Brushed Finish Hairline Stainless Steel Sheet Metal

The brushed finish stainless steel sheet resembles straight hair, earning it the name hairline stainless steel sheet. Achieving this effect involves the #4 finishing technique. The metal surface is first polished using a metal bristle brush attached to a rotating wheel or belt, all moving in the same direction. Then, a non-woven abrasive belt with a greaseless compound is used to refine the surface, resulting in an exquisite scratched texture. This stunning effect makes brushed stainless steel sheets ideal for various applications like appliance enclosures, kitchen backsplashes, wall cladding, and architectural designs. At TBK Metal, our hairline stainless steel sheets, available in 304 and 316 grades, offer durability and strength for long-lasting use.

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    Color Options

    Our brushed stainless steel sheet boasts a distinct hairline grain on its surface, accompanied by a diverse range of color choices. These colors undergo PVD coating, resulting in a striking visual impact that leaves a lasting impression on both interior and exterior spaces. These remarkable attributes enhance your room with heightened aesthetics and practicality. Achieved through the #4 or #3 finishing technique, the brushed surface of hairline stainless steel showcases a natural linear pattern, infusing your architectural project with a contemporary flair.

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      Standard:JIS, AiSi, ASTM, GB, DIN, EN.
      Thickness:0.3 mm – 3.0 mm.
      Width:1000mm, 1219mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, Customized.
      Length:Customized (Max.: 6000mm)
      SS Grade:304, 316, 201, 430, etc.
      Technique:Cold Rolled.
      Finish:#3 / #4 Polishing + PVD Coating.
      Colors:Champagne, Copper, Black, Blue, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold.
      Edge:Mill, Slit.
      Applications:Appliance, Kitchen Backsplashes, Cladding, Elevator Interior.
      Packing:PVC + Waterproof  Paper + Wooden Package.

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        When it comes to utilizing stainless steel in settings prone to staining and dirt accumulation, especially in high-traffic public areas like elevators, kitchens, and restaurants, opting for a brushed hairline finish proves ideal. Unlike mirror stainless steel sheets or unfinished metals, the surface adorned with closely-packed hairline grains exudes an appealing aesthetic and offers a softer tone. Moreover, this texture effectively conceals unsightly scratches, fingerprints, and imperfections. The hairline stainless steel sheet is also a fitting choice when a highly reflective effect is unnecessary, yet the space still warrants a touch of brightness.

        With its advantageous features, such as effortless cleaning and minimal upkeep, brushed finish stainless steel sheets have gained increasing popularity in various settings like kitchens, bathrooms, and appliance enclosures. This trend is further amplified by architects and designers who favor stainless steel sheets adorned with elegant hairline patterns as decorative elements. These additions not only add aesthetic value but also assist in realizing their envisioned outcomes, elevating their projects with captivating designs. Moreover, stainless steel’s durability, corrosion resistance, and fire retardant properties serve as protective measures, guaranteeing that users can maintain their facilities and buildings in impeccable condition even after prolonged usage.

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          There exists a diverse range of decorative stainless steel sheets, designed to cater to various visual effects and applications. Each variant possesses the ability to augment your project with numerous benefits, including enhanced aesthetics, resistance to corrosion, durability, and more. It is crucial, however, to bear in mind that different choices in sheet metal finishes offer distinct properties, performances, and processing costs. Therefore, it becomes paramount to meticulously consider your unique requirements when selecting the most suitable surface finishes for your stainless steel sheet.

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          When considering durability and resistance to corrosion, the decorative stainless steel sheet stands out as a superior choice compared to other materials. Its versatility extends beyond architectural applications, as it can be tailored to meet specific customer specifications. The intricate patterns found in embossed or perforated decorative metal sheets are formed through carefully crafted molds and specialized techniques. TBK Metal, a trusted provider of custom metal fabrication, offers an array of surface finishing options suitable for a wide range of metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, and more.

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            What is Hairline Stainless Steel?

            Hairline stainless steel is a type of metal having the surface directionally polished by a rotational bristle brush on a wheel or belt, the brush is driven to grind the surface in the same direction. Such a finishing process can create grains that look like straight hairlines on the surface. Afterward, use a tender non-woven abrasive pad or belt to soften the grains. A dull matte texture can be made by applying the #4 polishing technique. The brushing process can reduce the reflectivity on the surface, but the straight-line texture can present a luster effect that most people regard as a unique aesthetic element. Such an appealing effect is often popular for architecture and other applications.

            In addition to stainless steel, the brushing finish also can be utilized for other metal types, such as aluminium or copper. Especially for some electronic products and small appliances, as aluminium enclosures finished with a hairline can prevent the surface from leaving fingerprints on it after being touched, and hide some dirt or scratches on the surface. Though hairline polished metal has many benefits, there is an adverse result, its ability to resist corrosion is reduced, as the brushed texture can easily attach dust and stain on the surface, which needs more cleaning to keep it clear to prevent.

