Decorative Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet Metal

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Decorative perforated stainless steel sheet is designed with numerous opening holes, which are fabricated by applying punching or pressing process. Processing perforated stainless steel sheet metal is very flexible and easy to handle. The patterns of opening holes can be versatilely designed as a variety of shapes such as circle, rectangle, triangle, ellipse, diamond, or other irregular shapes. Additionally, the opening size of hole, the distance between holes, the method of punching the holes, and more, all these effects can be achieved according to your imagination and idea. The opening patterns on the perforated SS sheet present a highly aesthetic and attractive appearance, and it can reduce excessive sunlight and keep the air flowing, so these factors are the reason why such a material is widely popular to be used for architecture and decoration, such as privacy screens, cladding, window screens, stair railing panels, etc.

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    Optional Colors & Finishes

    Metal sheets are generally finished with their natural metallic color. However, different surface finishes and colors can present different styles and effects to match different needs and requirements. Our decorative perforated sheet metal is in a wide range of color options, which are processed with different finishing methods, and they can create a visual impact in your interior or exterior space to make people impressed. All these marvelous elements can improve your space with appealing aesthetics. In addition to the decorative purpose, the finishing material can be a protective layer to help enhance its resistance to wear and corrosion.

    With regard to the surface treatments for decorative perforated sheet metal, there are commonly 2 process methods that include anodizing and powder coating. Each of them has their own properties to achieve different effects. Below are some brief information about these finishing methods for consumers to choose a suitable one to meet their desired styles.

    Anodized finish is a processing combination of electrolytic & chemical, it can help process the metal surface with a layer of natural oxide layer, which can make the appearance with decorative effect, and improve its resistance to corrosion and oxidation. Aluminium is the most proper substrate for anodizing, anodizing process can perfectly generate a tough protective layer of aluminium oxide on the surface, unlike other finishing types such as plating or painting, it’s not easy to peel and chip.


    • The anodizing layer on the surface is resistant to severe weather.
    • The anodizing material is durable and tough, and not easy to wear and peal off.
    • When the anodizing is being processed, some elements can be added in to give it more colors available.
    • The anodizing layer can be the under layer for the surface enhancement.

    Powder coated finish is processed with a dry finishing process that are commonly used for metal surface treatment. When a low electric current is running through the sheet metal, the powdered polymer coating is sprayed on the metal surface, the coating material forms a bond when it come through an electrostatic process, then quickly cured with heat to be a hard and colored layer. Powder coating provides many functional properties and rich color options for aesthetic effects.


    • The color and appearance of powder coating can be retained originally for long time.
    • The layer of powder coating is much thicker than other traditional paintings, and it’s more tough and evenly distributed.
    • Materials for powder coating are environmentally-friendly as it releases nearly no volatile organic compounds into the air.
    • A wide variety of color options are available to help metal achieve stunning and eye-catching appearance.

    Notes: powder coated finish doesn’t suit all types of metals.

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      Standard:JIS, AiSi, ASTM, GB, DIN, EN.
      Thickness:0.3 mm – 3.0 mm.
      Width:1000mm, 1219mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, Customized.
      Length:2000mm, 2438mm, 2500mm, 3000mm, 3048mm, Customized.
      SS Grade:304, 316, 201, 430, etc.
      Technique:Cold Rolled.
      Finish:Anodized, Brushed, Satin, Powder Coated, Sandblasted, etc.
      Colors:Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Champagne, Copper, Black, Blue.
      Edge:Mill, Slit.
      Applications:Privacy Screens, Cladding, Partitions, Railing Panels, Fencings,
      Packing:PVC + Waterproof  Paper + Wooden Package.

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        Perforated stainless steel sheets are commonly used for architectural projects and refurbishments because some of its unique properties make it suitable for decorative and structural applications, which include fencing, dividing screens, balcony screens, wall cladding, railing panels, ceiling, pergola roofing, etc. The opening holes on the sheets not only allow ventilation and broad vision, but also regulate and reduce the excessive sunlight from outside, so it’s an ideal material to be used as a screen to enclose and shield interior spaces.

