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PVDF Powder Coated Aluminium Sheet Metal | TBK Metal

By using a mix of fluorocarbon and polyester in its paint, PVDF coated aluminium sheets give the metal an updated look similar to powder-coated metals. These sheets are famous for their great weather protection, they don’t rust easily. They last about 20 years which is longer than aluminium ones painted with PE.

Made from high-quality aluminium, these useful thin metal sheets for walls and protection measure between 1mm to 5mm. They are often used for decoration on building walls or as protective covers against various materials. PVDF powder coated aluminium sheets can be changed in thickness, color, and shape to match the liking of designs.

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    PVDF Coated Aluminium Sheets


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    PVDF coated aluminium sheets have many uses because they share special features. They are strong, don’t break easily in different kinds of weather and they resist chemicals well. These useful sheets are used a lot in building outside parts, roofing, signs, and transportation. They’re also used in rolling stock like trains or buses along with many different industries.

    Architectural Cladding

    We use aluminium sheets with a special material called PVDF coat mostly for creating walls and buildings. The covering makes the aluminium better against different weather. It stops damage caused by the outside environment.

    Roofing Systems

    Select strong aluminium sheets covered with PVDF for your roofing jobs. These hard sheets are great for outdoor use and big projects as they last long and block UV rays well. They make items robust and remain outdoors for some time, so your belongings stay safe longer.

    Signage and Display Panels

    Known for creating great signs and show boards, PVDF coated aluminium sheets are very unique. The paint makes them look better, blending light and strong toughness. They become special because nothing else can do it as well.

    Exterior Curtain Walls

    In modern building designs, architects often use sheets of aluminium coated with PVDF to make outside curtain walls. This special layer helps save the building's good looks for many years. It makes sure it stays very pretty all through time.

    Interior Wall Panels

    Usually used for outdoor work, these metal sheets can also be useful in homes. They make strong walls that look nice inside your house too. The PVDF coating makes sure of a refined look that fits with many inside decorations.

    Ceiling Panels

    These high-quality aluminium sheets with PVDF coating are very good for making ceiling panels in many buildings. They work well from small houses to big business places. The special color stops dirt and changes of hue from sticking easily.

    Furniture Components

    Aluminium sheets coated with PVDF look nice, are light to carry, and don't require much effort. This makes them perfect for making furniture that can be used outside as well as indoors while looking good at the same time.

    Electronic Appliances

    These aluminium sheets covered in PVDF are useful for making electronics and household items. They use resistance to corrosion plus their pretty look together. This makes sure that not only does it work well, but also looks fancy.

    When thinking about coatings and materials, one should very precisely select options according to what your project needs, and the weather conditions around it. And how you plan to use these things. In other words, aluminium sheets covered in PVDF are a great flexible and long-lasting solution. They can meet the different needs of many industries very well.

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      Standard:GB/T 24001-2016, GB/T 19001-2016, ASTM, JIS, EN
      Thickness:0.8 mm – 3.0 mm.
      Width:30mm-1850mm, Customized
      Length:1220mm-3000mm, Customized.
      Alloy Grade:1050, 1060, 1100, 3003, 3105, 5052, etc.
      Technique:Cold Rolled.
      Finish:Powder Coating, PVDF Coating.
      Colors:Champagne, Black, Blue, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, etc.
      Edge:Mill, Slit.
      Applications:Ceiling, Wall Panel, Facade, Interior Decorations.
      Packing:PVC + Waterproof  Paper + Wooden Package.

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        PVDF Powder Coated Aluminium

        Color Options

        A Wide Range of Colors
        Color Options for PVDF Coated Metal Sheet Metal | TBK Metal

        The options for changing things go past just using one color. It includes shiny covers, rough feelings and cool tricks like making them look banged up or not smooth on some surfaces. The many options for sheet metal finishes of powder-coated metal sheets allow designers and makers to get all kinds of looks. The variety of PVDF powder coated metal sheet choices gives designers and companies have freedom to make many different looks. This helps with doing lots of styles for a project very well.

        The strong paint coating on metal sheets doesn’t just make them look pretty with bright colors but is also tough and stays nice for a long time even against scratches, damage, or fading. This makes metal sheets painted with a powder coating, great for many uses. For example in building stuff and creating parts for industry. It guarantees they last long and look good!

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          Materials for PVDF Coating

          What Types of Metal can PVDF Coating Be Applied On?

          Material Options for Substrates

          The dressing made with PVDF is very flexible and can be put on different metals. This increases its use in several industries. Aluminium is often used for PVDF coating because it’s easy to carry and won’t rust. It’s light and strong against rust but other metals can get the same treatment too:


          Make the safety benefits of PVDF covering work for steel surfaces too. It will keep them safe from rust and help make them last longer. Great for building use and factory parts, this flexible plan makes sure it works well in many places.

          Stainless Steel

          When stainless steel, loved for protecting against rusting and corrosion, gets PVDF coating it becomes even more resistant to dangerous environmental conditions. This makes the stuff last longer and guarantees steady results in hard situations.


