Durability & Aesthetic Appeal

Decorative Metal Panel Systems

Aesthetics & Outstanding Performance

We created a unique decorative metal panel system that is both innovative and durable for architectural and interior projects. Since we offer not only cladding but also roofing and interiors of elevators, we offer, so to speak, a complete range allowing design visions to be implemented and supporting them with exactitude.

Discover an imaginative range of decorative metal panels, precisely made to the highest standard of craftsmanship and efficiency. Whether you love contrasts of modern design with rough textures or you are looking for some durable and attractive finishes, our range helps you redesign your space, from sleek to rustic.

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    Decorative Metal Panel Systems


    Explore our Amazing Designs

    Get familiar with our wide product line of decorative metal panel systems that are used as the ultimate tool to integrate into architectural and interior design projects. From the metal siding and ceiling to the metal roofing, pillar covers, and also the elevator lobby which are all designed to bring together both beauty and purpose, find out more about the variety of options.

    10 Best Ideas of Perforated Wall Design for Architectural Cladding | TBK Metal

    Metal Cladding

    Embellish architectural designs by using our flexible metal sheath system. Our claddings are made from a variety of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, and copper to enable designers to create exterior facades that look beautiful and remain durable while interior surfaces are stylish and perform better.

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    Perforated Metal Ceiling Panels | TBK Metal

    Metal Ceiling

    Bring out the best in your spaces as our metal ceiling systems come in different styles. Showcase gorgeous and versatile adorable ceiling tiles and panels that have been carefully molded using high-end materials, offering outstanding durability and limitless design possibilities to suit any architectural endeavor.

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    Aluminium Ceiling | Custom Architectural Metal Roofing Systems | TBK Metal - Top 10 Companies In China

    Metal Roofing

    Get the best of safety and style while our customized metal railings couple both. Step back to a full spectrum of designs that go from traditional and classical to the latest and trendy, all in one effort to lift people's houses - be that indoors or outdoors - with both beautification and high performance.

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    Stainless Steel Column Covers & Wraps | TBK Metal - Top Best 10 Manufacturers

    Metal Column

    Advance structural elements with our custom metal column coverings which are carefully tailored to improve architectural appearance. Select from a wide spectrum of finishes, textures, and forms that will make splendid assemblages with the overall design and result in an unforgettable visual impact.

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    Featured Image - Stainless Steel Elevator Door Panels | TBK Metal

    Elevator Inteirors & Doors

    Let us stealth elevate interiors and doors with tailor-made metal panels that provide both safety and style. With our customized designs, an elegant finish provides the aesthetics; yet the functionality and durability come first, enabling our customers to enjoy an effortless and well-founded elevator system.

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    Enhance your projects by using our innovative decorative metal panel systems. Whether it is sophisticated metal cladding, trendy ceilings, durable roofing, stylish column covers, or unique elevator interiors, the products we offer not only demonstrate the art of craftsmanship, versatility, and innovation but also add an aesthetic appeal with long-term effect.

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      Architectural Metal Panels

      Surface Finishes

      Decorative Metal Panels

      We propose that in the finish option segment of our metal panel systems, you can opt for a myriad of choices that will accommodate different design inclinations. Our range of colors includes trendy powder coatings in various tints, strong anodized finishes for durability, and original patina treatments that add distinctive character to buildings.

      Our finishes not only make beautiful sights but also benefit from the engineering that is intended to last irrespective of the environmental elements and this, in turn, implies low maintenance. Depending on whether you want sleek, shiny, or mellow, weathered finishes for your building, our metal panels will help you achieve what you dreamt of with style and longevity.

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        Metal Panel Systems

        Pattern Options

        A Wide Range of Pattern Options

        Pattern options for metal panel systems provide various styles for architectural and interior finishes. Our options range from geometric patterns to organic forms and bespoke designs according to project requirements. These rhythms modify the space, increasing dimension and complex visuals of ceilings, facades, and inner partitions, strengthening the design.

        With complex lattices to straight lines and modern metal panel patterns, we are suited to different styles and preferences. Whether you want a timeless look or a fashion-forward invention, our product will fit any style. Browse our catalog to see the impact that patterned metal panels can add to your architectural design, giving it a new look and character.

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          Features and Benefits

          Key Features of Decorative Metal Panel Systems

          Highlights in Architectural Applications

          Find high-end decorative metal panels designed with precision and utility. Discover extensive customization options especially designed to suit your particular project. Our dedication to sustainability guarantees you resilient, environmentally friendly products. Enjoy high-quality relenting and design innovations in our industry-top metal panel systems.

