Sheet Metal Installation Services

Sheet metal installation served by the TBK installation team presents the final metalwork that can achieve their designed effects and expected utilities. And with our overall solution of services, customers can have their architectural projects completed with peace of mind and without extra cost and effort. The installation team of TBK Metal consists of skilled and experienced experts who have served sheet metal installation at the site of the project both domestically and abroad for many years. And they work closely with the staff of other divisions such as designers, engineers, fabricators, and event other relevant people who get involved in the projects, so they all have the practical knowledge on how to process installation smoothly and efficiently to meet aesthetic and practical requirements.

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As our company handles a wide range of install operations for various different projects, the installation members are grouped into different independent operation teams for different projects. Each of these working groups comes with a senior project manager, on-site engineers, on-site operation leader, and experienced installers. Our sheet metal installation teams operate closely with the designers, fabricators, and contractors in order to locate all materials in right place and ensure that the projects can be completed in time.

TBK metal performs sheet metal installation in compliance with the industrial standards of safety and health, which can ensure our staff is working in conditions without risks of injury and health. Our installation members always work in concert with each other to help maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness for the projects. The installers at TBK Metal always complete projects, which are difficult & challenging, as most of our projects come with custom requirements and complicated structures. Though it’s a challenging task, they always can find the perfect solution to overcome it.

For quick sheet metal installation on site, all our metal products are prefabricated with design for rapid installation, which can ensure all materials and accessories are instantly located into place and perfectly fit the structure and style of the project. With an intelligent design, which is set as our fabrication standard, that allows on-side installers to simply and conveniently have their installation tasks completed.

In addition to serving sheet metal installation processes on the side, TBK Metal also can help contractors or other partners develop their own installation team, and teach them our metal product designs and installation systems for efficient installation. Now, contact TBK Metal for business cooperation.

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    Sheet Metal Installation For Architectural Projects

    With our overall custom sheet metal solutions, we can fabricate a wide range of structural and decorative sheet metal products for architectural projects, such as facade cladding, roofing, fencing, ceiling, dividing screen, railing, etc. Our architectural sheet metal installation service allows you to improve your project with both functionalities aesthetic elements, which can withstand the atrocious climate and other complicated conditions for durable long-lasting utilities.

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      Not only the structure of the project, but we also need to consider its aesthetic elements when comes to metal sheet fabrication works. So we need to pay more attention to the visual impulse and functionalities in commercial or residential buildings such as apartments, stores, offices, hotel lobbies, restaurants, and more. Imagine that as creating a fantastic world with metal to improve your space with your creative designs.

      What To Consider For Sheet Metal Installation

      Sheet metal is widely used for architectural and decorative projects as it is the most durable type of materials, it’s resistant to corrosion for long-lasting uses. The exterior of building installed with sheet metal can reflect the sunray away from the wall. In addition to many functional properties, building decorated with sheet metal products can present aesthetic appearance and art style. However, while choosing metal sheet products to achieve these functions and effects, it requires a proper and specialized sheet metal installation to get the project completed.

      If you intend to use sheet metal products for your architectural projects, here are are some considerations you need to take for the sheet metal installation.

      Specific Application

      Know what you’re using sheet metal for, and which type you’ll use. The cost of metal products is determined by some different factors such as material type, engineering process, or fabrication process. Sheet metal system with complex structures or high customization level will increase its cost, but it may provides users with longer lasting.

      Research & Prepare

      To find the best way for you sheet metal installation be for purchasing a large batch materials, it’s essential to prepare and make research how your desires are. Make sure that your sheet metal application will match the standard of your area’s climate and other conditions.

      Proper Estimations

      To avoid mess and exceeding budget during sheet metal installation, it’s necessary to make accurate and correct measurements & estimations for the sheet metal application before the installation. It’s essential to ask your contractors or suppliers to arrange a well trained engineer or installer to calculate and make an precise estimation.

      Have The Proper Fasteners

      It’s crucial to have your substrate material fastened properly, so it’s necessary to get the right fasteners to get this done. Particular for exterior application, you need to make sure that the fasteners has the climate resilience to withstand the severe weather condition. Low-quality contractors or installers may try to use the inferior fasteners or accessories to minimize their costs.

      Painting Without Using A Sprayer

      If your sheet metal products need to be painted on site, a sprayer is not suggested to be used, particularly for the items used for exterior application, as the air flow can cause the paint sprayed out easily to drift and distribute unevenly on the surface. For this situation, a paint roller will be better to ensure the sheet be covered evenly by the paint.

      Hire Proper Experts For Installation

      As sheet metal installation requires some techniques and experiences to complete, so don’t try to do this by yourself. Hiring a qualified installing experts is the best solution to ensure your roofing is properly installed and used as long as possible.

      Make A Maintenance Schedule

      Making a schedule for routine maintenance is necessary as it can ensure your metal roofing to last as long as possible. Though the suppliers may offer you some warranties, which are the attractive point for buyer, but the service period is not unlimited, and most part of the warranty only cover the defects products.

      Choose A Supplier With Overall Service

      Not every contractor know well how to install sheet metal. It will be better to find a qualified supplier with overall solution if you want to save effort on sheet metal installation, including installation service. Cooperating with a supplier with both fabrication and installation will maximumly meet your requirements and lower your costs.

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