Custom Stainless Steel Grating (SS Grating)

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Stainless steel grating offered by TBK Metal provides incredible durability for long-lasting use, and its outstanding resistance to rust and corrosion ensures that it’s perfectly suitable for a wide range of architectural applications with highly humid and severely corrosive environments, such as commercial kitchens, food processing factories, chemical plants, sewage treatment works, oil refineries, and so on. A reliable surface of stainless steel grating ensures people walk on it safely. With extensive experience, TBK Metal can handle well our order for custom stainless steel grating, from design and engineering estimation, through fabrication and QC to shipment and installation.

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    Types Of Stainless Steel Grating (SS Grating)

    Stainless steel grating products of TBK Metal are manufactured from 304L or 316L stainless steel, and we also can use galvanized mild steel at customers’ request. The flat bearing bars we use are typically 5mm in thickness. Our SS grating products are processed for enhancing their inertness to be outstandingly resistant to humidity, steam, water, and many types of acids. In terms of the composition structure of our grating, there are three types available and including welded grating, press-locked grating, swaged grating. And custom fabrication service is available, we can make different styles, sizes, and any property according to customer’s specific requirements

    Floor Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Welded Bar Grating | Custom Welded Stainless Steel Grating | TBK Metal

    Stainless Steel Welded Grating

    Stainless steel welded grating is the common and versatile type, which is utilized in a wide variety of commercial and industrial buildings and facilities. It comes with a strong structure that is built with stainless steel flat bearing bars welded with the cross bars together via the precise process of pressure and intense heat. A metal panel with such a rigid structure can withstand heavy weight to ensure people walk on it easily and safely. It’s perfect to be used for drainage covers, walkways,ventilation gates, staircases, safety barriers, platforms, and so on.

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      Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Press Locked Bar Grating | TBK Metal

      Stainless Steel Press-Locked Grating

      Stainless steel press-locked grating consists of numerous bearing bars to perpendicularly form a interlocking structure. Just like welded grating, press-locked grating also has high strength and durability, and it also provides openness for drainage and ventilation. The assembling method for press-locked grating is to fuse two slotted stainless steel bars together by applying an enormous hydraulic pressure. The cross bars are forced into the slotted bars to effect firm locking. In addition to the superior lateral support, it also provides a sleek & clean appearance.

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        Stainless Steel Swaged Grating | Swage Locked Bar Grating | TBK Metal

        Stainless Steel Swaged Grating

        Stainless steel swaged grating is typically formed by various bearing bars with a series of pre-punched holes, which are for the purpose to perpendicularly insert the cross bars into them, and then such a structure is enhanced and locked by applying a hydraulic swaging process, which can generate an enormous pressure. Compare with other types of stainless steel grating, swaged grating is lighter in weight under the same mechanical strength and bearing capacity. According to your requirements and desired applications, different bearing bar shapes and surface types are available.

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          On the surface of stainless grating, there is a layer of oxide coating that is formed from the chromium in the stainless steel, such a substance is invisible but forms a protective layer, as it performs well at corrosion resistance. That’s why our SS grating products are widely used for numerous applications that highly require both function and decoration.

          Custom Stainless Steel Grating Solutions

          TBK Metal is an experienced and powerful fabricator that specializes in custom stainless steel grating products for exterior & interior architectural projects. Our team consists of a lot of professional staff including innovative designers, technical engineers, expert fabricators, and experienced installers. Our custom stainless steel grating products provide premium quality as we process metal with high precision, and come in a large versatility and a wide range of styles and designs to meet different project requirements. We help improve architectural structures with our custom solutions.

          Our team has worked with many famous architectural projects to help build a large number of architectural metal products such as roofing, cladding, screen, ceiling, railing, pergola, and grating to meet commercial or industrial requirements. We have experience in fabricating with various types of metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, copper, iron & steel, etc. Providing you with a wide range of options according to your needs.

          Our organized production period and arrangement help you save lots of effort on your business, greatly ensure your on-time delivery and help catch up with the construction deadline. If you have any questions or needs, click the button below to send us your inquiry and tell us about your project, the experts of our team will try to get back to you within 24 hours.

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            Benefits Of Using Stainless Steel Grating

            When it comes to the sewage drainage system for your building or facility projects, there are some essential factors we need to consider for choosing the proper grating products, which will last a long useful life and ensure functional properties of the entire drainage system. There are some different materials available for grating products on the market, such as plastic, iron, aluminum, or stainless steel, as crating on the drainage system needs to ensure people walk and move on it safely, so it should be durable and strong enough to withstand the heavyweight, and it needs to have resistance to rust and corrosion, so stainless steel is the most ideal options. Here are just some benefits of using stainless steel grating.


            One of the most essential purposes of using stainless steel grating is for hygienic and sanitary factors. It’s designed for easy and convenient cleaning and maintenance, and there is nowhere to hide the waste and something else, that can prevent the indoor or outdoor of the properties from growing bacteria and some potentially infectious contaminants. These factors can say that stainless steel grating is the best option for commercial kitchens, food processing factories, salons, and even hospitals.


            In addition to the functional purpose, grating products made of stainless steel are generally designed with a clean look and aesthetic styles. That can improve the surroundings of the drainage system with a sleek appearance, which looks like a small decorative element. Stainless steel grating provides various styles and designs for different requirements, and it also can be customized according to the specific purposes and environmental conditions.

            Safety & Security

            Compared with grating products made from other materials like iron and plastic, stainless steel grating has more strength and durability to support heavier weight without breaking and cracking, that ensures people can walk on it safely, and don’t need to worry about falling down. And stainless steel grating is designed with lower profile, thinner slots, and fewer lips that can prevent people from tripping over and become injured. Furthermore, stainless steel grating is much lighter than other types of materials. This allows them to be easily removed or handled for cleaning and maintenance, which means workers have fewer chances to accidentally get insured when doing their job.


            The strength of stainless steel grating is much better than other material options. So it has the capability to withstand the heavier weight and stronger impact, you don’t need to worry about that the panel will break or crack under the heavy load. Stainless steel grating is suitable to be placed in somewhere with special conditions, such as refrigerating chambers or steam room, as it’s resistant to extremely low or high temperatures. Furthermore, stainless steel comes with resistance to corrosion, which can ensure that it will not be damaged by some chemical substances.

            Cost Effectiveness

            As the technology of manufacture has developed, the cost of stainless steel is not expensive as the past. And as it comes with many beneficial properties that other materials don’t have, and stainless steel requires less maintenance and replacement for sustainable utility, so it has already become a cost-effective option.

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