Stainless Steel Fixed Bollards & Posts For Driveways And Parking Security

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Stainless steel fixed bollards are versatile barricading devices that can help guide traffic, prevent vehicle intrusion, and maintain order. These stainless steel bollards are available in different heights, diameters, styles, and SS grades to suit your needs. You can choose between a single-post design and a more sophisticated security system. They can be can match the strength and look of driveway security posts or parking bollards, and can be used by themselves or in groups of two or more bollards. They are suitable for a variety of settings, including parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks. To ensure security, the outside diameter of each stainless steel fixed bollards must match the standard to withstand high impact.

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    Properties Of Driveway Security Bollards

    Driveway security bollards and posts made from stainless steel are an elegant choice for driveway and parking security. They are highly resistant to corrosion and are ideal for protecting pedestrians from vehicular traffic. They are available in various different sizes and customizable dimensions. The Deep Mount model is ideal for embedding up to 59″ in the ground.

    Fixed driveway security posts are generally constructed of stainless steel or composite plastic, and are installed in vulnerable areas. They are typically fitted with anchor bolts and are used to protect goods from carts or manual cleaning equipment. They are easy to install and are easy to use. In addition to serving as safety features, stainless steel bollards also help guide traffic and provide secure bicycle parking. They are a popular choice for outdoor and indoor uses.

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      Specifications Of Stainless Steel Fixed Bollards & Posts

      Standard:JIS, AiSi, ASTM, GB, DIN, EN.
      Height:600-2500mm, Customized.
      Thickness:2.5-8.0mm, Customized.
      Diameter:90-280mm, Customized.
      Material:Stainless Steel.
      Grade:304, 304L, 316, 316L, etc.
      Finish:2B, #4, #8 Polished, PVD Coated, etc.
      Colors:Silver, Bronze, Champagne, Rose, etc.
      Edge:Mill, Slit.
      Applications:Parking Lots, Mall Garages, Passways, etc.
      Packing:Wooden Package.

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        Applications For Stainless Steel Fixed Bollards

        Stainless steel is the most ideal metal for parking bollards and driveway security posts, and they are also perfect for other applications, from simple traffic control to tough perimeter defense, these security barriers are available in standard and marine-grade stainless steel. High-security models are available with wall thicknesses of up to four inches and are suitable for commercial and industrial uses. Bollards are designed to prevent vehicles from accessing restricted areas and preventing damage to property and people.

        These security fixed bollards have become an integral part of the infrastructure of modern cities, with applications ranging from defining pedestrian areas to protecting buildings and people. From airports to government buildings to schools and retail stores, stainless steel fixed bollards have been used in almost every conceivable setting – from public spaces to warehouses. And today, even indoors, they are widely used in homes, offices, and warehouses.

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          Stainless Steel Fixed Bollards Are Ideal For Driveways & Parking Security

          Stainless steel fixed bollards are an essential part of any driveway or parking area. They provide security for vehicles and pedestrians by ensuring that no vehicle is left unattended. Stainless steel is extremely durable and low maintenance. Galvanized posts are coated with sacrificial zinc to prevent rusting, and many painted items are galvanized. Stainless steel posts and bollards are supplied with 2 ground bases and an additional base for storage.

          Stainless steel fixed bollards and posts are making to match the look and strength of removable bollards. These bollards and posts are available in standard Type 304 and 316 stainless steel. They can be used alone, in series, or as occasional access bollards. When choosing stainless steel posts and bollards, make sure to buy the correct size and diameter. This way, you can create a security perimeter.

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            What To Consider When Choosing Fixed Driveway Bollards

            When choosing a driveway bollard, there are several factors to consider. These factors include installation costs, requirements, and styles. You should choose the one that suits your needs the most. If you don’t know what to look for in a driveway bollard, read on to learn more. After you’ve compared the pros and cons of various options, you’ll be well on your way to purchasing your next driveway bollard.


            Choosing a security post for your driveway may be easier said than done. While you may have specific security requirements for the area, some property owners may simply want a permanent barrier to prevent unauthorized access. Others may want something that adapts to their property's needs, like a removable column. No matter your needs, you can choose from three different types of bollards. Below, you will discover the pros and cons of each type.


            There are many styles of fixed driveway bollards available, and the style that's right for you depends on your needs and your budget. Fixed bollards are the most common type of driveway security bollards used in the UK, and they are typically non-customizable. As their name suggests, they aren't moveable and are also fixed to the ground. They're a low-cost, non-technical option for those on a tight budget, but still want some extra security protection.


            Whether you want to enhance the aesthetics of your property or make traffic control more efficient, customized fixed driveway bollards can help you accomplish both. The process of customizing driveway bollards requires careful planning, and consideration of the design, as well as the installation requirements of the location. The design process typically involves brainstorming, and consultation, as well as iterative design. For new functions, consultation with other manufacturers may be necessary. Pattern, cast, and quality test development are essential to a successful installation. In most cases, the purpose of these bollards is for traffic guidance, and perimeter protection, but some municipalities may want them to add a distinctive sense of place.


            Cost of fixed driveway bollards can vary depending on the size of the installation and the number of bollards to be installed. Typical heights range from 30 inches to 48 inches. While a large number of bollards will require planning permission, most homeowners don't need this. If you want to add security to your driveway, consider installing fixed bollards that are less visible. You can then choose the type of material and design that best matches your property.


