Stainless Steel Street Railing & Road Guardrail

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Stainless steel street railing is also known as road guardrail. Here are some reasons to install a street railing, they add safety and aesthetics to your neighborhood. When you are thinking about installing a new stainless steel railing in your neighborhood, read on to learn more about the different applications for street railing. The first benefit of street railing is safety. When used correctly, it can keep drivers and pedestrians safe. These railings are best used in protected outdoor environments and away from salt water. Because they are so strong and durable, they usually don’t require protective coating. Stainless steel is an excellent choice for these outdoor uses, and you can choose from a variety of different finishes, such as brushed, satin, or brushed stainless.

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    Why Use Stainless Steel Road Guardrail?

    Stainless Steel Road Guardrails is well known for their durability and safety. They are manufactured from the highest grade raw material, sourced from reliable dealers. The durable construction ensures long-term service. Moreover, these products are available in several designs and finishes, including powder-coated, and exclusive surface finishes. Thus, you can buy one for your project with ease. You can check out these advantages and find out more about this product.

    Stainless steel highway guardrails offer excellent crashworthiness and energy absorption. The guardrail acts as a median barrier and directional barrier, absorbing the impact from sudden collisions. Its durable design also prevents damage to the vehicle and its occupants, ensuring a safe ride. In addition, steel guardrails can be repaired quickly. They are also galvanized for longer service life.

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      Specifications Of Stainless Steel Railing

      Standard:JIS, AiSi, ASTM, GB, DIN, EN.
      Height:600-1500mm, Customized.
      Thickness:6-20mm, Customized.
      Material:Stainless Steel.
      Grade:304, 316L, etc.
      Finish:PVD or Powder Coated, etc.
      Colors:Silver, Bronze, Champagne, Rose, etc.
      Edge:Mill, Slit.
      Applications:Decking, Patio, Stairs, Porch, etc.
      Packing:Wooden Package.

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        Applications For Stainless Steel Street Railing

        Stainless steel is a great choice for street railing and road guardrail applications. Stainless steel street railing and road guardrail are designed to be safe and durable. The basic structure of a stainless steel fence includes a main pole and a column. The main pole is often called the main pipe. The column is another component, sometimes referred to as the riser. Stainless steel fences are typically made of stainless steel and are available in various designs.

        Stainless steel is the most durable of all available materials for street railing &. Unlike carbon steel, stainless steel doesn’t need a protective layer. However, it is more expensive than its carbon steel. Stainless steel is made from metal that contains at least 10.5% chromium. It can also contain a number of other elements that achieve different effects. In fact, there are over 50 types of stainless steel available in the market. Most railing products use 304 or 316 grade stainless steel.

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          Street Railing Provides Safety & Aesthetics

          Stainless steel street railing is an essential part of a community’s infrastructure. They are necessary for the safety of everyone, but they shouldn’t compromise the beauty of the space they’re on. Fortunately, there are stylish, safe alternatives. Here are just a few. You’ll be glad you did. If you’d like to learn more, continue reading!

          Stainless steel is the strongest and most durable railing material on the market. Tensile strength, or force per unit area, is measured in SI units known as “pascals.” A multiple of that number is called “megapascals” or “MPa.” Stainless steel’s ultimate strength is 590 MPa, compared to 300 MPa for aluminum. Stainless steel has twice as much fatigue performance as aluminum.

          Maintenance Tips For Stainless Steel Railing

          The best way to maintain a stainless steel street railing or road guardrail is to prevent stains, scratches, and rust. To do this, you can use a mild cleaning product. Avoid the use of metallic scourers, abrasive powders, and brass and silver cleaners. You can also avoid using hydrochloric acids and chlorine. You should also avoid the use of abrasive materials to clean these steel structures.

          The surface coating on your stainless steel street railing should be checked annually. Keep in mind that harsh treatment and flying objects can cause dents in the surface coating. Even stainless steel can suffer from corrosion, so if you notice any rust or other damages, consult the manufacturer to ensure that your railing is not damaged. Listed below are some tips to maintain the look and functionality of your stainless steel street railing and road guardrail.

          What To Consider When Choosing Railing For Street


          There are many factors to consider when choosing a railing system. Choosing the right material for the right location can make you a hero, or a disaster. While aesthetics may drive your choice, you must also consider the use environment, as it will impact the durability and long-term performance of your railing. If the railing is going to be installed indoors, the most suitable material for this type of application will be 304-grade stainless steel.

          There are many benefits to using steel for railing. The steel is extremely durable, and flexible in design, but different types of steel have different advantages and disadvantages. Carbon steel is inexpensive but has poor corrosion resistance. 304-grade steel is strong but requires regular maintenance, while 316-grade steel is able to stand up to the harshest environment challenges and is more expensive. Of course, steel railing is an excellent option for many applications, and if your budget allows, you can even get a custom design that you can customize with your own branding.


