Custom Aluminium & Steel Metal Pergola

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If you have a house with an appealing garden or open area, a metal pergola is a perfect solution to expand your home space into the outdoor space. A shaded area can be created at the passageway, side of the swimming pool, sitting area. When the weather is nice and warm, it’s an ideal place for inviting relatives and friends to get together for a meal, barbecue, sunbathe, swim, and more. Some models of metal pergolas are available with sides, it’s a perfect option for the users who need the outdoor relaxing space with privacy.

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    Types Of Metal Pergola

    There are generally two styles of pergolas for your options including a freestanding pergola and attached pergola, which one is suitable for you according to the structure and spacial condition of your house. Pergolas come in many different materials, dimensions, styles, and the sides can be opened or semi-opened, and the top can come with or without a ceiling, that’s according to your requirements and your construction.

    Decorative Laser Cut Metal Pergola Panels | TBK Metal

    Laser Cut Metal Pergola

    Aluminium laser cut pergola panel has some benefits are over steel. In addition to being attractive and durable, aluminum is much less prone to rust than steel. You can even powder-coated aluminum so that it doesn't rust. Aluminum laser cut panel covers are great for a variety of outdoor applications, from room dividers to gates. While laser cut metal pergolas are ideal for rooftops, they can be problematic if they're not installed correctly. A flat roof allows water to collect in the fabric, so you may need to raise the rafters and install a gutter to keep water off the pergola. Additionally, the panels ...

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      Freestanding Metal Pergola | Custom Aluminium & Steel Pergola | TBK Metal

      Freestanding Metal Pergola

      Freestanding metal pergola is a single unit that is not attached to any house or building, it’s generally supported by four or more posts or columns, which must be firmly installed, usually stuck into the floor with concrete, as the pergola is not supported by walls or houses. Unlike wall-mounted pergola and suspending pergola, which are attached to the walls or buildings, freestanding pergola requires sufficient outdoor space as it’s not connected to the existing house, and it doesn’t require a limitation on height, size, and orientation, and the design, location, and other features are more versatile.

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        Aluminium Metal Pergola Attached To House | TBK Metal - Top10 Manufacturers

        Attached Metal Pergola

        Attached metal pergola is connected or attached to the building, one side of the pergola top is generally mounted on the wall, and the other side is supported by two posts, so it’s also named as wall-mounted pergola. An attached pergola is usually located at the door faced to the garden for expanding covered space of the house. Some models are designed with slidable canopy that provides a open air space. Attached pergola provides a large shady space, so it’s a perfect alternative to the patio where you can have a set sofa or chairs for relaxing, it’s perfect to have a barbecue or enjoy tea with your family or friends.

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          Are you thinking about transforming your outdoor space with a metal pergola? Pergola is the perfect way to add a shady space in your garden and provide you with more living space. A shady space in the outdoor space is really paramount when your family is staying under the burning sun. Likewise, with a covered space, your outdoor activities are not affected when it’s raining outside. In addition to the functional properties, a metal pergola can provide your space with a relaxing and joyful atmosphere, it’s an ideal place for your outdoor entertaining or dining area. A metal pergola can also build a nice place with privacy to prevent the peering eyes of your neighbors.

          Custom Metal Pergola Solutions

          At TBK Metal is an experienced and powerful fabricator that specializes in custom metal pergola products for architectural & decorative projects. Our team consists of a lot of professional staff including creative designers, technical engineers, expert technicians, and experienced installers. Our custom metal pergola products provide premium quality as we process metal with high precision, and come in a large versatility and a wide range of styles and designs to meet different project requirements. We help improve architectural structures with our custom solutions.

          Our team has worked with many famous architectural projects to help build a large amount of sheet metal products such as roofing, cladding, screen, ceiling, railing, pergola to meet commercial or industrial requirements. We have the experience of fabricating with various types of metals, including stainless steel, aluminium, copper, iron & steel, etc. Providing you with a wide range of options according to your needs.

          Our organized production period and arrangement help you save lots of effort on your business, greatly ensure you on-time delivery and help catch up the construction deadline. If you have any questions or needs, click the button below to send us your inquiry and tell us about your project, the experts of our team will try to get back to you in 24 hours.

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            Main Materials Of Pergolas

            As mentioned above, there are a wide variety of dimensions, forms, styles that are unlimited for user options, and various great options available, so sometimes it seems to be difficult to make a decision, you need to do some research and estimations according to the conditions of your building and outdoor space before your pergola start to build. As for the materials your pergola is going to be made from, different material has different properties and benefits, which you need to take into consideration and see what is the most suitable for your requirements.

            Aluminium Pergola

            As aluminium features with lightweight and resistance to oxidation and corrosion, so it’s the popular material for architectural and decorative projects, including pergola. Its lightweight allows the decks or the whole unit to keep the weight to the lowest limit. The aluminium components and parts can be finished with powder coating or painting, which achieve the effect of corrosion resistance, perfectly suited to coastal climate and conditions. And the color options are in a wide range to meet different requirements. Compare with wood or other metal pergola types, aluminium is more expensive.

