Durability & Aesthetic Appeal

Bonded Metal Sheets

With Textured Finishes
BM0001 - Bonded Metal Sheets with Textured Finishes | TBK Metal

Our bonded metal sheets, which have fascinating textures, can enhance your space. These aluminum, stainless steel, or copper sheets flawlessly blend attractive aesthetics with long-lasting quality. Choose glossy epoxy for a chic finish or UV-resistant acrylic for versatility.

Explore boundless potential designs with our range of customizable metal sheets, available in various sizes and thicknesses. Discover the symphony between texture and metal; use laminate adhesive to easily change surfaces, and use bonded metal to redefine both usefulness and appearance.

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    A Wide Range of Styles

    Pattern Options

    With Creative Designs

    Discover thousands of possibilities from an incredible assortment of designer textures on metallic sheets. Whether it’s complex motifs or striking geometric shapes, our extensive selection of patterns lets you venture out and explore in whichever direction your sense of style dictates.

    Whether it’s the customized matte appeal of Acrylic Coating or the sleek beauty of Epoxy Coating, choose from a spectrum of finishes that go beyond conventional expectations. Elevate your spaces with textures that tell a story, transforming surfaces into unique expressions of artistry and style.

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      Technical Details


      Unlock the world of design flexibility with our textured metal sheets. Craft exquisite surfaces for diverse applications by customizing your selections among a variety of substrates, coatings, sizes, and thicknesses, guaranteeing seamless installations with ease and precision.

      Substrate Options: Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Copper, Bronze, and other metals
      Coating Options: Epoxy Coating or Acrylic Coating
      Standard Size: 4” * 8” (1220mm * 2440mm), customizable
      Thickness Range: 2 – 18 mm, customizable
      Applications: Wall Panels, Reception Desk, Tables, and Interiors & Exteriors
      Installation: Attach with laminate adhesive
      For Interiors & Exteriors


      Explore our Amazing Designs

      With bonded metal sheets, which include a variety of alluring textures, you can make your design visions a gorgeous reality. Whether it’s eye-catching wall panels, welcoming reception desks, elegant tables, or breathtaking interior and exterior applications, our sheets redefine versatility and innovation.

      Enjoy the elegance of these premium substrates that are produced to your exact specifications for thickness and size. For a lasting impression, add a striking combination of metal and texture to your area. With laminate adhesive, installation is simple, and endless creative possibilities arise.

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        Creative Design

        Experience design like never before with our Textured Metal Sheets, artfully coated in your choice of glossy epoxy or versatile acrylic finishes. Crafted for creativity, these sheets redefine aesthetics and functionality. From walls to furniture, indoors to out, let your imagination run wild. Elevate spaces effortlessly with easy installation. Choose your canvas, express your style, and watch as texture and coating intertwine to create stunning visual masterpieces.


        Perfect craftsmanship is demonstrated by our textured coatings on joined metal sheets. Each sheet is a masterwork of accuracy and artistry, painstakingly planned and executed. Our craftsmen create surfaces that are captivating and redefine sophistication by ensuring a flawless union of metal and texture from substrate selection to the finishing touch. Add a dash of exquisite craftsmanship to your ideas to elevate them and create magical, inspiring settings.

        Epoxy Coating vs. Acrylic Coating

        Options for Coating Materials

        Epoxy Coating vs. Acrylic Coating

        With our comparison table, you can easily navigate among the coating possibilities. Epoxy Coating offers glossy durability, ideal for high-end applications. The matte finish of Acrylic Coating provides outstanding indoor UV protection. Choose the ideal fit depending on your needs for upkeep, aesthetics, and usage to make sure your design concept is realized flawlessly.

