Aluminium & Stainless Steel Decorative Profiles

Made of Premium Metal Materials

Decorative profiles made of different metals, especially stainless steel and aluminium, have both ornamental features and practical uses. With different designs for assembling, they make up any architecture. There is no better material for good looks, corrosion protection, and easy maintenance than stainless steel profiles.

It can add glitz and glamour to the atmosphere or serve a more modest function by coming in a brushed or polished variety; suitable for both modern and traditional designs. Large installed bases in upscale houses and commercial projects make the qualities of stainless steel profiles such as elegance and durability.

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    Decorative Profiles


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    Decorative profiles include a broad spectrum of architectural design, from exquisite cornices to intricate moldings among others. These kinds are meant for decoration and finishing of spaces, making the spaces lively, colorful, and charming. Each profile style offers something to the overall ambiance of interior and exterior design.

    304, 316 Stainless Steel Tile Trim | TBK Metal - Manufacturer in China

    Stainless Steel Tile Trim

    Stainless steel tile trims combine protection with style and is ideal for wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens. With different profiles, it offers customization abilities. Install either vertically or horizontally for modern or timeless looks. Pay special attention to the tile thickness and design to achieve your dream space.

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    Aluminium Tile Trim Profiles | TBK Metal - Manufacturers in China

    Aluminium Tile Trim

    Aluminium tile trim is used to add the finishing touches to tiled edges, either on residential or commercial premises. Made of aluminium, which is durable, they prevent chipping and add professionalism to their installations. It comes in various profiles, finishes, and colors which adapt to every contemporary tile project.

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    Metal Floor Transition Strips | TBK Metal

    Metal Transition Strips

    Metal transition strips, otherwise known as threshold strips, can span flooring gaps from tile to hardwood or from carpet to tile, most usually at entryways. With various widths and various finishes, they match whatever surface, are just easily installed with glue, and screws, and are adored for their versatility and aesthetic.

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    SJP60 Stainless Steel Skirting Board Suppliers | TBK Metal

    Stainless Steel Skirting

    Designed with stainless steel skirting, the interior environment is neat and updated. Being relatively long-lasting and fairly easy to clean, this surface saves the base of the wall from the effects of wear and tear. The bottom side of this pavement makes a modern touch but it also adds to the interior’s beauty of any space.

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      Aluminium Vs. Stainless Steel

      Material Options

      Aluminium Vs. Stainless Steel

      Decorative profiles may be manufactured from both aluminium as well as stainless steel each of which offers its pros and cons to the customer. This involves project requirements, financial factors, and personal preference which are the key determinants. An evidence-based investigation involves a carefully weighted analysis of both the pros and cons of the material at hand which will ultimately help the student to conclude.

      Stainless steel

      Stainless steel and aluminium are dissimilar in respect of weight and durability. While stainless steel has corrosion resistance akin to something unbeatable, it has scratches and dents resistance too which it shares. This metallic material carries the appeal of modernity and is loved for its vision of a contemporary look. This, however, may still turn out as a budgetary factor for one targeting to be thrifty.


      Aluminium, is a lightweight material easy to handle and long life too. It has corrosion resistance for outdoor and humid conditions. The efficiency factor, that is obtaining economies with budgeting, is one of the main reasons for it being ever popular. Nevertheless, the corrosion and dents on aluminium, and the fact, that stainless steel can provide a higher level of strength and rigidity distinguish it.

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        Benefits in Tiling Applications

        Highlights of Decorative Profiles

        Excellent Performance

        Adjust your products with decorative profiles that push beauty and elegance. Use them in different ways to create an eclectic mix that will complement any architectural style. Mask anything out of sight and visual aspects of transitions and at the same time provide the cover for exposed areas. Enhance your designs with a combination of sensual beauty and functional value.

        Enhances aesthetics

        Besides ornate profiles, various shapes, sizes, and styles allow one to have an awe-inspiring place of choice. They supply visual interest and richness to aesthetics; they can go either with a classic or a modern look to recreate what you thought of.

        Resistant to heat

        A choice to go with stainless steel when decorating a hot place like a kitchen or a fireplace area is perfect since that metal has a brilliant heat resistance and thus it will never give a troubled experience due to such properties as warping or discoloration.

