Stainless Steel Railing Systems For Indoor & Outdoor

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At commercial or residential properties, stainless steel railing systems (SS railing systems) play a significant role in ensuring people with security and protection in a wide variety of applications, such as balconies, stairs, decks, porches, platforms, street railings, etc. In addition to its functionality, stainless steel railing design is the essential part for architectural or home improvement projects in helping add some aesthetic and artistic elements. Furthermore, stainless steel is an ideal material with excellent durability and resistance to dust & corrosion, the railing made of stainless provides easy installation and low maintenance.

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    Types Of Stainless Steel Railing System (SS Railing System)

    With many years of experience, TBK Metal always provides customers with a wide range of SS railing systems with reliable quality and innovative design. And many architects, contractors, and building owners who worked with us have got overall helpful solutions from us to complete their challenging projects. And with our help, the clients can save much effort and time to do the design, engineering, fabrication, and installation, ensuring to develop their projects smoothly.

    Stainless Steel Wire Deck Railing System | Stainless Steel Railing Systems For Indoor And Outdoor | TBK Metal - Best Top 10 Manufacturers In China

    Stainless Steel Deck Railing

    You deck is a wonderful space outdoor for landscaping, and it will be more perfect to build with our stainless steel railing with superior strength and durability. They are well prefabricated with excellent design to bring unparalleled quality to any deck, stair, or parch. Our SS deck railing comes with a sleek looking and clean finishing that are versatile for a wide range of commercial and residential applications. The surface of stainless steel is finished with PVD or powder coating to make them durable and elegant. Now, try to find and choose the reliable and durable stainless steel railing system here to complete your deck building project.

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      Stainless Steel Stair Railing & Metal Handrails | Stainless Steel Railing Systems For Indoor And Outdoor | TBK Metal - Best Top 10 Manufacturers In China

      Stainless Steel Stair Railing

      Stainless steel SS railing is the ideal solution to improve indoor or outdoor stairs with functional and aesthetic properties. The surface finished with mirror or brush can make the staircases stand out from the crowd. You can install the stainless steel railing with glass pieces, or utilize it with timber or other elements, which can absolutely ensure your space with more elegant and sleek appearance. Using our stainless steel railing system for you staircase or anywhere need security, you can flexibly achieve your designs with vertical or horizontal styles. And all parts and components are prefabricated well to provide you with easy installation.

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        Stainless Steel Balcony Railing Design With Glass | Stainless Steel Railing Systems For Indoor And Outdoor | TBK Metal - Best Top 10 Manufacturers In China

        Stainless Steel Balcony Railing

        Stainless steel balcony railing is located everywhere on commercial and residential buildings. Railing made of stainless steel is an brilliant option to be used for balcony where is always exposed to rain and rain, as it comes with excellent resistance to rust and oxidation. Building owners should ensure that their railing is always in good shape to keep safety and protect people from falling down. In addition to the purpose of preventing accidents, SS railing provides aesthetics and adds some ornamental value to the building. At TBK Metal, all factors you need to consider about choosing our railing products comply with the industrial standards.

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          Stainless Steel Front Porch Cable Railing System | Stainless Steel Railing Systems For Indoor And Outdoor | TBK Metal - Best Top 10 Manufacturers In China

          Stainless Steel Porch Railing

          Stainless steel railing is necessary be applied for preventing falling accident once your porch comes with a certain height from the ground, and the height of the railing is generally up to 900mm as the industrial standard. Being same as staircases, porch railings also pay a significant role to add decoration to the space in front of the door or house entrance, as this is the place where is the first impression for your friends and guests when they visit your house. We can create the porch as a nice place with function and aesthetic, that allow family or friend to sit or chat here, and even enjoy some beer or meal here to watch the sunset.

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            Stainless Steel Street Railing & Road Guardrail | Stainless Steel Railing Systems For Indoor And Outdoor | TBK Metal - Best Top 10 Manufacturers In China

            Stainless Steel Street Railing

            In the areas with salt atmosphere and high pollution, stainless steel railing is the best option for street where is always exposed to chloride. It is increasingly replacing iron, carbon steel, or aluminium as stainless steel has the best property of resistance to corrosion and rust, so it’s ideal to be used for coastal climate or areas with severe conditions. And its durability ensures longer useful life. The surface finished with premium treatment provides a stunning and sleek appearance, and require low maintenance and repairing. The SS railing products of TBK Metal are well prefabricated and comes with compatible accessories for easy installation.