        AspectEpoxy CoatingAcrylic Coating
        FinishGlossy, glass-like shineMatte, customizable
        DurabilityExcellent wear and tear resistanceGood durability
        UV ResistanceModerateExcellent UV protection
        Aesthetic OptionsLimited color and texture variationsWide range of customizations
        Color ConsistencyHigh color consistencyVariable color consistency
        ApplicationSuitable for indoor and outdoor useIdeal for indoor applications
        InstallationRequires careful application due to glossy finishEasier application
        VersatilitySuitable for various design stylesVersatile for different looks
        UsageHigh traffic areas, high-end applicationsVersatile interior designs
        Recommended ForProjects requiring premium aestheticsDiverse design preferences

        Note: Choose the ideal coating based on your project’s specific requirements and desired aesthetics.

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          Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Coppers ...

          Material Options

          for Substrate of Textured Metal Sheets

          Discover the wide array of substrate choices that are available for creating textured metal sheets; each one will add a certain quality and personality to your design endeavors. Explore the materials that inspire your creative ideas, from the classic beauty of Stainless Steel to the inviting warmth of Copper.

          Stainless Steel

          Among the materials of choice for contemporary design is stainless steel. The property of resisting rust makes it a good choice for indoors and outdoors. The shiny surface provides another compelling interaction of light and texture to the whole picture.


          Copper lends your designs a classic air of refinement with its rich, reddish-brown attractiveness. Adding a touch of grandeur to interior spaces because as it elegantly ages, a distinctive patina enhances its charm and personality.


          Aluminum is light and corrosion-resistant, giving designers freedom. Interesting surfaces and optical effects can be achieved, as well as the ability to highlight fascinating natural silver glitter with a range of treatments.


          Bring in some grandeur and historical details with the Bronze. Bold statement pieces are drawn to it because of its deep brown tones and historical significance, which lend current designs a vintage feel.


          Brass is the greatest substrate since it combines strength and beauty for textured metal sheets. The perfect material for artistic works, its golden tint imparts warmth and its malleability provides the canvas for rich patterns.

          Corten Steel

          Unlike any other material, Corten Steel is intriguing and has a weathered, rust-like appearance that gives your projects a raw, industrial character. Its distinct aging process gives exteriors more dynamism.

          Instead, a space becomes a unique sensory environment by virtue of the interplaying of different material elements. The creation of a harmonious experience depends much upon deliberate consideration and involvement in visual as well as tactile terms. You can use them as your canvas whereby your creativity will fly either towards a bold look or light touch.

          Benefits in Exterior & Interior Applications

          Highlight Of Bonded Metal Sheets

          With Textured Finishes

          Explore a fantastic assortment of Bonded Metal Sheets featuring exquisite, textured exteriors. Gorgeous items up top combine functionality and beauty to turn your space into a work of art. Now let’s look at the many advantages these sheets provide for both interior and outdoor design projects.

          Aesthetic Excellence

          Textured finishes add subtle dimensions and personality to your designs that go beyond what is immediately apparent. Your space will seem even more intriguing because of the way light and texture interact to draw people in and spark interesting discussions.

          Durability Redefined

          These are some great quality sheets made using the selected grade of the premium substrate and their toughness makes it last quite long. These durable features allow you peace of mind that your ideas will hold up in the most difficult exterior conditions as well as demanding high-traffic interiors.

          Customization Unleashed

          Our painstakingly customized bonded metal sheets are available in a wide range of substrates, dimensions, and thicknesses. This adaptability gives you the freedom to produce designs that are unique and wholly representative of your artistic vision.

          Effortless Maintenance

          Experience the joy that comes with hassle-free upkeep; this is what makes this product unique; quality and longevity are not sacrificed for the sake of appearance, nor do they fade away with use.

          Coating Choices

          The choice is between the strong matt surface and the excellent UV resistance of acrylic coating, or the opulent appeal of epoxy finishing. That will determine your timeless appeal.

          Installation Ease

          Add some visual appeal to your space with an easy-to-use yet effective laminar-based sticker! It guarantees smooth installation as it gives your home an attractive charm that radiates with classy style and elegance.