          What is the strength of railing for street safety? Most of these railings are made of strong metal and are either bolted down or concreted into the ground. Nevertheless, they are also obstacles. You have to weigh the dangers associated with putting these rails on the road against the protective benefits they provide. They do not stop the entire impact of a vehicle, but they do prevent pedestrians from walking into the road.

          A handrail should be designed to withstand at least 200 pounds of force on its upper edge. Railings should be safe from jagged edges or rough surfaces because these can pose a projection hazard. The strength of a handrail can also be tested. Consumers should consult a manufacturer or contractor before they build a railing. This is the best way to avoid risky DIY projects and ensure a quality product.


          Stainless steel and aluminum railings have similar appearances and are low-maintenance. However, aluminum is more prone to denting and scratches. If you want a durable, attractive railing that is less susceptible to damage, stainless steel is the best choice. Aluminum is also less expensive than stainless steel and may be an affordable option if your street needs railings for a long time. However, keep in mind that stainless steel may require more maintenance than aluminum.

          If you're looking for a sturdy street railing, make sure to choose a material that will last. Wooden railings can withstand cold weather and freeze, but the post-material is more likely to rot. Also, when the post-material becomes corroded, the concrete will be loose and may fall, resulting in a dangerous situation. Wooden railings may not last for a long time unless they are well-maintained and sealed.

          Custom Stainless Steel Railing Solutions

          At TBK Metal is an experienced and powerful fabricator that specializes in custom stainless steel railing products for exterior & interior architectural projects. Our team consists of a lot of professional staff including innovative designers, technical engineers, expert fabricators, and experienced installers. Our custom stainless steel railing products provide premium quality as we process metal with high precision, and come in a large versatility and a wide range of styles and designs to meet different project requirements. We help improve architectural structures with our custom solutions.

          Our team has worked with many famous architectural projects to help build a large number of architectural metal products such as roofing, cladding, screen, ceiling, railing, pergola to meet commercial or industrial requirements. We have the experience of fabricating with various types of metals, including stainless steel, aluminium, copper, iron & steel, etc. Providing you with a wide range of options according to your needs.

          Our organized production period and arrangement help you save lots of effort on your business, greatly ensure you on-time delivery and help catch up the construction deadline. If you have any questions or needs, click the button below to send us your inquiry and tell us about your project, the experts of our team will try to get back to you in 24 hours.

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            The Benefits Of Stainless Steel Guardrail For Road Uses

            The benefits of stainless steel guardrails are numerous. They look great and blend well with almost any building style. Furthermore, they are a very practical choice for roads. You can find several types of guardrails in the market, but the benefits of stainless steel guardrails are the most important. Continue reading to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this material. The advantages of stainless steel guardrails include durability, infill options, and low maintenance cost.


            When it comes to durability, nothing beats stainless steel. This material can withstand the harshest environments without cracking or crumbling. Its strength is determined by the tensile strength of the material. The SI unit is "pascal." The multiple of pa is "megapascal." Stainless steel is twice as strong as aluminum in this measure, and it is significantly easier to maintain than aluminum.

            Infill Options

            The following discussion will explore some of the infill options for stainless steel guardrail. Infill options are available in several forms, including glass, stainless steel cable, wood newels, and box treads. Depending on the application, these can be combined or used on their own. For industrial compliance, they can even include glass panels. For aesthetic reasons, infill options should complement the existing design, as well as the surrounding environment.

            Low Maintenance

            The cost of stainless steel guardrail for road uses is less than that of its galvanized counterpart. The steel posts used in the stainless steel guardrail are not more expensive than those in the Galvanized version. The stainless steel guardrail is available in different styles, including drink rail, cable, picket, and rigid. However, it should be noted that these materials require more maintenance than the Galvanized version.


            Stainless steel guardrail is the most ideal solution for separating pedestrians from traffic flow and prevent people from crossing into the street where it may be not safe. Street railing is also perfect for use near schools to prevent students running out of the school and into the street where potential accidents may occur.


            If you're a construction or design professional, you should know the benefits of using prefabricated stainless steel railing systems. These systems offer many benefits, including improved aesthetics and increased safety. Unfortunately, some project managers cut corners and end up with a substandard product that's difficult to maintain. One option is to consider the products offered by TBK Metal Co., Ltd., which helps architects and builders on the benefits of stainless steel.


            If you are considering installing a guardrail on your road, you will want to consider purchasing a stainless steel one. These types of railings are durable and resistant to rust and other corrosive elements. They are often used in aggressive environments and are often more costly than their aluminum or carbon steel counterparts. The main advantages of stainless steel handrails include a longer service life and minimal maintenance. The molybdenum content in the material also helps prevent crevice and pitting corrosion and helps prevent chloride damage.

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