          Adding a cool look, PVDF painting makes copper shine even more. It's also a strong defense against harm caused by oxidation and corrosion. This two-way action greatly increases the time it takes for copper parts to wear out.

          Galvanized Steel

          This mix doesn't just make galvanized steel stronger with PVDF covering but also makes it look better. Using two layers adds extra strength and makes it suitable for many uses. This helps things last longer too.

          Other Non-Ferrous Metals

          Besides making things light, PVDF coating improves bronze and brass too. It even helps metals like nickel which are not iron or steel. This good piece of software is both strong and looks great on different metal things.

          You gotta think about what each metal is like and how it’ll be used when you pick a coating to put on PVDF. Even though aluminium is often picked, the flexible way PVDF coating can be used lets it work well on lots of metal things. This helps meet both performance and good looks needs in various ways.

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            Benefits in Commercial Applications

            Highlights of PVDF Coated Aluminium Sheets

            Excellent Performance

            Look at the great benefits of PVDF coated aluminium sheets – a special mix between modern technology and good architecture. These strong sheets have good weather protection, many bright colors to choose from, and can be used in different ways. They look nice but are also very tough making them ideal for lots of projects within various settings outdoors or inside houses.

            Exceptional Weather Resistance

            Their strong ability to withstand bad weather shows that PVDF coated aluminium sheets are very reliable. It makes sure not just long-lasting but also constant performance in different places where the environment can be hard or strange.

            UV Radiation Protection

            UV rays are blocked by these PVDF coated aluminium sheets. They're great for outdoor jobs because sunshine is common there. This guarding feature makes apps strong and looks good for long times in bright places.

            Architectural Aesthetics

            The careful work in applying finish gives architectural parts a prettier appearance. Designers can interestingly mix many colors and styles, giving a special and fashionable look that suits different tastes.

            Durable Exterior Cladding

            Usually used on the outside part of buildings, a special PVDF paint is added to make sure sheets last and look nice even when subjected to tough weather. This makes them a good pick for building things that are meant to last long.

            Low Maintenance

            This lasting time not only makes care easier but also turns into big money savings over the years. With less care needed, PVDF coated aluminium sheets show they are a smart choice. They keep working well for long periods and help save money.

            Versatile Applications

            Whether fixing roofs, making attractive signs, or part of modern curtain walls PVDF coated aluminium sheets are very flexible. They're light and pretty to look at which makes them a popular pick for many types of uses in decorating buildings around us.

            Chemical Resistance

            Important industries that need strong chemical resistance find PVDF-coated aluminium sheets very useful. This shield coating makes things last longer and also improves their usefulness in places with harmful chemicals.

            Sustainable Solar Solutions

            More than just being used in solar panels, the strong and weather-proof characteristics of aluminium sheets coated with PVDF help to improve green energy. This also makes sure that these solutions remain trustworthy for lots of different jobs lasting a long time.

            The great things about aluminium sheets coated with PVDF, like their long-lasting protection from weather and many uses as well as nice looks make them the best pick for lots of different jobs. Tough and long-lasting, these sheets are both useful and look good. They work well for a long time.

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              Frequently Asked Questions


              Frequently Asked Questions

              Find out about PVDF coated aluminium by reading these helpful questions and answers. Find out the main good things about using this excellent finish, learn its different uses, and get useful stuff on picking changes. Also, explore how it aids in being eco-friendly and what you need to do to take care of it properly.

              A1: PVDF coating on aluminium is a good quality covering made with Polyvinylidene fluoride. The cover helps the aluminium last longer and resists bad weather. It’s great for uses like wall decoration, roof stuff, and frames that hold sunlight turning metal into something pretty as well as good to look at.

              A2: The strong aluminium sheets are helped by the PVDF coating. Not only do they keep out nasty weather, but also make them look good for a long time. This makes them a good pick not only for building work but also for many industry uses needing strong performance.

              A3: Not only do PVDF coated aluminium sheets help in solar panels, but they actively support being green. Their strong and good weather resistance makes solar setups stay alive longer. This improves all the work it does, which is very important for helping grow solutions using earth-friendly energy or ‘green power’.

              A4: Yes, you’ll see lots of colors for aluminium sheets coated with PVDF paint – from classic muted tones to bright and cheerful ones. The change goes more in the personal touch part, with shiny or rough styles. The choice gets wider with shiny or rough designs, fitting different look likes.

              A5: Of course, the strong PVDF coating makes it need very little maintenance. These sheets don’t fade, chip, or peel easily. They are a good long-term investment and reduce the need for regular touch-ups often needed with other products.

              A6: The strong defense against chemicals given by PVDF coating makes these sheets great for businesses that work with bad things. This helpful extra makes them work a lot better, especially in tough conditions like rough factories and sea places.

              A7: Certainly! Though often picked for outside use, PVDF coated aluminium sheets go smoothly over to inside uses. Whether they are thin wall pieces or decorations, their smooth and long-lasting finish makes them look good.

              A8: Yes, you can easily recycle aluminium and the coating on PVDF doesn’t stop its recycling. When you decide to recycle aluminium, not only are energy savings important but it also improves the environment. It shows how friendly this choice can be for nature.

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