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              Here at TBK Metal, we have a powerful team that has the capability to customize stainless steel railing with bespoke and unique styles and features to meet special requirements. No matter for commercial/residential or outdoor/indoor applications, our SS railing system can ensure reliable quality, long-lasting use to let you have a satisfactory experience. All these are the reason why we are so confident in maintaining our sustainable business with our customers.

              Custom Stainless Steel Railing Solutions

              TBK Metal is an experienced and powerful fabricator that specializes in custom stainless steel railing products for exterior & interior architectural projects. Our team consists of a lot of professional staff including innovative designers, technical engineers, expert fabricators, and experienced installers. Our custom stainless steel railing products provide premium quality as we process metal with high precision, and come in a large versatility and a wide range of styles and designs to meet different project requirements. We help improve architectural structures with our custom solutions.

              Our team has worked with many famous architectural projects to help build a large number of architectural metal products such as roofing, cladding, screen, ceiling, railing, pergola to meet commercial or industrial requirements. We have the experience of fabricating with various types of metals, including stainless steel, aluminium, copper, iron & steel, etc. Providing you with a wide range of options according to your needs.

              Our organized production period and arrangement help you save lots of effort on your business, greatly ensure you on-time delivery and help catch up the construction deadline. If you have any questions or needs, click the button below to send us your inquiry and tell us about your project, the experts of our team will try to get back to you in 24 hours.

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                Why Use Stainless Steel Railing System?

                As a material for architecture, stainless steel is a tried-and-tested type for practical and long-lasting uses for many purposes, such as cladding, ceiling, wall, roofing. As much, stainless steel has become a favorite option for railing to be used for stairs, decks, porches, balconies, and other residential & commercial projects. With a SS railing with a modern style, you can personalize your house and space with elegant and aesthetic elements, and your family or guests can have a pleasant and impressive experience at your home. So why you should use stainless steel railing system for your properties? Let’s take a look at the following beneficial features of stainless steel railing.


                Railing fabricated from durable stainless steel must has a solid foundation. Stainless steel railing system includes posts, brackets, cables, and other accessories are durable and sturdy for strong structure. Stainless steel is regarded as reliable material as it comes with resistance to corrosion and rust. For long-lasting and sustainable uses, you can count on stainless steel railing to achieve.


                As stainless steel railing system comes with many benefits, so it’s more worthy than other types of railing. And for the subsequent uses, SS railing system allow you to do less maintenance and repairing, that can help you save more money.


                Security is the essential factor we need to consider, railing the necessary part to be used for space where need to protect people from falling accident. Stainless steel has high strength to withstand enormous impact, it can be installed with durable tempered glass. Stainless steel railing also can withstand different severe weather and climatic condition as it has outstanding resistance to rust and corrosion. Furthermore, compare with other materials like timber or PVC, SS railing system can stand the test of time, it’s the best alternative as it will not easily deform and rot.

                Easy Installation & Maintenance

                In addition to excellent durability and strength, stainless steel railing consists of posts, rails, brackets or mounted accessories, which provide easy and flexible installation. SS railing system requires low maintenance. It doesn’t require frequent cleaning, the dirt and dust on it are easy to be cleared and removed by using wet cleaning rag, you just need to do a simple cleaning to restore the shine on the surface of stainless steel.

                Appealing Aesthetics

                Stainless steel railing is widely used and appreciated by the commercial building owners as it’s an affordable option, and it’s an ideal material for decoration with newest trends and contemporary style. Whether installed at an outdoor viewing deck, indoor staircase or balcony, the stunning stainless railing are perfectly matched with other elements such as glass panel, aluminium accessories and more. The property owners can have an option of different shapes and designs according to the surrounding styles.

                Why Choose A Stainless Steel Railing System From TBK Metal?

                As TBK Metal uses a laser cutting machine and other precise facilities to fabricate our stainless railing products, each piece of components and parts are prefabricated well for perfect assembly. Additionally, the stainless steel railing system made by TBK Metal is always designed and manufactured according to the industrial standards and requirements. So don’t forget that when you are thinking about a SS railing system for your home or office improvement. Contact TBK Metal and tell us the requirements about your projects, we’ll be happy to offer some suggestions on the design or style.

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