        Application - Perforated Metal Sheet Metal | TBK Metal

        Perforated Cladding

        The benefits of perforated metal cladding panels for architecture include their aesthetics and durability. They are also recyclable, which means less waste. You can choose a light-gauge metal and install the panels horizontally or vertically. They can also give your design an open, sleek appearance. Architectural designers use perforated aluminium cladding panels for a variety of applications. They combine multiple functions and provide privacy and protect buildings from the effects of changeable weather conditions.

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          Perforated Stainless Steel Screen Panels For Security & Privacy | TBK Metal

          Perforated Screen

          Decorative perforated metal screen panels are a great way to add elegance and style to a room without the hassles of using curtains or window treatments. They come in a variety of colors and designs and can be used in various applications, including facades, feature walls, balcony, and stair railings, privacy screens, dividing panels, and shading panels. Decorative perforated metal can be made from aluminum, copper, or other metals and is widely used in architectural & decorative applications.

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            Perforated Metal Ceiling Panels & Tiles | TBK Metal

            Perforated Ceiling

            Perforated metal ceilings are a stylish option for your commercial interior design project. They offer a variety of benefits, including sound absorption and decoration. You can even conceal wires and sprinkler systems under them. Perforations in the ceiling are also perfect for adding ambiance with lights. Choose perforations in light materials to make them last longer. Light-colored materials are recommended, as they can withstand heavy traffic and prevent dents. Minimally perforated metal ...

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              Perforated stainless steel sheet can help the house create a shade and keep the interior space ventilated, all these can help regulate the interior temperature in a comfortable condition, and make the house eco-friendly and energy saving. Furthermore, it has a acoustic property, so it also pay a major role in controlling the noise for outside. The numerous perforated holes can be designed with a diversity of particular sizes and shapes, which look like a mesh when view from a distance, with some special alignments of the opening holes on the metal sheet, they can form some exclusive patterns that look artistic and aesthetic.

              Options For Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet

              In addition to perforated stainless steel sheets, there are various other types of decorative stainless steel sheets. All of them can bring you added value, such as aesthetic appearance, corrosion resistance, durability, and more. But different options of surface finishes provide different properties, performances, and processing costs, so it’s so critical to consider your specific needs when choosing the suitable surface finishes for your stainless steel sheet.

              Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet | TBK Metal - Top 10 Manufacturers

              Mirrored Stainless Steel

              Mirror finish stainless steel sheet is also named mirror-polished stainless steel sheet, which is processed with a non-directional and high-gloss polished #8 finish (BA, 2B) to remove the scratches, grooves, or dents on the surface, which can make it ...

              More Details

              Brushed Hairline Stainless Steel Sheet | TBK Metal - Top 10 Manufacturers In China

              Brushed Stainless Steel

              The surface texture of brushed finish stainless steel sheet looks like straight hair, so it’s also known as a hairline stainless steel sheet. The hairline grain is processed by applying the #4 finishing technique, which dully polishes with a metal bristle brush ...

              More Details

              Sandblasted Metal Sheet | Aluminium Finishes | TBK Metal

              Sandblasted Stainless Steel

              Sandblasting process is that the metal surface is hit by some abrasive materials (such as sand, walnut shells, metal soda ash, etc.) which are forced at high speeds to clean and treat the surfaces. The surface of the metal sheet or plate comes with an unique bead ...

              More Details

              Etched Stainless Steel Sheet | Etched Metal Sheet | TBK Metal

              Etched Stainless Steel

              Etched metal plate is also known as engraved metal sheet, as the engraved patterns and designs on it are achieved with etching method, which is a chemical process. This type of fabrication is widely used for various decoration and furniture ...

