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Our satin finish stainless steel sheet is optimized through a #6 polishing process, which endows it with an elegant silkiness. It has many textures and colors that are customizable according to different application needs, and its low-reflective brushed surface is ideal for entrances or places where flaws can hide.

Unlike mirror finishes, satin stainless steel imitates brushed stainless steel, it is polished in either a mechanical or chemical manner. Frequent in the kitchen sink, brush sheets with grooves may be less conducive to beaded fluids than splashy mirror finishes often seen on cabinet hardware and bathroom fixtures.

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    Satin Finish Stainless Steel Sheets


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    A combination of style and durability, satin finish stainless steel works well in a wide variety of applications. Whether it’s making architectural designs beautiful and enhancing kitchen aesthetics or improving automotive trim and jewelry, its slender elegance combined with resistance to wear changes the modern spirit of function into one refined by beauty.

    Architectural Design

    Its satin-smooth sheen not only beautifies the appearance of structures but also enhances their longevity. It embodies modern design from handrails fine as the lace of a career woman to cladding rugged enough to withstand bad weather.

    Kitchen Appliances

    Be it concocting delightful dishes or socializing, the sumptuous stateliness of satin finish stainless steel kitchen appliances not only makes use easier but builds up a stylish home that is filled with impressive good taste.


    Each satin finish stainless steel furniture component is made with great care to provide homes and offices with a luxuriant appearance. Resulting in an enduring sophistication, there are resilient chairs and elegant tables; as well as frameworks.

    Medical Equipment

    Its subtle gloss both beautifies the clinical look of medical instruments and protects clinical hygiene. Resilience delivers long-lasting performance in the face of rigorous sterilization processes and successfully fighting corrosion.


    Its shining appearance boosts personal adornments and makes satin finish stainless steel jewelry a perennially fashionable option. Whether worn as rings, bracelets, or necklaces it has no trouble marrying price with modern elegance.


    Whether gracing architecture or improving interior wayfinding, the satin finish stainless steel used in signage combines modern elegance with ultimate corrosion resistance. The result is enduring visibility under all kinds of circumstances.

    Lighting Fixtures

    Its beautiful satin finish smoothly increases the attractiveness of modern lights. It is corrosion-resistant in addition to forming an attractive frame, fixture, and ornamental component for many applications indoors and outdoors.

    Elevator Interiors

    The satin finish stainless steel, not only guarantees lasting resilience to wear and tear but also transforms elevator interiors. Elevator interiors now reveal a classy blending together of strength and modern style, reshaping the travel atmosphere.

    The adaptability of satin finish stainless steel spans many fields, combining hardness with modern style. Whether for architectural marvels or common household items, its depthless appearance and rust-free performance change the meaning of modern style into a touch of class across all industries and lifestyles.

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      Standard:JIS, AiSi, ASTM, GB, DIN, EN.
      Thickness:0.3 mm – 3.0 mm.
      Width:1000mm, 1219mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, Customized.
      Length:Customized (Max.: 6000mm)
      SS Grade:304, 316, 201, 430, etc.
      Technique:Cold Rolled.
      Finish:#6 Polishing + PVD Coating.
      Colors:Champagne, Copper, Black, Blue, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold.
      Edge:Mill, Slit.
      Applications:Appliance, Kitchen Backsplashes, Cladding, Elevator Interior.
      Packing:PVC + Waterproof  Paper + Wooden Package.

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        Satin Stainless Steel Sheets

        Color Options

        A Wide Range of Color Options

        The colors of satin sheet metal finishes are from a fascinating range. No matter whether you favor the brushed, translucent, or frosted effect produced with abrasive materials, Stainless Supply advises on which shade better suits your needs. Discover the great features of satin stainless steel, below we introduce some especially eye-catching color schemes.

        Sheets of stainless steel bend, weld, and cut smoothly into whatever custom shape is required. Toward a fine appearance, satin finishes are generally intimately worked be it the graceful strokes of metal brushing or the unique charm of sandblasting. This finish is great for kitchen sinks and cabinet hardware, bringing a touch of elegance to any space.

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          Satin Stainless Steel Finish

          304 vs. 306 Satin Stainless Steel

          Material Options

          These grades of stainless steel represent style and substance in perfect harmony. While tasteful, the 304 variant with its low-cost durability is especially popular in architecture and ornament. On the other hand, 316, praised for its better corrosion resistance is the mainstream option in such as marine and medical environments where high requirements are placed on performance.

          304 Stainless Steel

          304 stainless steel, resistant to corrosion and economical in terms of pricey applications for architecture as well kitchenware decoration. With its satin finish, not only to enhance aesthetics but also for excellent durability and wear resistance, it is a first choice in many diverse industries that involve balancing performance with costs.

          316 Stainless Steel

          Owing to its outstanding resistance in extreme conditions, 316 stainless steel shines brilliantly on the marine scene, for medical applications and other industrial uses. Besides improving its chic appearance, the satin finish also enhances strength so it is usually specified in projects where resistance to corrosive elements must be raised.

          Between 304 and 316 stainless steel, the choice depends on which type suits a particular application best. Both are satin finishes, but 316 stainless steel is chosen for applications in more corrosive environments – it lasts longer and will get you out of a bind by continuing to do the job regardless of circumstance.

