Custom Sheet Metal Products For Architectural & Decorative Projects

Discover our exclusive range of handcrafted sheet metal marvels, where the world of artistic potential seamlessly converges with practical adaptability. Our skilled artisans meticulously shape pliable designs that align perfectly with your project’s requirements, taking into account structural intricacies, geographical peculiarities, and environmental factors. At TBK Metal, we extend a warm invitation to collaborate on your imaginative concepts and project prerequisites, empowering us to harmoniously engineer an impeccable resolution, elevating both visual enchantment and functional significance.

Architectural Sheet Metal Products | Custom Sheet Metal Products Fabricators | TBK Metal

Architectural Sheet Metal & Panels

With extensive expertise, TBK Metal specializes in crafting and installing metal facade cladding, roofing, fencing, railing, and various architectural sheet metal & panels. Our holistic approach caters to architects, designers, contractors, and building owners, aligning with project needs and budgets. Beyond fabrication, our comprehensive services encompass design, engineering, surface finishing, and impeccable installation. We are dedicated to ensuring top-notch quality in both products and services, achieving utmost client satisfaction.

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    Decorative Metal Panel System Products | Custom Sheet Metal Products Fabricators | TBK Metal

    Decorative Metal Panel Systems

    Enhance your interior design effortlessly with our exquisite decorative metal panels. Crafted from top-quality metal sheets, these panels offer both durability and lightweight versatility. Our meticulous corrosion and rust-resistant treatments ensure longevity. Choose from an extensive array of patterns and surface finishes, allowing your creative vision to flourish. Elevate your space with these innovative and artistically designed panels, perfect for walls, ceilings, screens, railings, and more.

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      Aluminium & Stainless Steel Decorative Profiles | TBK Metal - Manufacturer in China

      Decorative Profiles

      Metal profiles, like stainless steel and aluminum, combine aesthetics and functionality. Their distinctive designs seamlessly integrate with architecture, elevating any area. Stainless steel profiles, prized for lasting beauty, corrosion resistance, and minimal maintenance, stand out. They adapt to various settings with shining or brushed finishes, appealing to modern or traditional spaces. Preferred in upscale homes and commercial projects, they offer sophistication and endurance.

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        Metal Materials, Patterns & Surfaces

        Enhance both the exterior and interior of your building with TBK Metal’s remarkable metal materials, boasting captivating surface finishes that exude exceptional style. Our diverse range includes stainless steel, aluminium, copper, and galvanized steel. Drawing upon extensive years in manufacturing and marketing, we provide not just products but also expertise, enabling you to elevate your building’s aesthetics and longevity through premium metal treatments.

        Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Copper & Galvanized Steel Sheet Metal | TBK Metal

        Metal Sheets

        Metal is widely used for many applications and industries, and it is the basic material of all architectural engineering, there are different types of metal sheets and products for your options. As each of them comes with different properties, such as hardness, density, ductility, cohesion, etc. you need to consider all these factors to meet your purposes and requirements.

        Stainless Steel | Aluminum
        Steel & Iron | Copper

        Decorative Patterned Sheet Metal | Laser Cut Metal Sheet | TBK Metal

        Patterns & Styles

        Metal sheets can be designed and processed with all kinds of stunning styles, patterns, and shapes. Compare with plain metal sheets, patterned metal sheets provides many benefits and options. With CAD other drawing technology softwares, we are allowed to design and fabricate the metal sheets with aesthetic effects according to special requirements.

        Perforated Sheet | Embossed Sheet
        Etched Sheet | Laser Cut Sheet | Expanded Sheet

        Sheet Metal Surface Finishes | TBK Metal

        Surface Finishes

        After metal sheets and products are fabricated, it’s also important to do some treatments and finishes on their surfaces. Such a process can not only provide the metal sheets with durability and anticorrosion, but also help improve their appearance. For different visual effects and purposes, there are a variety of types of surface for your options.