            Lightweight for easy transportation and installation. More expensive than other materials.
            Durable for resistance to deformation and impact.
            Resistance to corrosion and rust.
            Various finish options in different colors.

            Steel Pergola

            Pergola made of steel is concise and sophisticated in appearance, and it’s easy and flexible to blend in with various styles of buildings and outdoor spaces. And with a wide range of color options, it can flexibly match well with your house and the surrounding atmosphere. The material surface can be processed with powder coating and metallic finish, in addition to provides different stylish options, it also forms a solid layer to enhance the surface protection.

            The appearance of steel pergola is particularly similar to aluminium, and they have many common properties as they are all metallic materials. But steel is stronger and more sturdy than aluminium and wood, suitable for supporting more robust and complicated structures, and allow to build the pergola with heavy weight and free standing design.

            Compare with aluminium pergola, steel pergola need some extra treatments before installation, due to its easy corrosion and rust, and we need to do more maintenance to keep its useful life longer. With the proper surface finish, steel pergolas can be the most ideal option for users who don’t have much time or ability to take care of their pergolas to keep them in good shape.

            The cost of steel pergola is much cheaper than aluminium, and don’t have to do much maintenance on it. And steel pergolas are generally customized and pre-fabricated, so it can be built up conveniently and quickly, this helps save much money on the labor costs. So in the long term, it’s an affordable solution to work out for those who are on a budget.

            Budget-friendly and affordable options.Need more extra processes to improve the resistance to rust and corrosion.
            Durability and high strength provide long-lasting use.
            Various finish options such as powder coating and painting.
            Prefabricated components and parts provide easy installation.

            Wood Pergola

            Wood is one of the most traditional materials for various applications, and it’s now still widely utilized for pergolas. Wood pergola can be designed to many shapes and styles such as natural, antique, contemporary, rustic, and more. The surface can be flexibly finished to match with your house’s tone.

            A wood pergola can be set up as a open air space without any ceiling or wall, in your backyard, it is excellent for growing vine or trailing plants which can form a roofing to create a shady space, not only that, it provides a green element to improve the landscape in your backyard.

            Compare with metal pergolas, wood material is one of the most cost-effective materials to make a pergola with, and it’s flexible to work with. Though it doesn’t come with the same durability as the metal materials such as aluminium and steel, but it’s more suitable for oceanic climatic areas with salt atmosphere, which can corrode metal materials.

            However, wood material does have its own disadvantages such as low strength, mould, rotting. So that need some extra processes to help improve the strength and some properties of wood pergola for long-lasting use.

            Cost-effective and readily options.Requires more extra processes and maintenance to improve the protection.
            Wide range of design and style available.Requires more time and money for further maintenance and repair.
            Resistance to oceanic climatic condition.The structure of wood pergola is not as strong as metal pergola.

            Main Roofing Types Of Pergolas

            Crawling plants

            One of the popular methods of forming the cover or roofing for pergolas is planting vine or other creeping plants. Pergola with green leaves, flowers, and even fruits on it can form a natural shady space for leisure or outdoor activities. Not only that, it provides the garden or backyard with a green landscape and natural ambiance. Though a pergola with natural or living elements is a nice place to stay in the shade, it has limitations on rainy days. And you need to spend time cleaning when the leaves and flowers are falling.

            Batten Roofing

            Pergola with battens is an effective roofing solution for shading and privacy, but it doesn’t have complete cover on the top. Battens usually use wood pillars or metal profiles as the materials, the surface can be finished as natural appearance to match the styles of your house or backyard.Battens can be installed with glass panels for protecting the space from the rain, but it does allow the sunlight partially cast in the interior space. Battens also provide an appealing aesthetic.

            Corrugated Roofing

            Corrugated roofing can be made of polycarbonate or metal. Corrugated sheets with solid color can completely block the sun light and rain from the top, transparent or translucent allow some light in. Corrugated sheets are also a cost-effective and affordable option, this one of the reason why it’s popular to be used for architectural projects.


            Awning is a lightweight option, and it provides flexible operation, the materials are available in waterproof plastics or fabrics, and can be customized to fit pergolas with any sizes. Compare with other types of materials, awning is less durable and easy damaged during severe weather. Over time, dust and fallen leaves will accumulate on the awnings, and cause to mould and rotting if don’t clean it in time.

            Louver Roofing

            Louver roofing is an expensive option, it’s a system that can be open or closed to allows you to adjust the transmittance of sunlight. Such a system can be controlled by manual operation or electronic system. Louver roofing is easy to use to allow shade, ventilation, and shelter from the rain. It comes with lightweight structure and is available for various styles and finishes. This is a pergola with contemporary style and practical utilities.

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