Custom Aluminium & Steel Metal Pergola

A metal pergola is a wonderful addition to any house with a charming garden or open area, offering an extension into the outdoors. Create a shaded haven near the poolside, walkway, or seating area. It turns into the ideal location for get-togethers with loved ones, whether it’s for a delicious meal, BBQ, sunbathing, or swimming. Additionally, certain metal pergola models come with sides, offering privacy for those seeking a serene and secluded outdoor relaxation space. Enjoy the best of both worlds with a versatile and stylish metal pergola.

Decorative Laser-Cut Metal Pergola Panels | TBK Metal

Laser Cut Metal Pergola

Aluminum laser-cut pergola panels offer advantages over steel, being not only visually appealing and durable but also significantly less prone to rust. Powder-coating further enhances their rust resistance. These versatile panels find excellent use in outdoor applications, such as room dividers and gates. While ideal for rooftops, improper installation can lead to water collection on flat roofs. To mitigate this, consider raising the rafters and installing gutters to divert water away. Additionally, the panels add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your outdoor space, making them a perfect choice for your pergola project.

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    Freestanding Metal Pergola | Custom Aluminium & Steel Pergola | TBK Metal

    Freestanding Metal Pergola

    A freestanding metal pergola stands as a separate entity, not attached to any building. Supported by sturdy posts or columns, it requires proper installation, usually with concrete footing. Unlike wall-mounted or suspending pergolas, it offers greater flexibility in design, location, height, size, and orientation. Without the need to connect to an existing house, it demands ample outdoor space. Embrace the versatility and creative possibilities of a freestanding pergola to transform your outdoor area into a charming and functional oasis.

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      Aluminium Metal Pergola Attached To House | TBK Metal - Top10 Manufacturers

      Attached Metal Pergola

      The attached metal pergola, also known as a wall-mounted pergola, offers an expanded covered space by connecting to the building. With one side mounted on the wall and the other supported by sturdy posts, it creates a shaded area perfect for relaxation, barbecues, or enjoying tea with loved ones. Some models even feature a slidable canopy, providing the option for an open-air ambiance. This versatile addition is an ideal alternative to a patio, allowing you to set up a cozy sofa or chairs, transforming your garden into a delightful oasis for cherished moments with family and friends.

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        Discover the charm of a metal pergola, perfect for transforming your outdoor haven. With a shaded area, you can escape the scorching sun and enjoy extended living space in your garden. Even during rainy days, your outdoor activities remain unaffected. Beyond its practical benefits, a metal pergola creates a serene and joyful atmosphere, ideal for outdoor entertaining or dining. Additionally, it offers privacy, shielding your space from curious neighbors’ gazes. Embrace the allure of a metal pergola, where relaxation and delight harmonize to elevate your outdoor experience.

        Custom Metal Pergola Solutions

        At TBK Metal, we take pride in our expertise as a leading fabricator, crafting custom metal pergola products for architectural and decorative ventures. Our dedicated team comprises creative designers, technical engineers, skilled technicians, and experienced installers, ensuring top-notch craftsmanship. With meticulous precision in metal processing, our custom pergolas boast premium quality and come in an array of versatile styles and designs, catering to diverse project needs. Let us enhance your architectural structures with tailor-made solutions that exude excellence and sophistication.

        With a proven track record of collaborating on renowned architectural projects, we excel in crafting diverse sheet metal products for commercial and industrial use. Our comprehensive range of solutions includes roofing, cladding, screens, ceilings, railings, and pergolas. We specialize in working with various metals like stainless steel, aluminum, copper, iron, and steel, allowing us to offer a wide spectrum of options perfectly tailored to your specific requirements. Trust our expertise to bring your visions to life with precision and quality craftsmanship.

        Our streamlined production process and meticulous scheduling relieve you of business burdens, ensuring timely deliveries and meeting construction deadlines. Don’t fret over inquiries or requirements; simply click the button below to send us details about your project. Our expert team will promptly respond within 24 hours, offering tailored solutions to meet your needs and propel your endeavors forward. Trust us to be your reliable partner in achieving efficiency and success.

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          Main Materials Of Pergolas

          As mentioned above, there are a wide variety of dimensions, forms, styles that are unlimited for user options, and various great options available, so sometimes it seems to be difficult to make a decision, you need to do some research and estimations according to the conditions of your building and outdoor space before your pergola start to build. As for the materials your pergola is going to be made from, different material has different properties and benefits, which you need to take into consideration and see what is the most suitable for your requirements.