          Quality Craftsmanship

          Our custom metal panels were painstakingly created to display quality and strength at the highest level. We work with reputed vendors and master craftsmen to surpass all the standards in the industry, providing products of supreme superiority.

          Extensive Customization Options

          Customize our metal panels to your project's particular details. Select among various finishes, designs, and sizes to achieve the exact look and functionality. We closely cooperate with our clients to materialize the ideas of their dreams.

          Design Versatility

          We offer products that are highly adaptable for different applications, from the internal and external elevations, ceilings, and elevator walls. Study our metal panel systems which are used for both beauty and the design of the building.

          Sustainability Commitment

          We, in particular, value environmentalism, by designing recyclable metal sheets that are used in green buildings. Deciding on our products is taking care of nature not neglecting style or quality, and you get to be part of that future.

          Durability and Performance

          In our metal panel range, extraordinary durability is the baseline level as it is corrosion, weathering, and wear-proof. Can be used indoors or outdoors they're built to last so longevity and high performance are there for the long haul.

          Project Portfolio

          Find our many works, where our decorative metal panel systems were previously installed and were highly successful. These items have helped architecture design and provide excellent results both in commercial and residential buildings.

          Expert Consultation and Support

          Personalized support and advising are our goals, as such our team establishment is purposeful in order to achieve this result. It does not matter your queries' level of complexity, you only need to ask us, and we will guide you in every way.

          Industry Leading Warranty

          Trustworthiness of our A+ warranty. We stand for the quality of our metal panels, being sure for our clients and partners. Under our dedication to quality and performance, you can put your trust in long-term satisfaction and tranquility.

          Innovative Design Solutions

          Lead design trends with our new breakthrough metal panel systems. We are always researching and developing different techniques, finishes, and textures that help to stimulate ideas and take architectural design to the next level.

          Customer Satisfaction

          Customer satisfaction is the fundamental value of our company. The core of our business strategy is to provide the best possible products and services our customers will find outstanding. For us, customer satisfaction and delight come first.

          Our decorative metal panel is the highest in industry quality, customizability, and sustainability. We deliver various resilient and multifunctional solutions for every architectural need along with innovations and customer satisfaction. Have the courage to renew your room – check out the opportunities offered by metal panel systems on our site.

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            Design Inspiration and Trends

            Find out the breakthrough design inspiration and the most recent trends that confirm the capability of these decorative metal panel systems for function and aesthetics. From our focus on architectural design, inside environment, and public installations to showcase exhibits that will exhibit the full range of options that our panel solutions can bring.

            Innovation in Design

            Discuss the secession of architects and designers going beyond metal panel systems just to punch up interesting buildings. From cutting-edge terraces to flowing shapes, find out how metal panels are revolutionizing contemporary design.

            Sustainable Design Solutions

            Find out the eco-friendly designs using steel panel systems. Learn how sustainable materials like recyclable metals and creative construction procedures are producing environmentally friendly buildings all over the world.

            Integration of Technology

            Find the common areas between technology and design involved with smart metal panel systems. Get to learn more about the concepts of integrated lighting, interactive surfaces, and dynamic installations that reinvent spaces.

            Creative Applications

            Follow compelling stories of how metal panels are used to furnish commercial areas, homes, pieces of public art, and beyond. Find out about the unique ability of metal panels to be both functional and pleasing in appearance.

            Current Trends

            Remain relevant concerning the latest styles in decorative metal sheet molding. We will show how matters ranging from quiet textures to bold patterns develop minimalist metal to build contemporary and evergreen spaces.

            Customization and Personalization

            Brainstorm the options of curved or freshly cut metal panels. Illustrate how we and our clients work in a team to create tailored options that are just right for the unique vision and scope of a particular project, ultimately generating great results.

            Inspirational Projects

            Put the spotlight on amazing projects that show how metal panels can be an outstanding option for design and renovations. Discuss such applications from reality that stimulate creativity and innovation in the field of architecture.

            Future Directions

            Take a peek ahead into the decorative metal panel systems of the future. Explore the newest technologies, material and system innovations, and cutting-edge design methodologies that will form the way that we build environments of the future.

            Let the diverse applications and latest trends of decorative metal paneling systems be an inspiration to you for your new projects and watch how far its potential can reach in creating unique spaces. Ranging from straight lines of modern minimalism to more interesting patterns, our panels create a breathtaking room with high performance and durability.