              More Details

              Custom Water Ripple Stainless Steel Sheet | TBK Metal - Top 10 Manufacturers

              Water Ripple Stainless Steel

              TBK Metal provides a diverse range of water ripple stainless sheets & metal sheets, which come with an exclusive style that looks like a water ripple effect. They are all appealing, functional, and durable, used in a variety of applications such as ceilings, ...

              More Details

              Anodized Metal Sheet | Metal Surface Finishes | TBK Metal

              Anodized Stainless Steel

              Anodizing finish is a processing combination of electrolytic & chemical, it can help process the metal surface with a layer of natural oxide layer, which can make the appearance with decorative effect, and improve its resistance to corrosion ...

              More Details

              Embossed Metal Sheet | Decorative Patterned Sheet Metal | TBK Metal

              Embossed Stainless Steel

              Embossed metal sheet is a decorative type of metal sheet fabricated with a embossing process that leaves concave-convex patterns and designs. When embossed metal sheets are fabricated, the metal sheets pass through between a ...

              More Details

              CNC Laser Cut Stainless Steel Sheet | TBK Metal - Top 10 Manufacturer

              Laser Cut Stainless Steel

              The laser cut stainless steel and metal sheets are precisely cut by our advanced CNC laser cutting technique. In addition to the stainless steel sheet, we can fabricate laser-cut patterns on other types of metal sheets such as aluminium and ...

              More Details

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                For corrosion resistance and durable purposes, the decorative stainless steel sheet would be better than other material types. It’s not only suitable for a variety of architectural purposes but also can be customized according to the customer’s specified requirements. The patterns of the embossing or opening hole in decorative sheet metal & plate are fabricated by the process type and the shape of the mold. As a custom-made metal fabricator, TBK metal provides various surface finishing services that are suitable for different metal types, including stainless steel, aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, and so on.

                What Is Decorative Perforated Sheet Metal? And How Is It Processed?

                The decorative metal perforated sheet is a thin and flat type of metal material with numerous small patterned holes, which are processed by punching or stamping machines. With such a fabrication technology, plain sheet metal can be transformed into a perforated metal with some eye-catching patterns that consist of a huge number of punched holes. There are some metal types available to be used for decorative perforated sheet metal, such as stainless steel, aluminium, copper, cold rolled steel, etc. Each of them comes with different properties and benefits, you can choose the proper one for your projects according to your specified purposes and budget.

                The perforated holes can be processed by some different methods, the most common way is die-and-punch perforating, the facility with needles is continually pressed onto the metal sheet when it keep moving through the machine, that creates opening holes into the metal sheet. The die-and-punch perforating is a high-efficiency process and it has the ability to process a large piece of metal sheet at high speed.

                Another method is applying laser cutting machine, which is an advanced and efficient method, this method can precisely process a metal sheet with some intricate patterns, particularly for the irregular holes with different sizes, shapes, and arrangements. Perforation processed by laser technology is more expensive, but it can provide an accurate and consistent effects, and it’s much more efficient.

                Material Options

                There are 2 grades of stainless steel sheets that are commonly used for perforation process, and they are generally defined according to their proportion of alloying composition. They all have common features such as durability and resistance to rust, corrosion, and stain. However, there are still a few slightly different properties between these grades. There are two common grades of stainless steel sheets (304 and 316L) that we commonly used for mirror polished finish as below:

                304 Stainless Steel Sheet

                Grade 304 is the most widely used type of stainless steel sheet metal that we usually find in various commercial applications, 304 stainless steel sheet has resistance to rust and corrosion, and it’s a fire-proof and heat-resistance material as it comes with a high melting point, and the surface finished with mirror finish is easy to clean and requires low maintenance. 304 stainless steel with a polished surface is a versatile type of material be widely used for bathroom ceilings, walls, kitchen sinks, backsplashes, food equipment, and so on.

