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Architectural & Decorative Metal Screen Panels

Aesthetics & Outstanding Performance

An application of these decorative metal screen panels is also quite popular in interior design because they make an area fancy and classy. This frees such panels from over-exhibiting too elaborate patterns and form meaning that functionality as well privacy inside any room is not sacrificed when aesthetics is made a premium.

Functional components in architecture, architectural metal screen panels combine form and function by integrating dynamic elements for visual beauty but also have practical uses such as sunshade/ventilation. This versatility makes integration easy, turning spaces into appealing artfully designed areas.

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    Architectural Metal Screen Panels


    Explore our Amazing Designs

    At TBK Metal, we place great confidence in the endless possibilities of producing architectural metal screen panels. We have different panel styles which may include perforated, laser-cut, and expanded metal screens that serve diverse design intentions. The decision hinges on such factors as the metal type, thickness, and patterns wanted to make your dream real.

    Laser-Cut Stainless Steel Screen Panels | Laser-Cut Metal Screen Panels | TBK Metal

    Laser-Cut Metal Screen

    The laser-cut screen panels of metal present artful patterns engraved with a high degree of accuracy utilizing CNC lasers. Panels can be used either inside or outside and their PVDF/fluorocarbon coating provides increased protection from atmospheric corrosion. These panels provide privacy and sunlight control, and bring artistic color to commercial spaces as well.

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    Decorative Perforated Metal Screen Panels | Perforated Aluminium Screen Panels | TBK Metal

    Perforated Metal Screen

    The different sheet metals used in perforated metal screens include stainless steel, aluminium, and copper. Punching employs dies to impart patterns, most used are round, oval, rectangle, and triangle stars. Used for industrial purposes, perforated sheet metal - especially when beautifully finished - is popular in architectural projects where it adds to space and aesthetics.

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    Security Expanded Metal Screen Panels | Expanded Aluminium Panels | TBK Metal

    Expanded Metal Screen

    Mesh-like metal screen panels are fashioned from flat sheets of stamped and stretched-out raw material that create a diamond pattern. Perfect for numerous applications including office partition screens, backgrounds, and security screening mesh doors they are available in a variety of materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, carbon steel, or galvanized.

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    Different colored and patterned decorative metal screens are ideal for adding a wow factor to any space. Having applied to places such as creating private areas in public zones or decorating balconies and corridors with these panels they offer both functionality solutions a the aesthetic bonus making it one popular choice for space improvement.

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      Decorative Metal Screen Panels

      Surface Finishes

      A Wide Range of Color Options

      Completely change the interior by reviving your room with our elegant collection of decorative metal screen panels that will tell every detail about craftsmanship. Select tailored surface finishes ranging from the rugged powder-coated finish to classical anodized finish and perfect refined PVD-coated finish. Upgrade the setting with unmatched and lasting stylization.

      Powder-Coated Finish

      Beautify your decorative metal screen panels with our strong powder-coated finish. It secures an energetic and lasting color scheme, whereby style goes hand in hand with durability. The sleek veneer improves its aesthetic appeal and gives exceptional corrosion protection qualities that are ideal for both indoors and outdoors.

      Anodized Finish

      Let the elegance of our anodized finish on decorative metal screen panels envelop you. This practice equips these metals with an attractive transfigurable appearance. Besides adding elegance, the anodized layer makes sure that the material is protected from scratching and fading as well as withstanding environmental elements.

      PVD-Coated Finish

      Our decorative metal screen panels are made better with a PVD coating finish. This high-tech procedure employs Physical Vapor Deposition to create a very thin, but incredibly sturdy metal layer. This leads to a mirror-like, reflective surface that is more resistant to abrasion and discoloration promising perpetual luster and elegant.

      Our screen panels are provided with decorative metal surface finish options – powder-coated, anodized, and PVD-coated, decorated by their aesthetical performance to turn into works of art. Go for style with integrity, appreciate longevity in refinement, and unite your space with textures that genuinely dazzle while mimicking permanence.

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        Metal Screen Panels

        Aluminium Vs. Stainless Steel Metal Screen

        Material Options

        Aluminium and stainless steel metal screens have distinctive characteristics to offer in different applications, as well as environments. Designers and constructors experience varying options thereby adjusting choices to suit project requirements as well as environmental factors which always guarantee the best performance in any environment.

        Aluminium Metal Screens

        With characteristic light build and corrosion-resistant nature, aluminium screens are excellent for both versatile as well as durable applications. Either presented as artistic elements for interior design or outdoor architectural features, they adapt well to different settings and prove resistance to changing weather.

        Stainless Steel Metal Screens

        Galvanized boards are characterized by their unparalleled robustness and durability as well as being suitable for use in areas that prize stability of function. Corrosion and rust-resistant, they are high among the options in areas of heavy foot traffic for their adept blending form with that function.

        Environmental conditions design requirements and budget considerations, meanwhile, are very important in the aluminium vs stainless steel metal screen selection process. Each material can offer its individualized advantages which are optimal for a variety of project needs making these materials ideal in novel architecture.