          Lasting Impressions

          An attractive combination of meticulously selected metal and complex textures allows for memory engraving power among the observers having such sheets. This shows how magnetic their alluring beauty is such that it will even linger long after initial encountering with them.

          Sustainable Brilliance

          For your environmentally responsible design, think about including these fashionable and eco-friendly bonded metal sheets. These mesh nicely with modern design ideas that promote an environmentally friendly way of living in a lovely world.

          Versatility Personified

          Wall panels' commanding presence, reception desks' inviting charm, tables' practical elegance, or the capacity to blend in with both indoor and outdoor environments are just a few examples of how these sheets work so well with a variety of design ideas.

          Artistry and Craftsmanship

          This is what marks out a skillful arrangement and perfection in design, and that each sheet has been done by hand - this is the signature of art. It exalts your interiors to make them appear like refined elegant sophistication with a timeless classic beauty.

          Bonded Metal Sheets with Textured Finishes are not just sheets; they are gateways to design innovation and sophistication. Elevate your work, enthrall your audience, and lose yourself in these sheets’ flawless fusion of style and utility. With this amazing design option, you may redefine rooms and leave your creative stamp.

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            Frequently Asked Questions


            Frequently Asked Questions

            Get key take-aways on new Revolutionary bonded metal sheets with stunning texture finishes. These FAQs cover everything from usage options and personalized touches right through to long-term durability and simple maintenance; offering the comprehensive guide you need to dive into the world of innovative design and precision workmanship with confidence.

            A1: These carefully planned bonded metal sheets comprise among other substrates such as aluminum, stainless steel, and copper. The texture of their finished products creates a feeling of uniqueness on otherwise unremarkable surfaces just as magical alchemy turns an everyday life area into something interesting.

            A2: The magnetic tactile attraction of textured metal sheets makes them an easy choice over standard patterns. Pretty wall panels, eye-catching welcome desks, and opulent tables are just a few examples of how to change the visual aspects of various areas to give each physical location a distinct character.

            A3: A textured finish, however, does not just stop at aesthetic values but tells stories in the form of visual appeal that it leaves for memories. These finishes go beyond just being attractive. Their durability allows one to customize them according to their own unique designs. Artistic expression and careful workmanship combine so seamlessly that the impact is everlasting.

            A4: They can withstand practically any typical beating and are constructed really well from high-quality metals, even in extremely severe weather. They have a very good chance of blending in with the throng and performing well in the woods if they choose this route.

            A5: The flexible bonded metal sheets for which I am talking are available in different widths and thicknesses, thus special designs that address any demand in every project can be achieved. There are so many options on offer that your design will be suitable for its purpose and attractive, not just structural sound.

            A6: Consider the exquisite possibilities that are available to you before making your decision: either the Acrylic Coating which comes with a stylish but sophisticated matte look or the Epoxy coating which looks good on its own without needing external effects such as sunlight coming through the windows and ultraviolet effect. You can be sure that your choice will reflect your unique sense of style.

            A7: A robust, smooth-bonding specialist laminate glue is applied on the selected surface to affix rough metal sheets neatly. This technique takes care of both appearance and efficiency since it leads to an extremely easy, simple, and effortless process during installation.

            A8: Bonded metal sheets are still alive, and this charm survives time just a light polishing every now and then. They have a quiet nobility founded on their own antiquity, and if well-employed for daily wearing they shall be better than them, those are more excellent.

            A9: Flexibility is inherent in the textured-metal sheets which can never fail to impress. It blends remarkably with numerous interior as well as external designs. It is a kind of art that stitches together exciting yet meaningless and fashionable trips.

            A10: Yes, the application of textured finishes looks catchy while proving sincerity towards sustainable development. Such a design philosophy is modern and shows classiness without being hostile toward environmental issues. It expertly combines aesthetic beauty and ecological sensitivity.

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