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                  316L Stainless Steel Sheet

                  For further enhancing the ability to resist corrosion and oxidation, stainless steel of grade 316L is the most ideal one, and it’s regarded as marine grade stainless steel. The letter “L” means LOW CONTENT of carbon, which is lower than 0.03%, which has the better properties of easy welding and resistance to rust and corrosion. 316 stainless steel sheet with BA, 2B finish is generally used for the facade, and other indoor and outdoor decorative applications, tools and facilities for food, and any application that highly require resistance.

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                    Benefits Of Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet

                    The decorative perforated sheet metal has been used in industrial and commercial for more than 100 years, and now it has become an important element used for architectural and decorative applications. The reason why the perforated metal sheet is so popular is that it has some beneficial properties, which can meet many needs for both practical and ornamental purposes in construction. Now, let’s learn some benefits of perforated stainless steel sheets as below:

                    Aesthetic Appeal

                    The geometric patterns of perforated sheet can be formed by numerous perforated holes in different sizes, shapes to provides unlimited options. And with a ingenious alignment of these opening holes, you can get a stunning design to make you building and space marvelous and exclusive. In addition to improving the building’s interior and exterior with aesthetic elements, perforated stainless steel sheet allows people inside to have the outside views, and the lighting filtered into the interior space through the perforated hole is mild and comfortable.


                    Perforated metal sheet can be made of many metal types such as stainless steel, aluminium, galvanized steel, and more. They are all durable and ideal for building a strong structure to withstand severe weather condition. The perforated design make its weight less to greatly help the building’s framework lighten its loads.


                    Decorative perforated sheet metal has versatile properties. It can be used as a sunshade to filter and regulate sunlight to illuminate the interior space with moderate light. Stair with perforated sheet provides structure and protect people from falling down. Building covered by such a material can present aesthetics and artistic elements, and more. Perforated metal sheet can be easily bent and formed to achieve the desired shape. The functional and decorative benefits of it provide architects and designers with endless space to explore.

                    Energy Efficiency

                    As a sunshade screen, decorative perforated sheet metal can reduce the excessive sunlight, so the interior space can get natural light with less electric illumination. Additionally, perforated holes allow sufficient ventilation, and the panel can reflect the heat from the sun to consistently regulate the interior temperature. So with the balance of these factors, building owners can save much money on their power consumption every year.


                    Perforated stainless steel sheet is a eco-friendly option for construction, as it’s a totally recyclable type of material. the scrap of stainless steel can be recycled for reuse once it has lost its original function, in fact, most stainless steel products are made from recycled scrapped material. So stainless steel is one of the regenerative resources that can avoid the scarcity of resources and protect the environments from being polluted. Furthermore, perforation processes decrease the amount of material used, so the products with lower weight can help low down cost and effort on transportation and installation.

                    TBK Metal has the exquisite technique and extensive experience to customize decorative perforated sheet metal with premium quality to satisfy the different types of customers’ requirements. In addition to various patterns with common styles, we also can make perforate the patterns with bespoke designs according to customers’ ideas and imaginations. With these abilities, TBK Metal is always to be confident in making better products to meet challenging projects.

                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    If you are looking for a versatile and visually appealing material for your next project, perforated stainless steel sheet may be the perfect option. This resource is often used in a wide variety of applications, from architectural details to food service equipment. But before you make your final decision, it’s important to know the answers to some common questions about this material. So read on to learn more!

                    Perforated metals have various uses and are commonly used in many different industries. They are lightweight and provide the same aesthetic appeal as other metals, yet are durable and strong enough to withstand harsh conditions. It is often used in the aerospace industry and agriculture. It is also used in security applications and in the manufacture of textiles and other products.

                    Perforated stainless sheet is available in many different sizes and patterns. Depending on the type, perforated stainless steel can provide various benefits, including weight savings and the passage of light, liquid, sound, and air. It can also create an ornamental look and is corrosive-resistant, making it an excellent material for exterior and interior design. It can be cut to almost any shape and size and can even have custom-made hole patterns.