          Aluminium Pergola

          Aluminium's popularity in architectural and decorative projects, like pergolas, stems from its lightweight nature and resistance to oxidation and corrosion. Its weight advantage keeps decks and entire structures in optimal condition. Powder coating or painting aluminium components enhance their corrosion resistance, making them ideal for coastal climates. With a wide array of color options, various preferences are catered to. While aluminum outshines wood or other metal pergolas, it does come at a higher price point, offering long-lasting value for your investment.

          Lightweight for easy transportation and installation. More expensive than other materials.
          Durable for resistance to deformation and impact.
          Resistance to corrosion and rust.
          Various finish options in different colors.

          Steel Pergola

          A steel pergola exudes a refined and sleek aesthetic, effortlessly complementing diverse architectural styles and outdoor environments. With an array of color choices, it seamlessly harmonizes with your home and surroundings. The option for powder coating and metallic finish enhances not only its style but also surface protection, adding an extra layer of durability and allure.

          The robust and sturdy nature of steel sets it apart from aluminium and wood pergolas. Steel's strength allows for more substantial and intricate structures, supporting heavyweights and enabling impressive free-standing designs. Its metallic appearance adds a touch of elegance while ensuring durability and longevity for your pergola.

          Unlike aluminum pergolas, steel pergolas require additional pre-installation treatments to prevent corrosion and rust. Regular maintenance is necessary for their longevity. However, with suitable surface finishes, steel pergolas become an excellent choice for users seeking low-maintenance options while ensuring their pergolas stay in optimal condition.

          Opting for a steel pergola over aluminium not only saves on upfront costs but also requires minimal maintenance. The added advantage of customization and pre-fabrication ensures swift and convenient assembly, reducing labor expenses. Ultimately, it proves to be a budget-friendly, long-term solution for those seeking affordability without compromising on style.

          Budget-friendly and affordable options.Need more extra processes to improve the resistance to rust and corrosion.
          Durability and high strength provide long-lasting use.
          Various finish options such as powder coating and painting.
          Prefabricated components and parts provide easy installation.

          Wood Pergola

          Wood remains a timeless choice for pergolas, offering versatility in design. Create a custom look with various styles like natural, antique, contemporary, or rustic. You can easily finish the surface to harmonize with your home's aesthetic, making wood pergolas a classic and adaptable addition to any outdoor space.

          With a wood pergola in your backyard, you can create an inviting open-air space adorned with vines and trailing plants forming a natural roof for shade. This green element not only offers a shady retreat but also enhances the overall landscape aesthetics.

          Compare with metal pergolas, wood material is one of the most cost-effective materials to make a pergola with, and it’s flexible to work with. Though it doesn’t come with the same durability as the metal materials such as aluminium and steel, but it’s more suitable for oceanic climatic areas with salt atmosphere, which can corrode metal materials.

          Despite its charm, wood material does have drawbacks, including low strength, susceptibility to mold, and rotting. To ensure the longevity of wood pergolas, additional treatments and processes can bolster their strength and properties, extending their usability over time.

          Cost-effective and readily options.Requires more extra processes and maintenance to improve the protection.
          Wide range of design and style available.Requires more time and money for further maintenance and repair.
          Resistance to oceanic climatic condition.The structure of wood pergola is not as strong as metal pergola.

          Main Roofing Types of Pergolas

          Crawling plants

          While using vines or creeping plants to form a pergola roof creates a charming natural oasis, it comes with some limitations. Rainy days can pose challenges, and regular cleaning becomes necessary to manage falling leaves and flowers. Nonetheless, the lush greenery adds a delightful touch to the garden or backyard, perfect for leisure and outdoor activities.

          Batten Roofing

          The charming pergola with battens offers shade and privacy, though it lacks full top coverage. Using wood or metal profiles, the battens can be finished to match your house or backyard style. Glass panels can be added for rain protection while still allowing partial sunlight into the interior space, enhancing its appeal further.

          Corrugated Roofing

          Corrugated roofing comes in polycarbonate or metal materials, offering various choices. Solid color sheets provide complete sunlight and rain protection, while transparent or translucent sheets allow natural light to filter through. Their accessibility and economic viability are further factors enhancing their popularity in building projects.


          Awnings offer a lightweight and flexible solution, available in waterproof plastics or fabrics, customizable for any pergola size. However, compared to other materials, they are less durable and vulnerable to damage during severe weather. Regular cleaning is necessary to prevent dust and leaf accumulation, which could lead to mold and rot if neglected.

          Louver Roofing

          Louver roofing, although pricey, is a versatile system that lets you adjust sunlight transmittance. It can be controlled manually or electronically, offering convenience. This user-friendly option provides shade, ventilation, and rain protection. With a lightweight structure, it comes in diverse styles and finishes, making it an ideal contemporary pergola with both style and functionality.

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