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Initially, TBK Metal introduces in the process of architectural development the custom sheet metal design services that ensure that the project develops in a smooth and projected way. With rational designing, a project can be delivered on schedule with maximum efficiency and effectiveness, this results in the lower cost of operations and from there, brings benefit to the whole project.

Our customers can get the overall solution from our company because we have extensive experience with creating sheet metal products and have experienced the challenges in many arduous architectural projects. Added to all of these, our services will be offered so that each project will have clear goals and objectives and the work forward will be smooth and efficient before the projects start.

Custom Architectural Sheet Metal Design Services | TBK Metal

The custom metal design includes the structural system and general framework from which all fabrication, installation, and every step of ongoing progress can be done conveniently and with ease. That is the power of the joint decision-making process of development and that instantly brings up everything relevant to the project and allows finding risks or defects and even solving them.

TBK Metal begins the architectural project at the design stage and offers custom sheet metal services to the architects, contractors, and project owners that can ease the project’s path of progress. Our objective is to get the job done with high efficiency and cost savings, because of this, my company can get more profits and you the partner, can get cost savings from this service.

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    Services & Solutions

    Engineering Service

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    Fabrication Service

    TBK Metal specializes in offering custom sheet metal fabrication services to meet the specific requirements of clients. In addition to fabrication service, we provide architects, ...

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    Finishing Service

    After sheet metals are fabricated, including stainless steel, aluminium, and other metal products, it’s also important to be further processed with some surface finishes ...

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    Installation Services

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    Innovative Design & Premium Quality

    Architectural Metal Designs

    Serve projects with innovative design and premium quality

    Buildings with different uses that will appeal to the eye are certainly catchy, especially if they use techniques like punching metal that are creative. Imagination is the key in this regard. Our architectural metal design will convert your small imagination into material form. Although there are inevitable obstacles, our seasoned design staff is inventive and will give your space an effective visual lift.

    We offer both custom metal design services as well as an engineering team that evaluates the project feasibility and makes the development process simple. Architectural sheet metal items produced by the company, among which there are facade cladding, roofing, railing, and many others, are functional and aesthetic and thus, can be used in residential/commercial purposes, such as homes, offices, hotels, and hospitals.

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      What to Consider for Custom Metal Design

      Care in the metal designing and the fabrication process is a must for the business to move from fabrication to other processes. If there is no proper planning then it would be almost impossible to achieve the desired objectives. The reason for that is that designing a metal sheet and the services connected with it provides a basis for strategic planning and high precision.

      Idea & Imagination

      First comes the idea that is then developed as design - the style and functions that are desired. We need to consider such parameters as cross sections, bending radii, dimensions, and tolerances which play a crucial role in the project outcomes.

      Engineering Evaluation

      Following the project definition, we produce engineering drawings to be inspected. Engineers use blueprints to work out their material properties. Illustrations involve metal types, dimensions, and structure description into a fabricating team for manufacturing.

      Workability Analysis

      The drawings will be evaluated well to meet the specifications. The optimization of the standards during the construction gives the simplest system in metal systems. Workability analysis is a tool that streamlines and speeds up the entire project.

      Prototype Design

      The model establishing the geometry of the finished product begins with a sheet metal model. Through cutting, shaping, assembling, and finishing we perform these processes one by one. Rushing or skipping steps can lead to poor product quality.

      Prototype Testing

      Prototyping design is done after which many project owners usually assess the prototype and check its correctness. The utilization provides the chance for users to experience the end products directly and to give their responses and remarks about them.

      Overall Development

      When project basic requirements are validated through the prototype and preliminary design tests, it becomes the turn of the extended development process which moves to the next steps one at a time to meet the requirements needed for the production of the product.

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