Custom Stainless Steel Grating (SS Grating)

TBK Metal’s stainless steel grating stands as a testament to remarkable durability, making it ideal for architectural applications in highly humid and corrosive environments. From commercial kitchens to oil refineries, its resistance to rust and corrosion ensures safe and reliable surfaces for pedestrians. Because of our vast experience, TBK Metal manages custom stainless steel grating orders successfully. From design and engineering to manufacturing, quality assurance, shipment, and installation, we provide end-to-end solutions.

Floor Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Welded Bar Grating | Custom Welded Stainless Steel Grating | TBK Metal

Stainless Steel Welded Grating

Stainless steel welded grating stands as the common and versatile choice for numerous commercial and industrial applications. Its robust structure, created by welding stainless steel flat bearing bars with cross bars under intense heat and pressure, guarantees exceptional strength to bear heavy weights. Ideal for drainage covers, walkways, ventilation gates, staircases, safety barriers, and platforms, this reliable metal panel ensures safe and easy passage for people in various settings.

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    Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Press-Locked Bar Grating | TBK Metal

    Stainless Steel Press-Locked Grating

    Stainless steel press-locked grating stands out for its interlocking structure created by perpendicular bearing bars. Similar to welded grating, it offers exceptional strength, durability, drainage, and ventilation. The assembly involves fusing two slotted stainless steel bars under immense hydraulic pressure, securely locking the cross bars in place. This design not only provides superior lateral support but also presents a sleek and clean appearance, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

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      Stainless Steel Swaged Grating | Swage Locked Bar Grating | TBK Metal

      Stainless Steel Swaged Grating

      Stainless steel swaged grating stands out for its ingenious design, with bearing bars featuring pre-punched holes for inserting cross bars perpendicularly. Strengthened by a hydraulic swaging process that exerts substantial pressure, it ensures durability. Remarkably lighter than alternative stainless steel grating, it retains exceptional mechanical strength and load-bearing capacity. Choose from various bearing bar shapes and surface types tailored to your specific needs and desired applications. This versatile grating option guarantees a perfect fit for any project.

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        This invisible oxide coating on the surface of stainless grating, derived from chromium content, serves as a highly effective protective layer, offering remarkable corrosion resistance. As a result, our SS grating products find extensive application in various settings that demand both functional efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Count on our stainless steel gratings for exceptional performance and lasting beauty in diverse projects.

        Custom Stainless Steel Grating Solutions

        At TBK Metal, our expertise lies in crafting bespoke stainless steel grating products for both exterior and interior architectural projects. Our dedicated team comprises innovative designers, technical engineers, expert fabricators, and skilled installers, ensuring top-notch results. Through meticulous metal processing and high precision, our custom stainless steel grating products exude premium quality. With a vast array of styles and designs, we cater to diverse project needs, elevating architectural structures with our tailor-made solutions. Trust us to enhance your projects with our commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

        Having collaborated on renowned architectural metal projects, we excel in crafting a diverse array of metal products, including roofing, cladding, screens, ceilings, railings, pergolas, and gratings, tailored to commercial and industrial demands. Our expertise spans across a wide range of metals, such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and iron & steel, granting you ample choices to suit your specific requirements. Count on us to deliver exceptional solutions that elevate your architectural visions to new heights.

        With a streamlined production process and efficient scheduling, we ensure your business operations run smoothly, meeting tight delivery schedules and construction deadlines. Unfailingly prepared to help you is our devoted team of professionals. Click the button below to send us your project details and inquiries, and we’ll strive to provide a prompt response within 24 hours. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re here to help every step of the way.

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          Benefits Of Using Stainless Steel Grating

          When selecting grating products for your sewage drainage system, durability and safety are vital considerations. With various materials like plastic, iron, aluminum, and stainless steel available, the latter stands out as the ideal choice. Stainless steel offers benefits such as longevity, strength to support heavy loads, and resistance to rust and corrosion, ensuring a long-lasting, functional, and safe drainage solution.


          A crucial function of stainless steel grating is to maintain cleanliness and hygienic conditions. For commercial kitchens, food processing facilities, salons, and hospitals, its simple-to-clean design eliminates any space for waste or contamination. Stainless steel grating establishes itself as a top choice for both indoor and outdoor settings by preventing bacterial growth and associated infectious dangers.


          Grating goods made of stainless steel typically have a clean appearance and attractive design in addition to serving a useful purpose. That can enhance the drainage system's surroundings with a sleek design that resembles a small decorative piece. For diverse needs, stainless steel grating offers a variety of forms and shapes. It can also be altered to suit a particular purpose or the surrounding environment.

          Safety & Security

          Stainless steel grating outshines its iron and plastic counterparts with superior strength and durability, supporting heavier loads without risk of breaking or cracking. Its low-profile design, thinner slots, and fewer lips ensure safe walking, preventing tripping and injuries. Additionally, being lightweight facilitates easy removal and handling for maintenance, reducing the risk of accidents during cleaning tasks. Rest assured, stainless steel grating prioritizes safety and efficiency in various applications.


          Stainless steel grating surpasses other materials in strength, ensuring it can withstand heavy weights and strong impacts without breaking or cracking. Ideal for specialized environments like refrigerating chambers or steam rooms, it remains resistant to extreme temperatures. A robust and dependable option for a variety of applications, its corrosion-resistant qualities also protect against damage from numerous chemical contaminants.

          Cost Effectiveness

          Stainless steel is now more reasonably priced than it was in the past because to improvements in production technology. It is a sensible choice because of its special qualities that are unmatched by those of other materials. Stainless steel's extended lifespan and minimal maintenance needs assure sustainable utility, thus increasing its financial worth.

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