Architectural And Decorative Metal Screen Panels

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With your unlimited and endless creative ideas, decorative metal screen panels can be customized with a wide variety of styles and designs. Metal screen panels provide exclusive patterns that can help improve your home with aesthetic and versatility, and they can be used in an extensive range of interior and exterior applications, such as privacy screen, featured background, ceiling, cladding, canopy, railing, fencing, and more. In addition to plenty of patterns to choose from, there are numerous surface finishing options are available. All these options will depend on the user’s specific requirements and site conditions.

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    Types Of Architectural Metal Screen Panels

    The designs and styles of architectural metal screen panels are only limited by your imagination, a desired effect can be achieved if your design possibilities are unlimited. At TBK Metal, the types of metal screen panels are generally categorized according to the process methods for forming and cutting patterns, such as perforated metal screen, laser-cut metal screen, and expanded metal screen, which option you determine to use depends on the metal type, thickness, pattern, and design intent.

    Laser Cut Aluminium Screen For Privacy Space | TBK Metal

    Laser Cut Metal Screen

    The patterns of screen panels are processed by CNC laser cut machine, all work pieces come with high precision and stunning appearance. Laser cut metal screen panels can be used for both interior and exterior decorations, panels used for outside are suggested to be specially finished PVDF/fluorocarbon coating for an enhanced resistance to atmospheric corrosion through all seasons. Laser cut screen panels have a function for privacy purpose, and it help reduce excessive sunlight, in addition, interior and exterior space with these screen panels can provide some artistic elements for both commercial and residential decorations.

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      Perforated Metal Screen | Custom Architectural Metal Roofing Systems | TBK Metal - Best Top 10 Companies In China

      Perforated Metal Screen

      Perforated metal screen panels are generally fabricated from different types of sheet metal, such as stainless steel, aluminium, copper, etc. The patterns of perforated holes are punched by using the die with shapes, which provides a wide scope of options such as round, oval, rectangle, triangle, star, and any pattern. Perforated sheet metal is widely used for some valuable functions in industrial application. Additionally, sheet metal finished with perforated patterns make it more attractive, so it’s also popular for architectural projects and decoration, this allow architects and contractors to enhance the space and appearance for their projects.

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        Expanded Metal Screen | Custom Architectural Metal Roofing Systems

        Expanded Metal Screen

        Expanded metal screen panels come with numerous diamond-shaped holes, which are formed by a combined process of slitting and stretching metal sheets, it looks like a mesh, so we also name it as meshed metal screen. Metal screen with meshed structure features with high strength and durability, so it’s practical utilized for versatile uses, such as partition screen, back ground, security mesh doors and windows, ceiling, and more. Some metal types are available as the material, such as aluminium, stainless steel, carbon steel, or galvanized steel, you can choose the metal types or opening sizes according to your specific purposes.

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          Decorative metal screens and panels can present various different colors, patterns, and styles to help match your interior and exterior space. Whether you use them in a public space to build up a private area for business discussion or reception, or add some elegant or embellish elements to a balcony, hallway, or stairway. Metal screens and panels are an ideal option to improve your space with practical utility and an appealing aesthetic.

          Custom Metal Screen Solutions

          At TBK Metal is an experienced and powerful fabricator that specializes in custom metal screen products for architectural & decorative projects. Our team consists of a lot of professional staff including creative designers, technical engineers, expert technicians, and experienced installers. Our custom metal screen products provide premium quality as we process metal with high precision, and come in a large versatility and a wide range of styles and designs to meet different project requirements. We help improve architectural structures with our custom solutions.

          Our team has worked with many famous architectural projects to help build a large amount of sheet metal roofing, cladding, screen, ceiling, railing, and other custom metal products to meet the commercial or industrial requirements. We have the experience of fabricating with various types of metals, including stainless steel, aluminium, copper, iron & steel, etc. Providing you with a wide range of options according to your needs.

          Our organized production period and arrangement help you save lots of effort on your business, greatly ensure you on-time delivery and help catch up the construction deadline. If you have any questions or needs, click the button below to send us your inquiry and tell us about your project, the experts of our team will try to get back to you in 24 hours.

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            Fabrication Of Decorative Metal Screen Panels

            TBK Metal has a strong team that not only owns fabricating experts to make a variety of decorative metal panel products, but also has experienced installers that can install nearly all types of decorative metal screen panels, interior walls, and handrails for numerous famous projects in China, even for projects located in Middle-East Countries and all over the world. We help customers fabricate a wide range of decorative metal screen panels with different patterns and styles as follow:

            Perforated Metal Sheet | TBK Metal

            Perforated Metal Sheet

            Perforated metal sheet is a decorative type of metal sheet products processed by some alternative pattern shape punching fabricating works, it is easy to fabricate an opening hole in wide varieties of shapes and patterns. This allows you ...

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            Decorative Patterned Sheet Metal | Laser Cut Metal Sheet | TBK Metal

            Laser Cut Metal Sheet

            Laser cut metal sheet is fabricated with laser cutting process, which is the extremely effective way to cut sheet metal, and it’s also called CNC laser cutting or laser beam cutting. For most fabricators, using the laser cutting process is the favorable solution ...

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            Expanded Metal Sheet | Decorative Patterned Sheet Metal | TBK Metal

            Expanded Metal Sheet

            Expanded metal sheet is fabricated with a combinative process of slitting and stretching to make numerous diamond-shaped opening holes on it. The sheet metal options can be aluminium, stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper, or other metal materials ...