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          Customized Solutions for Architectural Metal Screen Panels

          Make your architectural dream come true with our tailored metal screen panel solutions. Our professional team works together closely to analyze the specific design needs of your project. We create custom panels, from detailed designs of patterns to specific measurements that can meet both esthetic and functional needs in your architectural plan.

          Our architectural metal screen panels are highly customized to fit different aesthetic and functional requirements. Whether you want intricate interior decorations or products that can withstand the elements, we fulfill your dreams. Our custom solution provides tailored materials, finishes, and configurations allowing for the perfect fitment of your project.

          Let your creativity run free with our custom architectural metal screens. Besides the ordinary choices, select among a variety of designs patterns materials, and finishes. Despite it being an individual facade or a privacy partition, artistic installation, etc. Our customized solutions transform spaces with innovativeness and creativity through architects and designers.

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            Benefits in Commercial Applications

            Highlights of Decorative Metal Screen for Architectural Projects

            Excellent Performance

            Start a reinventing trip in architectural design using our decorative metal screens that provide many possibilities regarding their use. With personalized designs, a wide range of applications, and multifaceted materials and surfaces comprising them, these screens define the spaces bringing together brilliance with functionality.

            Customized Designs

            Customize decorative metal screens for architectural projects to suit your unique design vision. Whether it’s intricated patterns or membrane-specific dimensions we offer our customization options promise a truly unique finish that lingers in the memory.

            Versatile Applications

            These screens are multifunctional for multiple uses in the world of architecture. They extend adaptability to interiors and exteriors by their usage either as impressive facade elements, dividers of rooms or freely hanging installations.

            Material Selection

            Choose from a wide variety of materials that will provide both aesthetic appeal and also structural toughness. No matter the choice of aluminium, steel, or corten steel these options are truly very versatile to suit both the taste and functionality.

            Easy Maintenance

            Designed to a very high level of convenience, the architectural metal screens that we offer are practical with very few maintenance requirements. Effectively chosen materials and finishes not only increase the durability but also guarantee that their charming allure stays timeless.

            Privacy Solutions

            Designer metal screens are very functional as well as stylish and can also serve the role of privacy solutions. These panels create very strictly defined spaces, even in the residential and also commercial settings without affecting the design aesthetics.

            Light and Shadow Play

            Do not resist the play of light and shadows by the enamored metal screens. The dynamic interplay breathes life and visual appeal into these spaces, a very vibrant ambiance that imbues the rooms with their essence and transforms their overall look.

            Diverse Finishes

            Add a touch of sophistication with different finishes such as powder-coating, anodizing or even PVD-coating. Other than that, they not only improve the design but also protect against corrosion ensuring a long life and performance.

            Environmental Considerations

            Craft decorative metal screens from environmentally friendly materials in line with the current sustainability trends for architectural designs. Take your space to the next level in terms of both the visual impact and environmentally responsible ethics.

            Decorative metal screens link the needs of style and functionality in the architectural design to an admirable degree. Fine designs, versatile uses, diversified materials, and finishes not only add to the beauty but also provide privacy and security with ease of cleaning. The ideal option for promoting innovative design.

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              Frequently Asked Questions


              Frequently Asked Questions

              Check the answers to the frequently asked questions below. Find out how these screens reduce energy consumption, suit different types of projects, and also provide environmentally responsible design options. Discuss the applicability and ease of use that characterize the architectural metal screens.

              A variety of functions can be served by the use of architectural metal screens that include apart from contributing to beauty, privacy provision, and space dividing also acting as functional materials like sun shields. They are not only suitable for internal application but also in outdoor conditions making them very versatile.

              Manufacturers of architectural metal screens provide a great deal of flexibility in terms of the design, also dimensions materials as well as finishes. This adaptability enables architects and designers to come up with screens that fit exactly what the project requires so far as its design objective is concerned.

              Aluminum, steel, corten steel, and also stainless are typical materials that can be used to design architectural metal screens. All materials possess particular features, like hardness and also weather resistance with many options for appearance changes making it very possible to select products based on the projects’ needs.

              Energy efficiencies are a lot improved due to the good performance of architectural metal screens which act as very useful sunshades. Through the smart positioning of screens to manage light, they suppress the glare and heat load thereby increasing the comfort levels in buildings besides saving energy.

              Architectural metal screens are very flexible, harmonizing really well with the various projects – whether homes or other buildings used for commercial, hospitality and also public purposes. Use them for decorative purposes, surrounding privacy solutions, and also unique touches inside a building.

              These needs will differ based on the chosen material and also the type of coat. Overall, architectural metal screens are supposed to have low maintenance. Once a week or once a month is normally sufficient to wipe away the dust and dirt; materials that last offer years of beautiful look.

              An integral part of promoting sustainable design practices is using metal screen panels. One is adopting them as a material because of their longevity, eco-friendliness, and also possible energy efficiency; making this decision ecologically responsible when also improving the architectural beauty.

              Architectural metal screens are designed to withstand external conditions, using such metals as aluminum, corten steel, and also in many cases stainless for maximum resistance. This therefore makes them very ideal for outdoor applications like facades, balconies and even landscape elements.

              FAQs - Perforated Metal Screen Panels | TBK Metal

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