            If you plan to install driveway bollards to prevent people from parking their vehicles on your driveway, you will need to prepare the surface and the hole to be drilled. Prepare the hole by using a broom, vacuum, or pressure washer to remove debris. Drill holes for the inner bollard and the outer casing. Make sure to leave enough space to fill with concrete and add rebar reinforcement.

            The Benefits Of A Fixed Driveway Security Post

            Stainless steel fixed driveway security posts are a great way to prevent intentional and accidental crashes. These types of barriers are more flexible than cast iron and are easy to maintain and reflect the surroundings. This makes them the perfect choice for both urban and rural environments. Read on to discover the benefits of stainless steel fixed bollards. These barriers can help protect people from harm and add contemporary style to your landscape.

            Prevention Of Accidental & Intentional Crashes

            Fixed driveway security bollards are the most common type of traffic control barrier, defining space and providing security measures. They are inexpensive, practical, and attractive, serving a dual purpose. Removable bollards to prevent vehicles from accessing certain areas, while permanent ones prevent unauthorized access. These protective physical barriers to prevent vehicles from entering specific parking spaces. Whether used in front of a commercial facility or at an airport, these bollards provide physical barriers that prevent vehicles from entering or exiting the parking lot.

            Fixed bollards can help reduce collisions and injuries in public areas. While retractable bollards are convenient for short-term installation, fixed bollards can provide long-term vehicle control around a square. Fixed bollards can increase the sense of connection between a square and the environment. Furthermore, the stainless steel bollard helps preserve the visual integrity and openness of the square.

            More Flexibility Than Cast Iron Bollards

            Stainless steel driveway security posts have several advantages over cast iron ones. They are easier to insert and remove than their cast iron counterparts. These fixed bolts are generally coated with an insulating substance, which makes them more flexible. However, this coating does not eliminate the galvanic effect that damages cast iron. Hence, stainless bolts are better than cast iron ones for keel attachments.

            Cast iron is made mainly of iron and contains traces of silicon and carbon. It is durable enough to withstand high temperatures and is resistant to vibrations. But it has a low bending resistance. In fact, bending it could lead to material failure. However, it is a cost-effective option that is suitable for most situations. Its price is very low. Its flexibility is another benefit.

            Easier Maintenance

            Driveway security post can be brushed or polished to achieve the look you want, but they also need maintenance to prevent corrosion. A scratch on the raw steel can lead to corrosion, and if left untreated, will expand and cause the surface to flake and bubble. Using paint on these bollards is not enough, since regular paint won't protect them against rust. If a ding or a scratch appears, prime it first. Some paints even contain primer and paint.

            In addition to a cleaner appearance, stainless steel is also easier to maintain than paint. Stainless steel bollards are highly resistant to rust and other environmental factors and are often found in locations where water may be present. Bollards made of this material are typically found in grades 304 and 316, and if you're planning on placing them on a waterside location, you'll want to choose grade 316. As a bonus, Stainless Steel is recyclable indefinitely, which is a bonus!

            Environmental Friendliness

            Driveway security post reflects and enhances the environment through their aesthetic value and multipurpose use. They can be used to control vehicular traffic, enhance public spaces, and reflect the environment. Bollards also serve many important functions, including traffic calming and aesthetics. They can serve as a protective barrier or welcoming portal for visitors. In addition to providing protection from vehicular traffic, bollards can also serve several other purposes, such as regulating the height of buildings and limiting pedestrian access.

            Stainless steel fixed bollards is available in a variety of styles and materials, including 316 grade stainless steel. The material is also highly durable and corrosion resistant, and is available in four different reflector stripes. These bollards are typically used in enclosed areas or in locations that have permanent closure. They can be embedded in concrete or are mounted in a range of other locations. For the most attractive and durable bollards, stainless steel is the best choice.

            Custom Stainless Steel Bollard Manufacturer

            Depending on the type of site you have, fixed or retractable bollards can be installed anywhere. They create a visual and physical barrier and deter thieves. A good supplier should provide many options for customers to choose from. Selecting custom stainless steel bollards from TBK is a great solution for asset protection. Their wide selection of materials, designs, and safety ratings help you achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics and security.

            For optimal security and aesthetic appeal, fixed bollards can be installed on asphalt or concrete. Asphalt is a viscous liquid form of petroleum, commonly used on roads. It is less expensive than concrete and easier to install. Nevertheless, it does not offer the same impact protection as concrete. This makes it ideal for perimeter protection. Here are some tips for installing asphalt or concrete bollards.

            In addition to fixed bollards, TBK also supplies removable bollards and retractable bollards, which are convenient options when temporary access control is required. Most of them are quick to install and remove, leaving behind a covered ground sleeve. Moreover, they won’t obstruct pedestrians or vehicles. Removable bollards are also suitable for temporary applications, such as in parking lots, car parks, and pedestrian walkways.

            Retractable or fixed bollards are the most affordable options. Retractable bollards are easily unlocked and come in 304 or 316 stainless steel. These are ideal for building protection requirements, vehicle queuing, and basic access control. They are largely used on factory door entry points. Despite their simplicity, removable bollards are also suitable for commercial uses.

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