                    Perforated metals are also frequently used in construction. They offer many decorative and functional benefits, including filtering light and sound to improve acoustic performance. They can even help create privacy. They are easily installed and are lightweight. In addition, they are easy to work with.

                    Perforated metal sheet is much lighter than non-perforated sheet, which makes it easier to handle in architectural structures. It also reduces the overall load and transportation costs for a building. The material is stronger than most metal sheets and can withstand a variety of weather conditions.

                    Perforated metals can be made in a number of different ways. They can be either solid or have holes arranged in specific patterns. Perforated patterns are often designed with specific diameters and spacing. The holes and bars are designed to provide a specific amount of strength while also leaving a wide open area.

                    There are several types of perforated metals, each with their own benefits. Perforated metal sheets are typically made of stainless steel and can be fabricated in a variety of shapes and thicknesses. They are particularly useful for commercial and industrial settings, where they can help define spaces and keep them cool.

                    Perforated metals are commonly used in the food and beverage industry. Fruit and vegetable presses are among the most common applications for perforated sheet metal. They can be easily sterilized and are widely used in food preparation processes around the world. Automotive manufacturers also use perforated sheet metal to create parts such as silencers and oil filters.

                    Perforated stainless steel sheet is typically made from 316 grade stainless steel. This type of stainless steel is resistant to oxidizing and reducing environments and chlorine. It is used in a variety of industries and can even be used in medical devices. It can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes, and can even be custom-designed.

                    Perforated stainless steel offers a variety of advantages over other types of metal, including the ability to be easily sterilized. This material is also very durable and can withstand harsh cleaning solutions. It is also recyclable and can be given a powder-coat finish for a custom look. Additionally, stainless steel is an environmentally friendly material. It can be recycled into a variety of different forms, some of which can be highly valuable.

                    Perforated metal is commonly used for industrial and commercial purposes, but it is also making its way into the residential world. These benefits make perforated metal an excellent choice for both structural and decorative applications. It can offer ventilation and lighting, and is a cost-efficient, durable material. It is also an excellent choice for architectural projects.

                    Perforated sheet metal is easy to bend and can be configured into almost any shape. This means it can be used in any architectural setting as both a structural and decorative component. Moreover, perforated metal has a wide range of designs and applications, ranging from column covers to railing infills.

                    Perforated metal has many other benefits. It allows superior ventilation and reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day. It also deflects heat and provides a sense of privacy. It also has a high strength-to-weight ratio, which reduces the overall weight of the structure. Moreover, it can control pressure, reducing the load on the building framework.

                    Perforated metal sheet is a versatile material that adds a decorative touch to buildings and structures. It comes in many different styles and designs, and its unique holes can be arranged to create unique patterns. It is a popular choice among architects, who love to work with this material to add design flair to their work.

                    Perforated stainless steel sheet is made from sheet metal that is punched or stamped. Once it is punched or stamped, it is finished with a variety of finishing processes. The sheet metal can be finished, deburred, degreased, painted, and dropped, among other processes.

                    Perforated metal sheet is increasingly being used in construction, especially for outdoor furniture. The material can help reduce noise and diffuse harsh light. It can also increase air flow and improve privacy. It can even be used on skylights and interior windows. Perforated metal has many advantages, and it can be a cost-effective solution to many construction challenges.

                    Perforated stainless steel sheet is an excellent way to create a visually stunning building. It can reduce energy costs by blocking harmful UV rays from reaching the underlying structure. It can also help reduce dust in HVAC systems. It can add an elegant touch to your home or office. It can also protect outdoor spaces from harsh elements. If you’re interested in using this material in your construction projects, get in touch with a perforated metal roofing expert at Western States Metal Roofing.

                    Perforated metal sheet are often installed off the surface of a building, similar to siding. The space between the perforated metal and the building allows air to circulate and equalize pressure, which is especially important for tall buildings that are exposed to wind loading. Perforated metals are also great for noise control. They are an attractive and functional way to control sound.

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