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For more than a decade, TBK Metal has provided architects, designers, contractors, and project owners with overall sheet metal services and solutions for their challenging projects, which are mostly featured with complex structures and unique designs. Metalwork fabricated by TBK is in perfect condition to meet customers’ desired effects and functions within their expected construction period and budget cost.

Sheet Metal Services & Solutions For Architectural Projects | TBK Metal

TBK Metal maintains powerful working team that consists of some creative designers and technicians, they are always trying to find out new ideas and ways of working in design, fabrication, and other sheet metal services. And with their extensive experience and excellent R&D ability, some innovative methods and well organized processes are developed to help our partners to transform their projects with innovative ideas and imaginations.

In addition to the outstanding design capability, the engineering team of TBK Metal carefully performs their engineering estimation with accuracy to ensure the workability of metal fabrication and the constructability of onside installation. TBK Metal actively approaches the partners and helps them find out the most ideal solutions to achieve or exceed their expected requirements.

For the parties related to the buildings or construction projects, balance between the styles, costs, and quality is the challenge they have to face. Architects and designers wan to present their creative designs, contractors want to complete the project with cost-effectiveness and efficiency, project owners want to have their buildings with stunning styles, practical utilities, and spaces.

But sometimes there are some extra costs and efforts that may be caused by some unexpected factors. There is usually a knowledge dive between the every processes of developing the project, such as design, engineering, manufacturing, and installations. As the condition of every project is different, you never know what unanticipated change will happen.

At TBK Metal, we provide every single project with an overall solution of sheet metal services, which is a combination of design, engineering, fabrication, technical support, installation, all these come to make the works and communications easier between architects, contractors, designers, fabricators, and project owners, and greatly help the project progress go smoothly to be successfully completed.

No matter who you are, from architect and designer to contractor and owner who want to get an ideal method to design and create project. Welcome to contact us for more information about our sheet metal services and solutions.

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    Services & Solutions

    Design Service

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    Finishing Service

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    Installation Services

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    Sheet Metal Solutions For Architectural Projects

    With our overall custom metal sheet solutions, we can fabricate a wide range of structural and decorative sheet metal products for architectural projects, such as facade cladding, roofing, fencing, ceiling, dividing screen, railing, etc. Our architectural sheet metal services allow you to improve your project with both functionalities aesthetic elements, which can withstand the atrocious climate and other complicated conditions for durable long-lasting utilities.

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      Not only the structure of the project, but we also need to consider its aesthetic elements when comes to metal sheet fabrication works. So we need to pay more attention to the visual impulse and functionalities in commercial or residential buildings such as apartments, stores, offices, hotel lobbies, restaurants, and more. Imagine that as creating a fantastic world with metal to improve your space with your creative designs.

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