Innovative Design & Premium Quality

Sheet Metal Engineering Services

For Architectural Projects All Over The World

The engineering department of TBK Metal acts as its key division which is always ready to present system solutions of sophisticated architectural tasks. This high output increases fabrication efficiency, getting fair metal products and reliable installation for smooth development. Our engineering system of sheet metal improves service efficiency and thereby enhances market competitiveness.

Sheet Metal Engineering Services For Architectural Projects | TBK Metal

The engineering team of TBK Metal provides complete system solutions that benefit a complex architectural environment by optimizing fabrication output for the delivery of top-grade metal products and unproblematic installations with the due execution. By using sheet metal engineering technology, our service performance becomes more robust and our marketing position is better.

TBK Metal has developed and maintained a broad customer base that consists of contractors, architects, designers, engineers, and project owners. We, as a company, deliver complete solutions starting from conceptualization and manufacture to the installation phase. It enables us to engage until the end of the project with understanding and ability to do it properly.

Our sheet metal engineering team gives affordable solutions that allow us to save on project expenses without diminishing quality. Besides the contribution that our engineering evaluations bring to simplifying operations and improving project efficiency. This allows for saving money and efforts that can then be redirected somewhere else or project profit increase.

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    Services & Solutions

    Design Service

    With our rational design, a project can be smoothly completed with efficiency and cost-effectiveness, this eventually provides cost savings and increase the profit for the ...

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    Fabrication Service

    TBK Metal specializes in offering custom sheet metal fabrication services to meet the specific requirements of clients. In addition to fabrication service, we provide architects, ...

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    Finishing Service

    After sheet metals are fabricated, including stainless steel, aluminium, and other metal products, it’s also important to be further processed with some surface finishes ...

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    Installation Services

    Sheet metal installation served by the TBK installation team presents the final metalwork that can achieve their designed effects and expected utilities. And with our ...

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    Innovative Design & Premium Quality

    Sheet Metal Engineering for Architectural Projects​

    Serve projects with innovative design and premium quality

    The charm of buildings that offer at the same time beauty and convenience is the one that captivates the viewers. TBK’s premium decorative sheet metal products and design innovation are the main factors in it. Our engineering team guarantees the common objects and project continuity, the transformation of visions to desired realities despite challenges, benefiting from extensive experience and creative solutions.

    The engineering team of TBK Metal does feasibility studies of the projects and they design them according to the specifications of the projects and also simplify their development. They design architectural sheet metal products in which aesthetics and functionality are the main ideas for applications of homes, offices, hotels, malls, and hospitals. Personalized and resilient, they are covers, railing, roofing, etc.

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