        Powder Coating | Brushing | Bead Blasting
        Galvanizing | Anodizing

        Powerful Custom Sheet Metal Fabricator

        Elevate your building’s allure with TBK Metal’s extraordinary metal materials, showcasing captivating surface finishes that radiate unparalleled style. Our extensive selection comprises stainless steel, aluminium, copper, and galvanized steel, reflecting years of manufacturing and marketing expertise. Beyond offering products, we provide valuable insights to enhance your building’s aesthetics and durability through premium metal treatments, both inside and out.

        Our accomplished team has collaborated on numerous prominent commercial endeavors, contributing to the creation of extensive sheet metal cladding, roofing, dividing structures, ceiling installations, railings, and tailored metal creations, all aligned with commercial specifications. Our expertise encompasses the fabrication of diverse metal varieties such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, iron, and steel. This enables us to provide you with a wide range of options catered to your unique requirements.

        Our efficient production timeline and meticulous planning alleviate significant concerns for your business. This effectively guarantees punctual delivery, ultimately minimizing construction duration. For inquiries or requirements, simply click the button below to submit your details and project overview. Our skilled team members aim to respond within 24 hours to address your concerns.

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          What is Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication?

          The process of custom sheet metal fabrication involves utilizing machinery and facilities to craft thin metal sheets of designated dimensions, forms, and designs. These sheets, aptly referred to as decorative metal sheets, serve well in architectural and aesthetic contexts. Moreover, these expertly fashioned metal products find extensive utility across diverse industries owing to their robustness and impeccable precision.

          Prior to commencing the manufacturing procedure, TBK Metal employs 3D CAD and similar drawing software for product design, ensuring optimal time and cost-effectiveness. The selection encompasses various sheet metal variants like stainless steel, aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, and iron, complemented by processes such as laser or mechanical cutting, punching, bending, welding, and surface finishing. Our adept customization and international marketing expertise, particularly in China, empower us to craft tailor-made items of unwavering quality, affordability, and punctual delivery.

          Benefits of Custom Sheet Metal Services

          We give considerable focus to personalized sheet metal services due to the escalating demand for tailored solutions that cater to our client’s distinct needs. Our meticulous process optimization ensures minimal waste, reduced production time, and cost-effective manufacturing. By availing of our custom sheet metal services, you can elegantly redefine your architectural space to reflect your unique aesthetic preferences. Furthermore, this endeavor offers additional advantages outlined below:

          Enhanced Individuality

          When seeking materials from retail or online outlets, obtaining sheet metal that precisely fits your design specifications for patterns, sizes, shapes, and properties can be elusive. Hence, the necessity for personalized fabrication services arises, ensuring the creation of unique products and instilling confidence to overcome diverse challenges ahead.


          Tailoring metal sheet fabrication empowers your projects with versatile materials and design options, tailored to fulfill your objectives, ensuring precise fabrication through your preferred methods. As your project unfolds, adjustments in design and materials are seamlessly integrated, enhancing quality and cost-efficiency.

          Time Efficiency

          If you’re a building or renovating contractor, you need to promise the deadlines of project delivery to your clients. So if you choose the custom-made services to fabricate the decorative metal sheets, the time efficiency and accuracy can be ensured to avoid your worries about this and make your customer more satisfied.


          Crafted from an array of slender metal sheets, notably aluminium, these products combine feather-like weight with lasting resilience—qualities paramount for your architectural and aesthetic ventures. Optimal for cost-efficient transport and setup, sheet metal fabrication's slimness outshines alternatives, making it the prime selection for your projects.


          The remarkable strength of engineered sheet metal ensures its resilience against impacts, leading to prolonged lifecycles in diverse applications. Seamlessly incorporating sheet metal into your production can elevate your competitive advantage, as robust materials are employed to craft enduring products, thus enhancing their overall longevity.

          Easy Installation

          Crafted to match your precise needs, our tailor-made metal sheets streamline installation. A diverse array of processing techniques molds the sheets into various shapes, aligning seamlessly with your project's aesthetics. Additionally, these custom metal sheets facilitate routine check-ups and maintenance, enhancing overall convenience.

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