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TBK Metal has been on board as a well-known fabricator of a full-range of sheet metal services to architects, designers, contractors, and owners of projects for over ten years. They contribute their strength through offering solutions for challenging projects entailing complex structures and distinctive design.

We handle all the projects that we execute with an uncompromising standard for quality, the finished projects guarantee customers satisfaction as they match customers’ expectations and performance requirements without incurring even a single day delay and working beyond the set project budget.

Sheet Metal Services & Solutions For Architectural Projects | TBK Metal

Innovative Design and Fabrication Services

TBK Metal has a team of designers, technicians and engineers who are always creative and open to trials in product design, fabrication as well as sheet metal services. Their well acknowledged expertise and investment in innovation enables the creation of new developments and results in reduced process-times.

Expert Engineering and Precision Fabrication

With a world-class engineering team recognized for their profound design abilities, TBK Metal’s precise engineering estimates are conducted to confirm the fabrication metal workability and constructability on-site. They build diversified portfolios and partner with suppliers to offer higher customized solutions.

Balancing Style, Quality, and Costs in Construction Projects

One of the difficulties during construction project is that the players have to equalize style, quality and costs. Design managers look for strong designs, builders look for economical building approaches and easy construction, and owners look for beautiful building styles that combine utility and function.

Challenges of Uncertainty in Project Implementation

Uncertain variables can result in extra costs and efforts of project implementation. The knowledge lacuna between activities such as designing, engineering, making and installation exists. Every project is different, so there is always a chance of something unforeseen, hence the unknown factor creeping in.

Comprehensive Sheet Metal Services for Seamless Project Execution

TBK Metal provides sheet metal services coming with design, engineering, fabrication, technical assistance, and installation. This all-encompassing approach simplifies communication among architects, contractors, designers, makers and owners of the project improving the continuation of work towards a successful completion.

We give a versatile list of services, they are aimed at architects, designers, contractors and owners who would highly appreciate the speed and affordability of design and manufacturing services. Feel free to contact us to gain more information on our products and services. Contact us today!

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    Services & Solutions

    Design Service

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    Engineering Service

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    Fabrication Service

    TBK Metal specializes in offering custom sheet metal fabrication services to meet the specific requirements of clients. In addition to fabrication service, we provide architects, contractors, ...

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    Finishing Service

    After sheet metals are fabricated, including stainless steel, aluminium, and other metal products, it’s also important to be further processed with some surface finishes ...

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    Installation Services

    Sheet metal installation served by the TBK installation team presents the final metalwork that can achieve their designed effects and expected utilities. And with our overall solution ...

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    Innovative Design & Premium Quality

    Architectural Metalworks

    Serve projects with innovative design and premium quality

    Our company provides a full set of custom sheet metal working services making various products for architectural constructions including facade cladding, roofing, fencing, ceiling, screens, and balustrades. Through our architectural sheet metal services, we optimize performance as well as aesthetics considering the humbiness of climate and conditions which are critical for continuity.

    Besides the project structure, we also need to pay attention to the aesthetic elements in this design. Therefore, we need to highly consider the visual appeal and features of commercial applications like apartments, shops, offices, hotel lobbies, restaurants, etc. Think about building a fantasy area with metal to give your place a beautiful look for your creative designs.

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