One Of The Leading Stainless Steel Fabricators In China
We are a growing business. Our ability to provide stainless steel fabrication services has quickly established us as one of the most reputable companies in China and other countries. Crafting only the highest grade of components from resourceful material, engineers from our company have become leading experts in the area through years of rigorous research and experimentation. We have been thrust into becoming one of the deepest presences when it comes to stainless steel fabrication within China and beyond.
Overall Solutions For Architectural Metal Work System
TBK Metal is a fabricator that owns a powerful team to provide complete custom architectural stainless steel & metal work solutions for more than 500 challenging projects. Experience you can trust and quality you deserve, it's no wonder why we built such a strong reputation in the metal works industry.

Design | Engineering | Fabrication | Finishing | Installation
Serve Customers & Projects Over A Variety Of Countries & Areas
We strive to deliver exceptional service to customers across the globe. We understand that our customers may have different needs, varying by location and area of application. That is why we are dedicated to serving diverse markets and locations in all their unique complexities. Our ultimate goal is to allow people and businesses everywhere to enjoy the optimum outcome of our projects.
Innovative Design & Premium Quality

Architectural Stainless Steel & Metal Work

Serve architectural projects with innovative design and premium quality

TBK Metal has been designing and manufacturing a variety of decorative stainless steel metal works & systems for many years. Our products have been widely sold to many customers all over the world, we have developed a wide range of standard and custom-made products, which are widely used for lots of projects. All the metal works come with unique designs and stunning effects to help improve the interior & exterior of your building.

Materials, Patterns & Surfaces

TBK’s stainless steel and other metal prodocts come with stunning surface finishes and bring your building exterior and interior much improvement and extraordinary style. Our sheet metal materials include stainless steel, aluminium, copper, galvanized steel, etc. As an expert stainless steel fabricator with many years of manufacturing and marketing experiences, you can source the the metal products and treatment to make your building more aesthatic and long-lasting.

304 & 316 Stainless Steel Sheet & Plate | TBK Metal

Metal Sheets

Metal is widely used for many applications and industries, and it is the basic material of all architectural engineering, there are different types of metal sheets and products for your options. As each of them comes with different properties, such as hardness, density, ductility, cohesion, etc. you need to consider all these factors to meet your purposes and requirements.

Stainless Steel | Aluminum
Steel & Iron | Copper

Decorative Patterned Sheet Metal | Laser Cut Metal Sheet | TBK Metal

Patterns & Styles

Metal sheets can be designed and processed with all kinds of stunning styles, patterns, and shapes. Compare with plain metal sheets, patterned metal sheets provides many benefits and options. With CAD other drawing technology softwares, we are allowed to design and fabricate the metal sheets with aesthetic effects according to special requirements.

Perforated Sheet | Embossed Sheet
Laser Cut Sheet | Expanded Sheet

Sheet Metal Surface Finishes | TBK Metal

Surface Finishes

After metal sheets and products are fabricated, it’s also important to do some treatments and finishes on their surfaces. Such a process can not only provide the metal sheets with durability and anticorrosion, but also help improve their appearance. For different visual effects and purposes, there are a variety of types of surface for your options.

Powder Coating | Brushing
Galvanizing | Anodizing

Founded in 2009, Foshan TBK Metal Co., Ltd. is a stainless steel fabricator, which is committed to designing, manufacturing, marketing and installing of metal decorative materials and products. We provide many overall architectural stainless steel & metal solutions to our customers in a wide range of industries both at home and abroad, such as design agencies, building contractors, metal product distributors, elevator manufacturers, appliance manufacturers, and so on. Since its establishment, TBK Metal has quickly opened up domestic and overseas markets …

Why Choose Us

Overall Solutions

TBK provides customers with overall solutions, in addition to offering materials, we also can assist customers to do project design, engineering, fabrication, and installation. All that can help build up their building with innovative designs and long lasting uses.

Extensive Experience

TBK has worked with many contractors, designers, architects at home and abroad, with all these experiences in the industry, we do our products and services with low cost and high efficiency, and greatly help make many things and challenges possible.

Technical Support

TBK maintains a powerful technical team for guiding you every steps of metal sheet application, from design to installation. Whether you need help with design, standard style or color options, installation, TBK's support team will always stand by you.

Custom-Made Service

In addition to the standard metal sheet products, TBK consistently do custom metal fabrication to meet customers' exceptional requirements, and most bespoke products surpass user's expectations. All these bring services that are value added you may not expect.

Projects With Our Custom Metal Work

With the architectural projects demonstrated here, you would notice that TBK’s stainless steel fabrication and metal sheet products are highly recognized by international standards, and its incomparable craftsmanship & extensive experience in architectural projects ensures premium quality and value-added works, furthermore, it help architects, contractors, and distributors inspire their design idea, and help find great solutions to make their space more innovative and practical.

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Our Partners

TBK Metal has established significant partner relationships with leading domestic and global enterprises and institutions, and helped them to find the ideal solutions for their projects. From these partner relationships, we have got improvements on our experience of metal fabrication and engineering.

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