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Custom Aluminium & Stainless Steel Metal Pergola

Aesthetics & Outstanding Performance

Add a metal pergola if you are one of those fortunate people whose home has a beautiful garden or a large outdoor space. It efficiently turns your dwelling into the exterior by providing a roof and atmosphere. It blends perfectly with your home’s living space as an outdoor shade and gives an aesthetic element. 

While in beautiful weather and warm, it is an amazing place to bifurcate with family relations and acquaintances to undertake a barbecue or a meal, some tan, sunbathing, and swimming, among several others. A metal pergola with different types of side shapes can be selected by those who desire some private area for relaxation.

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    Metal Pergola


    Explore our Amazing Designs

    Come along and explore the realm of outdoor luxury, with our fantastic array of metal pergolas! Whether it is the intricate beauty of a laser-cut design, the style, and versatility of a freestanding structure, the seamless integration of an attached pergola, or merely the freedom to use the space of your liking – boost your outdoor experience with style, convenience, and elegance.

    Decorative Laser-Cut Metal Pergola Panels | TBK Metal

    Laser Cut Metal Pergola

    Our laser-cut metal pergolas have been designed to please where they are installed with the use of refinement and style. Their precise patterns create amazing shadows, turning plain awnings into entrancing patterns and designs. Stylishly and functionally, they recreate the true spirit of the outdoors.

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    Freestanding Metal Pergola | Custom Aluminium & Steel Pergola | TBK Metal

    Free-Standing Metal Pergola

    Taste the freedom of our free-standing metal pergolas versatility. They transform any ordinary outdoor nook into an elegant shade haven with stylish designs not compromise on strength. Get on the implicitness but allow for the personalization of your garden, meeting the requirements of functionality and beauty with ease.

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    Aluminium Metal Pergola Attached To House | TBK Metal - Top10 Manufacturers

    Attached Metal Pergola

    Smoothly merge the indoor and outdoor through our attached metal pergolas. Great for supplying you with an outdoor space, these pergolas are attached to the perimeter of your home and form a shaded area. Make your patio, deck, or garden more useful by incorporating functional and beautiful decor.

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    Join our exciting world of outdoor life and appearance with our wide variety of metal pergola options. From the elegantness of laser-cut designs to the flexibility of the freestanding option, or addressing the integration of pergolas with attached ones in our collection, we guarantee to bring out your space in a design way.

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      Main Materials for Pergolas

      Offering access to a variety of dimensions, forms, and styling, pergola designs are endless; and so is the difficulty in making the ultimate choice. Before construction begins, research and estimate based on your building and outdoor conditions on the priority list. To finish, see what qualities and possible options match your particular plastic application.

      Aluminium Pergola

      Aluminium being light-weight as well as resistance to corrosion and oxidation is a first-rate material to make pergolas for architecture. Its lightweight feature makes it perfect for decks. Once it is powder-coated or painted, it withstands coastal conditions. As the range of colors is broad, aluminium is more expensive compared to other materials.

      Lightweight for easy transportation and installation. More expensive than other materials.
      Durable for resistance to deformation and impact.
      Resistance to corrosion and rust.
      Various finish options in different colors.

      Steel Pergola

      Provided the attractive and diverse forms, steel pergolas are the perfect component that projects a modern and versatile look into the outdoor space. The variety of colors available makes them universally compatible with your home and with your surroundings. Powder coating and metallic finishes additionally make them stylish and corrosion-resistant.

      Budget-friendly and affordable options.Need more extra processes to improve the resistance to rust and corrosion.
      Durability and high strength provide long-lasting use.
      Various finish options such as powder coating and painting.
      Prefabricated components and parts provide easy installation.

      Wood Pergola

      One of the most universal building elements of wood and being in use today as well it is used in many applications, at least for the pergolas. Determination of wood pergolas is not limited to several shapes and designs like natural, antique, modern, rustic, etc. Our surface can be finished in any color you had in mind, matching even your favorite feature in your house.

      Cost-effective and readily options.Requires more extra processes and maintenance to improve the protection.
      Wide range of design and style available.Requires more time and money for further maintenance and repair.
      Resistance to oceanic climatic condition.The structure of wood pergola is not as strong as metal pergola.

      Pick from different materials, and you can build a comfort zone that blends perfectly with your aesthetic and still can withstand various weather conditions. Whether it is the classic charisma of wood or the staying power of metal, we make sure that your preferred model withstands the ravages of time, looks luxurious, and lasts forever in your garden.

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        Main Roofing Types for Pergolas

        Experience the variety of roofing choices which are specifically designed to make your pergola more enjoyable. From trailing down climbing plants that embody timelessness to the latest roofing trends of corrugated roofs that accentuate modernism, your roofing type gives your outdoor space that ultimate look of comfort and style.

