and checked in full to meet specifications. Fabrication analysis makes product structure simple, having fewer parts. It improves stainless steel and aluminum fabrication standards by making the processes easier.

          Prototype Design

          The geometry maintenance of sheet metal models is the most important. Manufacture processes feature the cutting, shaping, assembly, and finishing parts by part. Hurry or skipping steps will demolish the quality and coherence of the result.

          Prototype Testing

          With the closure of the prototype design, the demands of project owners bring up the validation of its viability against their needs. User testing then testing reality tries the last product in real situations, receiving feedback to refine the experience.

          Overall Fabrication

          At this stage, the model changes into the product where the approval of standards and requirements of testing is carried out. Then the production process will proceed accordingly every part was produced according to the standard.

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            Quality Assurance and Compliance

            Maintaining high-quality standards and strict compliance with the regulations of the industry plays the most important role in the custom sheet metal fabrication services for architectural facades which leads to the long life of the built environment. Today I am going to present the procedures for quality assurance and compliance that we are implementing.

            Comprehensive Testing Procedures

            Involve in the practical testing of metal frame components to get assurance on strength and endurance as well. Detection of damage or irregularities with the aid of non-destructive methods would include ultrasonic testing or visual inspections.

            Adherence to Industry Standards

            Indicate an industry in this domain, about sheet-metal fabrication and its architectural use. Keep abreast of the legislative regulations and building codes to produce the required safety and exemplary characteristics, to name but a few.

            Material Traceability and Documentation

            Retain records in high quality about the characteristics of the material along with tracing the provenance of metal materials. Offer materials certificates and documentation on the chemical composition of the metals used as well as the fabrication process.

            Quality Control Checks

            Establish a rigid quality control system at the boundary of all fabrication stages starting with the initial bit cutting all the way to the final assembly. Inspect dimension precision, surface finish, and weld integrity to comply with design specifications.

            Certifications and Qualifications

            Get professional designers and technicians who have all the needed training for The sheet metal fabrication process. Offer certificates and qualifications that indicate in metalworking and fabrication phases one can do them well.

            Documentation and Reporting

            Apply relevant documentation for all fabrication processes and inspections done during manufacturing. Give a report thoroughly and provide documents your clients, architects, and regulatory authorities need promptly.

            Continuous Improvement Initiatives

            Enact a clan culture that includes both project customer(s) and stakeholders in the operational system alteration process. Add corrective actions and preventive methods to the procedures of previous projects after the learning process.

            Environmental Responsibility

            Introduce ecological practices through a decrease in trash production and an improvement in energy use during production. Working with sources from good reputable suppliers who are committed to using sustainable manufacturing methods.

            Going beyond standard quality assurance procedures and adhering to compliance, we guarantee that the architectural elements produced by us live up to the highest performance, safety, and reliability criteria. We maintain high standards of quality in the execution of the contract throughout the entire fabrication process, in the design consultation stage, and in the final installation.

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              Benefits of Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

              Custom sheet metal fabrication bestows the project architecture with artistic design and customized functions. Its advantages include a long lifetime cycle, many appearance options, and budget-friendliness. Architects utilize these modern resources to visually render their thoughtful plans and to ensure structural strength and future functionality.

              Unique Designs

              Custom fabrication empowers architects and designers to achieve the metal design and architectural details that match the aesthetics of their project and let their imagination run wild with patterns of all sorts and sculptural shapes.

              Tailored Solutions

              The custom sheet metal fabrication which gives answers to every physical space and factor of operation is integrated with architectural geometry ensuring the smooth installation. Every item is prone to enhance both form and function.

              Durability and Performance

              Metal fabrication is specialized in durability and strength. Custom selected sheet metal fit for the project requirements promises that correct design elements endure weather impacts, thereby guaranteeing consistent performance and reliability.

              Aesthetic Versatility

              Custom fabrication allows metal choices such as polished stainless steel, weathered copper, or powder-coated aluminum that enable architects to achieve varied looks and enrich architectural spaces with an authentic character.

              Design Flexibility

              Custom fabrication helps architects to contemplate designs that are more complicated at micro scales. This provides architects with more options in terms of interior design, bringing something special also to the architectural features.

              Integration with Other Materials

              Components of metal accent this by and with the common materials of architectural arts like glass, wood, and stones so well as they can produce an integral effect where the metal borders the other materials used in the building.

              Environmental Considerations

              Architects assemble practices that help achieve green building requirements and progress sustainable design approaches. Architects assemble practices that help achieve green building requirements and progress sustainable design approaches.

              Cost-Effective Solutions

              Initial costs of custom fabrication are compensated later through maximum material use and low maintenance. Long-lasting metallic parts are replacing other materials most of the time which results into less repairs and replacement.

              Custom sheet metal fabrication smooth edges that are offered in unique, individualized designs, the ability to problem solve, durability, aesthetic flexibility, and economically friendly outcomes to building projects. Architects as well as designers employ both these advantages to achieve their creative vision and to create more of high class architecture.

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