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              In this decade, TBK Metal has built up some fabrication factories and marketing companies in other countries, so that allows us to be more convenient to approach the local customers and be able to flexibly understand more their requirements, and that can allow our staff to rapidly know and conclude how to settle the problems of the projects.

              Surface Finishes Of Architectural Metal Screen Panels

              For improving the building projects with stylish appearances, surface finishes are equally as notable as the part of metal options, it can substantially enhance your building with a stunning effect and practical utility. There is an extensive range of finishing options to meet your desired purposes. But different types of surface finishes conclude different features, performances, and costs of materials and processes, and not all finish types are suitable for all metal materials, so it’s so essential to consider your specific needs when specifying the proper surface finishes for your decorative metal panels.

              Powder Coated Metal Sheet | Sheet Metal Finishes | TBK Metal

              Powder Coated Metal Sheet

              PVDF coated aluminium sheet is one of the innovative types of powder coated metal sheets. PVDF coating is a type of paint that is applied to the surface of the sheet, which is a mixture of polyester and fluorocarbon. PVDF coated aluminum sheets ...

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              Anodized Metal Sheet | Metal Surface Finishes | TBK Metal

              Anodized Metal Sheet

              Anodizing finish is a processing combination of electrolytic & chemical, it can help process the metal surface with a layer of natural oxide layer, which can make the appearance with decorative effect, and improve its resistance to corrosion and oxidation ...

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              Brushed Metal Sheet | Stainless Steel Finishes | TBK Metal

              Brushed Metal Sheet

              The surface texture of brushed metal sheet looks like hairline, so it’s also called hairline finished metal sheet, it’s dully polished with a metal bristle brush, which is turning on a wheel or belt that moves in the same direction when polishing the metal surface ...

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              Sandblasted Metal Sheet | Aluminium Finishes | TBK Metal

              Sandblasted Metal Sheet

              Sandblasting process is that the metal surface is hit by some abrasive materials (such as sand, walnut shells, metal soda ash, etc.) which are forced at high speeds to clean and treat the surfaces. The surface of the metal sheet or plate comes with an ...

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              Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet | TBK Metal - Top 10 Manufacturers

              Mirror Metal Sheet

              Mirror metal sheet is mainly use stainless steel as the substrate for a highly polishing process, it can help the surface achieve to a shiny, bright, and highly reflective effects that look like a mirror. This is processed by directionally polishing with some abrasive ...

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              Etched Stainless Steel Sheet | Etched Metal Sheet | TBK Metal

              Etched Metal Plate

              Etched metal plate is also known as engraved metal sheet, as the engraved patterns and designs on it are achieved with etching method, which is a chemical process. This type of fabrication is widely used for various decoration and furniture ...

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                With years of experience manufacturing and marketing for decorative metal products, TBK Metal knows well about customers’ requirements and needs, and we’ve always made our decorative sheet metal products to keep them satisfied, so all these pushed our processing skills of finishing quality to get improved more and more. The surface services we offer can be processed for both finished and semi-finished sheet metal, no matter the products you need to process are in small or batch quantity, we provide our products and services with premium quality and stable properties.

                Benefits Of Installing Decorative Metal Screen For Your Space

                Decorative metal screen not only keeps space with privacy, but also provides a decorative element. As we know there are many beneficial properties we can get from screen panels, so they have been widely used for a wide variety of interior applications. Apart from interior decorations, decorative metal screen can be easily found outside in various outside areas, such as backyards, patios, gardens, swimming pools, and more. Following are some more benefits of installing decorative metal screen.

                Aesthetic Element

                Decorative metal screen can bring some aesthetic and artistic elements to your space. As there are so many different designs available to match the decorative styles and other element in the space. You can have them to be a partition to separate you room in two parts, attached to the patios or windows as a mashrabiya with Middle-East style, or used as the fencing panels for your backyard. It will definitely help improve your interior and exterior spaces with stunning appearance.


                A nice place with a privacy is crucial when you want to stay in harmony to take some time to start thinking. Fortunately, you can do this once you have installed decorative metal screen panels. Such a space can leave you alone from the busy world outside. You can do something personal without any peering eyes or interruption. Or you can have a pleasant talk with your business partners under this private and peaceful space. For people who is always busy and focused on their work, a space with privacy screen is perfect for them.


                Decorative metal screen keeps the interior space maximumly ventilated, and helps regulate the temperature in a comfortable condition. The opening patterns allow the air continuously flow through the room. For better effect, you can put some water in front of the decorative screen panels, the water will become vapour and cool down the air when the air pass through. In addition to have a cooling effect, metal screen panels can help increase the moisture in the room.

                Outdoor Landscape

                Decorative metal screen can be used to improve outdoor appearance. It acts as an artwork with some stunning patterns in your outdoor space. You can have it installed by the pergola to form a space with privacy. Also, it can be used as fencing panels to enclose your backyard, where a wonderful landscaped garden can be achieved.

                In addition to providing you with the privacy you need in your house, a decorative metal screen has many advantages to offer. The various benefits these metal screen panels bring have made them popular in many homes, offices, and other residential or commercial areas. You can have them set beside your swimming pool, porch, patio, and wherever you want. But when installing these decorative panels in your home, there is necessary to consult your suppliers for some suggestions and tips for designs and installations according to your space.

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