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            Polished Finish Stainless Steel

            Other Polished Options

            Other Polished Finishes Available

            Experience the world of architectural elements with a range of fine stainless steel finishes. Whether it’s the urbane elegance of mirror-finished gloss or the earthy charm of brush and vibration finishes that are as comforting to touch as their easy style makes them a pleasure for your eyes, each has its mixture of fashion and practicality adapted to all manner applications in architecture, design.

            With the different kinds of polishing finishes for stainless steel, a variety of aesthetics and functionality are available. For applications that call for the tasteful discretion of brush finish, hardy aesthetics of vibration finish, or warm glossiness of mirror whatever your choice it’s all good. In one fell swoop, you have style and substance to spare.

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              Benefits in Commercial Applications

              Highlights of Satin Stainless Steel Sheet

              Excellent Performance

              Take a trip along the road of civilization and strength with satin-finished stainless steel sheets. With an elegant matte finish, these sheets redesign aesthetics and are durable, versatile, and easy to maintain. Be it architectural marvels or household essentials, find a material that provides timeless elegance with contemporary functionality.

              Elegant Aesthetics

              Able to inject a touch of class into all kinds of applications, sleek matte finish satin stainless sheets are manufactured in fine-grain cold rolls. Their refined, clean lines increase aesthetic appeal and make them a flexible, versatile choice.

              Durability and Longevity

              Its strong structure guarantees long life, good corrosion resistance, and reliable operation making satin stainless steel the ideal choice for an enormous variety of demanding sites from architectural monuments to industrial work.

              Versatile Applications

              Capable of gracing architectural wonders and adorning ordinary items at home, satin stainless steel sheets can suit a wide range of industries. In both design and function, their adaptability is evidence of the broad appeal they can have.

              Environmental Sustainability

              This environmentally friendly material has not only recyclability, it also has a long life cycle that actively assists environmentalism. Less often in need of replacement, satin stainless steel reduces the waste produced over the long term.

              Customization Options

              If satin stainless steel sheets are tailored to particular shapes and sizes, design projects take on a personalized feel. Flexibility brings the additional benefits of creative expression, and smooth integration into applications markedly different in kind.

              Non-Reflective Properties

              In environments such as tall contemporary buildings or the plush interior of a sleek vehicle, satin finish's anti-reflective property results in eyesight not becoming fatigued. Its delicate elegance also makes aesthetic contributions to functional designs.

              Resistance to Fingerprints and Smudges

              In busy areas such as kitchens, the skillful finish of satin stainless steel easily disguises fingerprints and stains so that washbasins and appliances up to product handrails will always have a polished appearance on those surfaces constantly touched.

              Easy Maintenance

              Thanks to an effortless sheen, satin stainless steel is distinctive for not being a hassle when it comes time to clean: all that one needs to do with this gleaming surface is wipe softly and so without any fuss one can keep its pristine appearance in areas of heavy traffic.

              The satin stainless steel sheet thus forms a multipurpose material, combining elegant appearance with practical benefits. Its nonreflective surface and maintenance ease allow easy customization across many industries, while versatile for a wide range of applications its solid craftmanship combines style with resilience.

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                Frequently Asked Questions


                Frequently Asked Questions

                Through our Frequently Asked Questions, see what satin finish stainless steel is all about–strength and style in a single sheet. Read on to discover just what makes satin finish stainless steel a love affair with so many potential lovers; its unique aesthetic attraction as well as practical uses in all kinds of industries.

                A1: Polished to perfection The satin finish of stainless steel is a velvet-matte surface produced by careful polishing. This not only adds elegance but also retains the natural hardness and corrosion resistance of stainless steel.

                A2: Found in numerous applications such as architecture and interior design, automobiles, and home appliances, satin finish stainless steel is at the peak of its popularity. it is often used for surfaces on which a smooth, non-reflective look is sought.

                A3: Practical and likable, the matte satin finish glows with a humble low luster more beguiling than mirror polish. It’s exactly between the aesthetic and practical, modernity versus pragmatism which gives it its very essence.

                A4: The beautiful stainless steel’s easy-to-clean satin finish is one of its biggest advantages. Its exterior is relatively smooth, easily avoiding dirt; normally no more than a mild soapy wash with water will guarantee an untarnished sheen.

                A5: Certainly! Flexibility of satin finish stainless steel sheets is almost beyond measure. Because they can easily be customized to perfect dimensions and shapes, this cures their deficiency of creative freedom. In the hands of many designers, they become all-round tools that may have a hundred different applications.

                A6: While its satin finish is aesthetically pleasing, it’s more than that. It also goes further in hiding fingerprints and smudges the way high gloss finishes can not compare. The practical edge This is thus an excellent choice for contact areas, like kitchen appliances and handrails.

                A7: Yes, satin finish stainless steel is indeed recyclable and has a long useful life. This durable diesel is a low-carbon, high-density fuel. By replacing frequently with more frequent replacements using this kind of oil over time reduces industrial waste and enhances resource conservation from the perspective of environmental sustainability.

                A8: Recyclable, with a long life cycle: Satin finish stainless steel is yes. This durable construction means the product lasts a long time, so there is less waste–which adds up to environmental sustainability.

                A9: Yes, satin finish stainless steel shows its stuff outside. Its strong corrosion resistance allows it to deal with different weather conditions. Favored by architects for its application in both indoor and outdoor spaces, it adds a perennial touch of elegance.

                FAQs - Brushed Finish Stainless Steel Sheets | TBK Metal

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