        Increases property value

        Using the decorative cornice profile will surely turn the property from an asset into a crown jewel. As for the houses with top modern and exceptional designs, the buyers are even more interested so the prices being offered on the market rise.

        Protects surfaces

        Last but not least, decorative profiles play the role of shields for the surfaces. Thus, your baseboards give your wall protection from scuffs and furniture impact while crown molding saves your ceiling leaving behind only a mere trace of water damage.


        Endless horizons are right before your eyes with decorative profiles engineered to suit your interior design ambition. Encompassing a line of design from wood and plaster to polystyrene, it enables you to achieve any desired decoration in your project.


        Decorative profiles as such need only sustained maintenance on a minimum basis. Their life span and strength eliminate the worry of having to fix it or replace it constantly. Enjoy peace of mind, and assurance of longevity are characteristics of these prints.

        Hides imperfections

        With functional decorative profiles these are not only thin enough to hide the gaps, and cracks, and level out surface imperfections between the ceilings, floors, and walls, but also add a classier touch to the space, making it look more sophisticated.

        Decorative profiles offer a variety of styles ranging from traditional to modern which help individualize design to match any preferred architecture. Hiding flaws as well as offering an aesthetic value to your interior and exterior design. Enhancement of the atmosphere with an eye for both home and commercial spaces makes a distinct statement for the visitors.

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          Frequently Asked Questions


          Frequently Asked Questions

          Discover the world of stainless steel and anodized aluminium decorative profiles with us. We provide a comprehensive FAQs. Get informed on the pros, cons, field of application, and other tips connected with their use. If you are contemplating a fashionable modern look or durable related issues, search our site as your answers are here.

          Stainless steel decorative profiles are the most durable, resistant to corrosion, and have a unique contemporary design. The infrequent array of maintenance needs does add another advantage for the incorporation of them whether its outdoor or indoor possibilities.

          Aluminium decorative profiles are lightweight, solid, and corrosion-protective. They are very versatile in different design processes and they are often cheaper than stainless steel, therefore they are among the favorite choices for various applications.

          Yes, stainless steel profiles are ready to be installed outdoors. They are highly resistant to corrosion therefore, they are entirely suitable for places with the presence of moisture, salt, or hard weather conditions.

          The aluminium profiles have deep penetration as they are employed extensively indoors. They have a smooth and contemporary look and are very easy to fit, come in a multitude of styles and variations to match just about every design style you could come up with.

          Just go ahead by wiping stainless steel decorative profiles with a damp cloth and soft soap. Use non-abrasive cleaners or equipment so that you do not cause any scratches. The periodic scrubbing keeps them in shape and looking presentable.

          Effectively, aluminium is among the most recyclable materials, thus a more sustainable selection. Besides, aluminium profiles for decoration consume reduced input energy levels, in comparison with other materials which is important for sustainability.

          Although most alloys consist of carbon, not stainless steel which contains chromium is so vulnerable to corrosion or rust. Through proper practices of maintenance, corrosion can be averted. Thus, the amount and quality of goods could be increased from the activity.

          Yes, aluminium decorative profiles can be painted or coated to achieve other colors or finish respectively. Powder coating, anodizing, or painting are the common techniques for improving the look and shielding surfaces made from aluminium.

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            Ideal Manufacturing Solutions

            TBK Metal

            A Custom-Made Fabricator for Decorative Profiles

            Being known for perfection, TBK Metal is the best source of high-quality custom decorative profiles. Exploiting the latest technologies with a crew of highly qualified artisans, they manufacture models in line with the client’s specifications accurately. Finishing options provided by them include brushed and polished surfaces of stainless steel, brass, and aluminium. Depending on the trims, moldings, and edgings for different applications including architectural, interior design, and furniture.

            Attending as closely to specific needs as its standard products, TBK Metal differs from the others with a careful design of customized solutions. Through close collaboration with the clients on design and production, they ensure the exact conditions and go beyond their expectations. Merging aesthetic appeal, toughness, and endurance, TBK Metal proves to be a trusted and creative stainless steel fabricator, as it becomes the market’s go-to for top-rank made-to-order decorative profiles.

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