        Crawling plants

        With vines or creepers growing on the pergola's roof is a very popular technique. This space is decorated by various greenery, flowers, and even fruit trees making people enjoy time in the outdoors. Nevertheless, such pergolas may be nice, but they are also very limited when it rains and extra cleaning is needed as leaves and flowers drop.

        Batten Roofing

        The batten pergolas provide privacy and effective shading with partially covered top. They can be made of wood or metal and blend effortlessly with your home or backyard design. Through those glass panels you can even see the rain and get some sunlight. Battens are not only functional but also create a stylish flair to your outdoor area.

        Corrugated Roofing

        Corrugated roofing, polycarbonate or metal, is versatile in controlling light and diminishing weather problems. Solid colors impede sunshine or rain while transparent or translucent ones are free to light. Its cheap price makes it applicable to a wide range of architectural projects which also helps to achieve both practicality and beauty.


        The fabric is made of waterproof fabric which is elastic and breathable at the same time. This particular aspect is easy to modify whether the pergola is large or small. Among several types of roofing, it has the shortest lifespan as it will be just ruined by bad weather. The mold and dust damage should be avoided by regular cleaning.

        Louver Roofing

        Louver roofing may be kind of expensive but it is still worthwhile because you can get options for shading, ventilation, and also protection from rain. This lightweight structure has its design which has different finishes, consequently, it gives a fashionable and functional look. Therefore the modern pergola will be the most suitable choice for this purpose.

        The variety of roofing options for pergolas allows form and function to work together to meet various styles and needs. Whether you are drawn to the organic juxtaposition of trailing plants or the modern functionality of shutters, either way, our assortment allows you to make a custom oasis with both style and comfort.

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          Custom Metal Pergola Solutions

          At TBK Metal, we pride ourselves on our ability to custom metal pergolas for architectural and decorative purposes. The combination of designers, engineers, technicians, and installers that make up our team creates high-quality workmanship. Our pergolas are designed with utmost precision and while using premium quality materials, leaving a wide range of styles from which the clients can choose.

          Our company manufactures sheet metal products specifically for commercial and industrial use comprising roofing, cladding, screening, ceiling, railing, and pergola. With stainless steel, aluminium, copper, iron, or steel being our areas of specialization, we provide you with the ideal solutions that correspond to your specific needs and we work with accuracy and quality craftsmanship in every project.

          Reduce your business strain through our production line efficiency and accurate scheduling method. The scheduled delivery and also to complete the construction on time are our priorities. To share detailed information about the project, please click below: our competent group will answer all your inquiries within 24 hours. Count on us being your trusted partner for time-saving and project-prospering.

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            Frequently Asked Questions


            Frequently Asked Questions

            Unveil the aesthetic and functionality of our famous aluminium and stainless steel metal pergolas. Take a look at our FAQ section which should answer all your needs on the variety of designs, durability, maintenance, and installation. Get inspired by how these structures transform old-day outdoors and can be smoothly integrated into your interior design.

            A pergola constructed of metal is a construction with the primary materials of metal, for instance, aluminium or stainless steel so that people will have shade and architectural interest in the gardens, patios, or decks in their area.

            Metal pergolas bring multiple benefits which include strength, weather, and corrosion resistance, minimum maintenance necessary, and what’s modern appearance. They are also customizable as per the design requirement and can also withstand adverse outside conditions.

            The longevity of a metal pergola, again, comes from its components and their condition. Normally, aluminium and stainless steel options last for years longer than wood options. We use resistant and stable fabrics which ensure an enduring use of public spaces outdoors.

            Absolutely! Metal pergolas give options to tailor-make your installation. Entrust a designer or a manufacturing company to be inventive and design a bespoke pergola that compliments your taste, meets your size requirements and appropriately suits your favorite needs.

            Metal pergolas do not require much work to maintain when compared to their wood cousins, just soap and water wash roughly two times a year. Apart from the aluminium and stainless steel resistance to rust and corrosion, there is no need to stain and seal regularly.

            Metal pergolas provide all the shade you may need, especially if you add shade cloth and climbing vines to them. The shade is varied by pergola design, slat spacing as well as sun orientation, which enable customized comfort for outdoor areas.

            Metal pergolas can also have so many accessories such as lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, retractable canopies, and privacy screens. This approach during the design stage is of great importance to achieve seamless integration with structure and functionalities as well as attractive architecture.

            Before construction, look at the building codes and rules. Metal pergolas installation, especially if it is attached to your house or larger, frequently requires a permit. Consult your local municipal authority before engaging in such activities.

            Erecting with metal pergolas is nearly permanent but it can be dismantled with much difficulty if anchored well at the site. Professional advice is a vital component in safe disassembling and relocation, even if the structure is anchored or coupled with other elements.

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