As metal roofing products are a more durable, versatile, and aesthetic valuable alternative to traditional roofing types, it has increased sharply for residential application. In the past, metal roofing was generally used for commercial, agricultural, or industrial applications, it is more commonly used on warehouses or factories than on residential buildings. As it comes with many benefits, in addition to the properties mentioned above, it’s environmental-friendly and sustainable for being used for architecture, all these factors become widely recognized by architects, contractors, and project owners.

The Industrial Trends Of Metal Roofing Products

With the rapid development in real estate, the metal roofing industry constantly grows across the entire market. As one of the leading metal roofing manufacturers in China, TBK Metal continues to develop innovation and optimize architectural metal products for the market. We have primarily provided projects in Qatar and other Middle-East countries with our sheet metal products and relative services such as design, engineering, and installation. And we are ready to largely meet increased demand from all over the world.

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Why Choose TBK's Metal Roofing Products?

Founded in 2009, and located in Foshan City, China, the company was one of the biggest dealers for stainless steel sheets and other metal products for construction and decoration. With the rapid development of the decade, we have built up a factory to turn the raw metal material into finished products and created the concept and standard of an entire system for architectural and decorative sheet metal products, as well as an overall service solution that greatly helps projects to be completed.

The marketing team assisted the technical department with taking the company’s R &D and service solutions to the next progress. We have moved beyond metalwork fabrication with a simple process, at present, offers integrated metalwork solutions for contractors, architects, and other relative parties to add the functional and aesthetic value of their projects. With our increased experience, we developed our products in an extensive range for building purposes, in addition to the metal roofing system system, our products include cladding, ceiling, dividing screen, integrated wall, and so on.

Why Metal Roofing Products Are Better Than Traditional Roofing Types?

Metal roofing products are absolutely better than traditional asphalt roof tiles in almost every aspect. Firstly, it’s no doubt that metal naturally comes with durability and versatility that are unparalleled, and you don’t need to worry about going to be corroded, cracked, deformed. So roofing made from metal generally provides a lifespan of up to ore more than 50 years. And metal roofing requires fewer chances to repair and maintain.

The sustainability of metal roofing also far exceeds traditional types. It’s an energy-efficient option to reduce the power consumption for air conditioners, and eventually, help save cost on the electric bills. As the most of sunlight is reflected from metal roofing sheets to the atmosphere, it prevents the heat from being transferred to interior space.

House owners or contractors love using metal roofing products as the extensive range of colors and finishes are available for options, that only that, it can largely increase function and aesthetic for the buildings. And for fabricators, metal has excellent ductility for better workability. Furthermore, when it’s time for replacing your old metal roofing, the scrap metal pieces can be sold for money, as metal is 100% recyclable.

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Why Metal Roofing Products Are Durable?

Metal roof products are generally durable and far more than any other material. At TBK Metal, there are several metal types such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and copper, which are much more solid than traditional types. In fact, steel is the most durable metal, but it’s easily corroded and does not last for long more than ten years, particularly in the severe climatic condition with much humidity and salt in the air, stainless steel is much better to avoid this problem. And aluminium alloy mixed with 45% zinc is an ideal option to meet the requirements of a combination of durability and long-lasting use.

In addition to metal types, another factor we need to consider is the structural design of the roofing system. Metal roofing products with excellent structure are much better than other common types to withstand some harmful factors caused by the natural environment. We’re constantly developing and optimizing our metal roofing system, which meets the very strict standards and requirements for protecting the houses from stormy weather and other severe conditions.

What Factors Users Need To Consider When Choosing Metal Roofing Products

The market for metal roofing in the world now is continuously growing up across both residential properties and commercial buildings. Manufacturers are increasingly aware of the needs of consumers, they are trying to develop their products to mostly meet requirements for various style and utility that consumers are after. So if it’s a chance for purchasing metal roofing for your projects, here are some factors that you would like to take into considerations.

Cost Effectiveness

It’s no doubt that metal roofing costs nearly 2 times more money than asphalt roofing, but its useful life is significantly longer. Metal roofing products will last about 50-70 years,but traditional asphalt roofing last about 10-20 years, that means that in the period you are living in the house, the times you need to replace asphalt roofing is 2 or 3 more than metal roofing. Metal roofing requires less maintenance and replacement that help offset the initial cost. So from sustainable factors to consider, metal roofing is more cost-effective.