            Material Options For Brushed Finish Stainless Steel Sheet

            Two commonly utilized grades of stainless steel sheet are often employed for brushed finish surfaces. These grades are typically categorized based on their alloying composition proportions. Notably, they share key attributes including robustness and formidable resistance against rust, corrosion, and stains. Nevertheless, subtle distinctions in properties exist between these grades. In the context of mirror-polished finishes, the two frequently employed stainless steel sheet grades are 304 and 316L.

            304 Stainless Steel Sheet

            Grade 304 is extensively employed in a plethora of commercial settings as a primary choice for stainless steel sheet metal. Renowned for its exceptional rust and corrosion resistance, this sheet boasts fireproof and heat-resistant properties due to its high melting point. Moreover, its mirror-like surface finish ensures effortless cleaning and minimal upkeep. With its polished allure, 304 stainless steel proves to be a versatile material, finding wide-ranging utility in bathroom ceilings, walls, kitchen sinks, backsplashes, and food equipment, among other applications.

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              316L Stainless Steel Sheet

              To significantly augment its resistance against corrosion and oxidation, the utmost choice would be grade 316L stainless steel, renowned as marine grade stainless steel. The designation “L” denotes a notably low carbon content, specifically lower than 0.03%, thereby granting it superior attributes such as effortless weldability and exceptional resistance to rust and corrosion. Typically employed for facades, as well as indoor and outdoor decorative purposes, the 316 stainless steel sheet, bearing a BA or 2B finish, finds widespread application in tools, equipment, and facilities within the food industry, as well as any scenario demanding substantial resistance.

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                Benefits Of Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet

                For architectural applications, there are various different types of stainless steel sheets on the market, it would be better to consider some factors in order to choose a proper type for your specified need. In addition to the basic alloy steel types (304, 316, 201, 430, etc.), another main difference between them is how their surfaces are finished, there are many techniques that can be used for stainless steel finishes, and one of the common types is brushed finish, which is also known as hairline finish. Now let’s keep discovering some benefits that brushed stainless steel sheet comes in.

                Luster Of Silk Texture

                The brushed stainless steel surface showcases an array of delicate hairline patterns, reminiscent of the smooth texture of silk. While it may not possess a high reflectivity, this surface manages to exude a metallic sheen, albeit with a subdued, matte appearance. This special effect is perfect for ornamental applications since it delivers a sophisticated look that skillfully combines modern flair with classic beauty.

                Easy Cleaning

                The remarkable quality of hairline stainless steel lies in its effortless cleaning and maintenance. Its exquisite matte surface cleverly conceals fingerprints and perspiration marks, ensuring minimal effort and time spent on regular upkeep. This impeccable characteristic makes it an ideal choice for various spaces, including kitchens, bathrooms, and any area where cleanliness is paramount.

                High Strength

                There are several convincing reasons why brushed stainless steel is so popular. Its remarkable ability to withstand powerful impacts and harsh wear sets it apart, showcasing its innate strength and long-lasting nature, which is greatly desired. Moreover, stainless steel boasts the advantage of requiring minimal resources to form a robust structure, allowing it to effortlessly maintain its flawless form in comparison to other material options.


                Stainless steel boasts exceptional durability, ensuring an extended lifespan for diverse applications. Remarkably, even when subjected to extreme pressures and fluctuating temperatures, even its thinnest form remains impervious to deformation. Consequently, stainless steel emerges as an unparalleled choice, widely regarded as an ideal material across multiple domains.

                Corrosion Resistance

                Stainless steel, boasting delicate hairline textures, showcases exceptional resistance to corrosion and rust. Its robustness against rust, water, moisture, and saline air stems from its composition as an alloying metal. Chromium, a vital component, forms a formidable protective layer upon oxidation, enabling the surface to fend off the perils of rust and corrosion. Moreover, this alloy metal encompasses additional elements like molybdenum, nickel, and titanium, among others, which further amplify its inherent properties.


                It’s a sustainable option when choosing stainless steel, as it’s a totally recyclable type of material. the scrap of stainless steel can be recycled for reuse once it has lost its original function, In fact, most stainless steel products are made from recycled scrapped material. Unlike some other materials, recycling scrapped stainless steel doesn’t need any harmful chemicals to process, and it’s not necessary to add some elements that already existed in the material. So stainless steel is one of the regenerative resources that can avoid the scarcity of resources and protect the environment from being polluted.

                Are you unsure of the material to buy for your particular needs? We strongly advise you to learn more about the outstanding benefits that brushed finish stainless steel has to offer. This material stands out not only due to its exceptional strength but also because stainless steel is recognized as one of the most versatile and practical materials available.

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