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Sheet Metal Installation Services

For Architectural Projects All Over The World

It is TBK’s installation team that becomes responsible for making sure that all the sheet metals are put in the right position, creating the planned design and function. We supply our customers with all-encompassing services guaranteeing that they have a smooth, entirely done, architectural project that is none fragmented, has no extra cost, and just has peace of mind throughout the process.

TBK Metal’s installation crew consists of the most competent and highly knowledgeable professionals with the highest level of domestic and international sheet metal installation. They work closely together with designers, engineers, fabricators, and other project stakeholders; this guarantees issue-free installation that will meet aesthetic and practical needs.

Sheet Metal Installation Services For Architectural Projects | TBK Metal

Our company orchestrates the installation operations across projects, creating team-based modules that entail independent groups led by a senior project manager, on-site engineers, operation leaders, and expert installers. Our sheet metal department works together with engineers, fabricators, and contractors to produce the work on time and in the agreed location.

TBK Metal provides sheet metal installation following industrial safety regulations which are quite reliable in their ability to keep an injury-free environment. During the installation process, our installers work tightly together to optimize project output and cost competitiveness. Although solving the most complex custom project is what they prefer, they continuously find the best solution.

Installation is performed very fast on-site with a prefabricated metal product with a focus on easy assembly. It ensures uninterrupted operation, making the data sing perfectly in harmony with project requirements. Our standard design in fabrication helps make the site installation work simpler, and this encourages the completion of all tasks well and smoothly.

In addition to serving sheet metal installation processes on the side, TBK Metal also can help contractors or other partners develop their own installation team, and teach them our metal product designs and installation systems for efficient installation. Now, contact TBK Metal for business cooperation.

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    Innovative Design & Premium Quality

    Sheet Metal Installation for Architectural Projects​

    Serve projects with innovative design and premium quality

    Through our complete custom sheet metal service, we achieve the production of various functional and decorative sheet metal items as a part of architectural projects which comprise facade cladding, roofing, fencing, ceilings, screens, and balustrades. Our installation know-how enhances projects with tough solutions that are crush-resistant and suitable for both harsh climates and challenging conditions, blending functionality with aesthetics.

    Not only the structure of the project, but we also need to consider its aesthetic elements when comes to metal sheet fabrication works. So we need to pay more attention to the visual impulse and functionalities in commercial or residential buildings such as apartments, stores, offices, hotel lobbies, restaurants, and more. Imagine that as creating a fantastic world with metal to improve your space with your creative designs.

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      What to Consider for Sheet Metal Installation

      It is most commonly used in architecture and decoration because of its amazing strength and the fact that it is corrosion resistant thus saving longevity. It does for building facades the function of reflecting sunlight and contributing to the betterment of the images. The establishment of these benefits indeed requires accurate, and in some cases, special sheet metal installation to culminate the project.

      Specific Application

      You should be aware of your sheet metal aims and select the right one. The metal costs consist of material, design, and fabrication. More complex and/or customized solutions cost more but they do yield overtime and provide specific benefits.

      Research & Prepare

      Before the acquisition of a big lot of sheet metal for installation, investigation and preparation along your specific rales is an indispensable thing to do. See to it that the broad gauge of sheet metal complements the natural and climatic needs of the place.

      Proper Estimations

      To not be in a situation of overspending and a bad sheet metal installation a prior budget and measurements should be done. Arrange it in such a way that your contractors or suppliers would handle the calculation of the true amount as well as the estimation.

      Have The Proper Fasteners

      The substruction should be tightened well as well. Find the fasteners that are perfect for your exterior conditions, against the harshest weather, and hold up in cold. Avoid shady contractors which use low-quality materials to cut costs.

      Painting Without Using A Sprayer

      To paint sheet metal products on the site, do not use air spray, especially the exterior ones as airflow can result in inconsistent deposition of the paint. On the contrary, the rolling paint is used to get a more even layer coverage of sheet metal.

      Hire Proper Experts For Installation

      For instance, installing sheet metal calls for special skills but you should not think that you can do it on your own. For instance, installing sheet metal calls for special skills but you should not think that you can do it on your own.

      Make A Maintenance Schedule

      Coming up with a maintenance plan is regarded as a key element in making the metal roof stay for longer periods. The suppliers might give warranties that cover defects of the product but this underlines the importance of routine service.

      Choose A Supplier With Overall Service

      The selection of a skillful company in the case of sheet metal installation is a system furnishes for sheet metal. Sides will be the backbone of your project and the right place will be a nice piece of art that a construction method pattern places.

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