Resistance To Fire & Impact

Metal roofing products can be adapted to many conditions, doesn’t deform or crack when it expands and contracts by heat and cold, has property of fire resistance, the structure is is sturdy enough to withstand severe climatic conditions, it is extremely durable against hard or sturdy elements. As for other traditional or common types of roofing like asphalt shingles, when it comes to the stormy weather, there will be a risk of that roofing tiles fly off due to the strong winds. Asphalt is easy to get moldy and corrupted when moisture builds up, it’s not as fire resistant as metal material.


As it well-known, metal is one of the most environmental-friendly materials in the world, as it is 100% recyclable, this is why more and more roofing manufacturers prefer to maximize the use of metal for their products. Metal roofing products requires low maintenance, and it can often be easily repaired or replace a few pieces to extend their useful life. In addition, when it comes to the end of its lifespan and is no longer in use, the scrap metal can be melted down for reuse

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofing is the perfect solution to help house owners optimize their house with energy efficiency. The researches show that metal roofing products can save 40% on energy costs in the summer and 15% in the winter when a house is built with a metal roofing system. And roofing with light colors (such as light blue, green, or white) can perform 50 - 60 degrees cooler than traditional roofing with dark colors, the strong sunlight is reflected back, but not to be absorbed into the interior space of the house.

Increase Property Value

You will find that the initial costs of purchasing and installing metal roofing is reasonable when you consider that the value of your house can be increased by 1% - 6%. According to the research report, house owners can reclaim an average of 86% of the initial cost of the material. That means that you can still get the cost-effective benefits of metal roofing products even if you’re planning to resell your house for moving to another city.

Save Money On House Insurance

You may be able to pay less money on your house insurance when you build your house with a metal roofing system, as they’re recognized as the material with more durability and resistance to weather. Some property insurance companies offer premium rates with a discount of up to 35% for the house with metal roofing products. So it would be better to check if your insurance company have such a type of promotion.

Low Maintenance & Repair

In addition to the added value and some beneficial properties, low maintenance and repair is one of the main selling points for metal roofing system. House with metal roofing products need nearly no maintenance to keep their roofing in good condition and shape. This means that house owners not only get a cost-effective solution to last the useful life of metal roofing for long time, but that they can also minimally pay the cost for the maintenance and repair.

The Trends In The Industry Are Inspiring Our Creative Design

The environmental friendliness and impact have become the prior factor to consider for designers to design their architectural metal products. So TBK always emphasizes and mentions recyclable materials and regional supplies designated in the design field. Generally speaking, properties of sustainability are becoming an essential factor, not an extra benefit. The increasing emphasis on industrial certifications of quality and standard will help to stimulate the growth of performing green building practices across the whole development. For instance, we optimized our metal roofing products with a unique structure in order to increasingly reflect the strong sunlight away and keep the interior space of a house at a cool temperature, eventually achieving the effect of energy efficiency.

More Sustainable Competitive Advantages Of TBK’s Metal Roofing Systems

For developing our business with sustainable competitive advantages, we have really done many things that are significant. With our metal roofing products with innovative technology, your cost will be reduced as your energy consumption is low. Our roofing systems are really environmental-friendly and recycled as they are made from recyclable metal materials. And when it comes to the end of its lifespan, the scrap metal is easily sold for money and protects the environment from the huge amount of waste.

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    I love how you talked about sustainability as something that can come from metal roofing. That’s something that I really do feel like I need to try and use for our home since we plan to live here for as long as possible, so sustainability matters a lot. Once I find a metal roofing expert in the area, I’ll hire them for sure so they can assist us with some installation.

  2. Steel Fabrication Auckland

    Metal roofing products indeed offer a myriad of benefits for house refurbishment. The shift towards using metal for residential roofing has been remarkable, given its durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. It’s encouraging to witness the environmental consciousness associated with metal roofing, making it a sustainable choice for architects, contractors, and project owners. TBK Metal’s role in advancing innovation and optimizing architectural metal products, especially in regions like Qatar, showcases the growing global demand. Additionally, the mention of steel fabrication is crucial, as it complements the discussion, emphasizing the comprehensive range of metal applications in construction, from roofing to structural components. The industrial trends presented here align with the evolving needs of modern architecture.

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