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              Customization Options for Decorative Metal Panels

              The TBK Metal team understands that every architectural and interior design project is different. That’s the reason you can customize your decorative metal panels to suit your desired requirements. Our methodology for flexibility and creativity is a perfect match to collaborate with architects, designers, and project managers to express your ideas.

              Tailoring Designs to Your Requirements

              We can accommodate a large variety of customization options, ranging from different finishes like powder coating, anodizing, and special patinas to unique patterns and designs that are suitable for all variability of projects.

              Custom Sizes

              Match your requirements by altering the measurements to that of your space perfectly at whatever scale we are dealing with, ranging from large-scale exterior facades to intricate interior features.

              Unique Shapes

              Be creative and try different shapes than the ordinary straight panels to achieve an endless variety of design solutions that may perfectly blend with all kinds of architectural or interior design ideas.

              Bespoke Finishes

              Find a finish, texture, or color that suits your project's aesthetic and functional needs. We offer a wide selection of finishes, from timeless metallic colors to captivating shades and sturdy protective layers.

              Pattern Development

              Get together with the artisan fabric designers of our company to select unique motifs or breathe new life into an existent collection that is according to the aesthetics and the theme of your vital project.

              Collaborative Design Process

              Our work is based on symbiosis and communication during the customization process and your vision is fulfilled with absolute precision and satisfaction. Customization of the whole design process is your input.

              Consultative Approach

              We have a team with considerable experience. They will act with you with great consideration on your project goals, and timeline in addition to budget allowance.

              Design Assistance

              Based on our vast experience in metal panel systems, you can fully trust the achievement of coincidence of style and functionality through our assistance in the creation of the proper design.


              To ensure the matching mass production with precise prototypes, we view and revise every unique design beforehand, but in the end, we get a product that complies with the set standardization.

              Flexibility and Innovation

              To prototype we view and revise every custom design before we begin mass production while in the end, we get exactly the right, precise product that fits the standardization we set.

              Material Selection

              Move things to another level by adding up other metals from different options of stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and others which each specifies individual properties and unique appeal one can have.

              Integration with Other Materials

              Creating spectacular looks through the combination of metal panels with other elements including glass, wood, and stones are all the things that must be thought of in multi-material design patterns.

              Functional Adaptations

              Engage in the lighting feature that has components like perforation for acoustical management and enhancement together with your own installation that is specifically made according to your unique project.

              Bringing Your Vision to Reality

              Whether it is building a commercial space, a project for hospitality, or a residential, our customizable ornamental metal sheets will assist you in tailoring designs that speak of excellence and leave a fine taste of art in the mouth of the beholder.

              Together with us, you can materialize your distinct concepts into unique sceneries with our multifaceted palette of custom options for you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and share your project/application needs. We are ready to add a creative dimension to it through our aesthetically pleasing metal panel systems.

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                Environmental Impact and Sustainability

                Through our highly capable decorative metal panel systems, TBK Metal intends to support the preservation of ecological diversity and stability. Not only do we comprehend, but we also understand the value of sustainable practices in the modern construction and architectural industry. Here’s how our product will give you the chance to be green.

                Sustainable Materials

                We divert our attention to green materials in this specific field, and that means using recycled metals such as aluminum and stainless steel which are not new resources. We manage production with a small waste and low energy consumption.


                The panels of our metal products can easily be re-used at their end-of-life to embody the concepts of Circular Economy and to avoid landfill waste. This pledge flows with sustainable construction practices and LEED standards.

                Energy Efficiency

                Metal panel systems improve the thermal comfort of buildings and in this way cut the energy related to heating and cooling. It results in reduced energy use and carbon emission enabling a sustainable environment.

                Low Environmental Impact Finishes

                Our wide range of finishes is VOC-free and therefore reduces the impact on the environment. Picking such components that are not only visually appealing but also durable guarantees sustainability while maintaining high quality.

                LEED Contributions

                Our decorative metal cladding systems meet the requirements for LEED certification of green buildings, the MR points category, and also the Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ), which leads to sustainability in construction projects.

                Commitment to Green Practices

                We continuously improve our manufacturing processes to keep our greenhouse gas emissions low. TBK’s metal panels allow for making sustainable design choices aimed at the creation of green buildings and ethical building processes.

                Let us get together to work towards a green environment run by our pioneering and ecologically aware approaches to the decorative metal medical panel system. With all of us on the same page, we can change the way we design and construct the environment in the direction forward and sustainable.

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