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304 316 Stainless Steel Decorative Trim Molding

For 6/8/10/15/20mm
Stainless Steel Decorative Trim Molding | TBK Metal

For architectural and interior design development, stainless steel decorative trim molding could be used. It’s made of premium 304 or 316 stainless steel and provides an item that lasts for a long time and cannot rust. It can be used to decorate both indoors and outside. It makes your indoor space more beautiful and smart.

The stainless steel trim molding comes with a modern appeal and it can be installed on residential, commercial, or hospitality space edges or during the transition and this will make it more appealing. Its polish has the endurance to ensure elegance lasts and the furniture remains durable which increases visual appeal greatly.

Material:304, 316 Stainless Steel
Color:Silver/Golden/Bronze/Black Titanium/Rose Gold/Champagne, etc.
Size:6*6/10*10/20*20/25*25/30*30/10*20,etc. / Customizable
Thickness:0.5-1.0 mm / Customizable
Length:2.4/2.5/2.7/3 Meters
Packing:Plastic film for each piece, outside with carton
Applications:Ceramic tile edge protection & transition

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    Premium Quality

    Applications for Stainless Steel Decorative Trim

    The Durable and Low-Maintenance Solution for Kitchen and Bathroom Spaces

    Stainless steel trim molding is very efficient and involved in a wide range of uses and areas of applications. It makes home interiors even better, gives extra elegance to commercial applications, and gives both protective and stylish results in automobile units. Its fame comes from durability, corrosion resistance, and modern elegance, and this is what makes it so elusive.

    Interior Design

    Stainless steel decorative trims are in vogue with designers for their streamlined look which can be plastered on walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture raising their overall appearance. It is great for architectural finishes and transitions in rooms indoor.


    Stainless steel trim molding beautifies architecture, however, it also includes practicality and beauty. Since it is mobile, it highlights features, and transitions smoothly from one material to another and its flexibility allows it to be a part of many projects.

    Automotive Industry

    Stainless steel decorative trim is not only applied to automobiles but also to architectural design areas which provides luxury. It turns the windows and door handlebars as well as other parts in the car interior and reveals multifunctional aspects of the object.

    Hospitality and Commercial Spaces

    So the stainless steel trim molding adds the extra charm of design to posh hotels, restaurants, malls, and other shopping lanes. Its flexibility also includes furniture, cabinets, countertops, and advertising posts that are all great for decoration.

    Kitchen and Bathroom Design

    Its corrosion and humidity resistance make stainless steel decorative trim ubiquitous in the kitchen and bathroom design. It provides the ornamental touch and the practical role for the cabinet edges, counters, backsplashes, and shower enclosures.

    Marine Industry

    Corrosion arrested by the stainless steel molding outline is a valued trait of the marine industry, the ships, yachts, and boats are beautified inside and out. It combines creativeness with durability, sealing off the marine environment under all conditions.

    Stainless steel trim molding provides universal options that can tolerate various scenarios in compound areas like industries where these industries give both importance to function and appearance. Its robustness is the main feature required by this material type that makes it the number one choice for many more consumers in search of both style and durability.

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      Optional Profiles

      Stainless steel decorative profiles have a wide range of versions for different product objectives. Cube, circle, square, and hexagon profiles are a few of the popularly used shapes. Whether your style is minimalistic or eclectic, these adjustable choices will enable you to make the right choice that gives any space that decorative flair and refined look.

      U-shape tile trim

      This U-profile will enable you to get the smooth and polished edges that countertop manufacturers and interior designers prefer, especially for the joints. This veneer blends with the surroundings fabulously giving the space a stylish look that lifts the ambiance.

      L-shape tile trim

      The widely used L-shape profile in corner protection is because it has a stylish right-angle design that completes the aesthetics of wall edges, cabinets, and furniture thus giving a polished surface that enhances the beauty of the whole space.

      T-shape tile trim

      The utilization of a T-shape that gets from crossing the horizontals and the vertical ones is the killer in cases where both functionalization and supplementary aesthetic aspects are needed especially in panels, doors, and windows in any given application.

      Square edge tile trim

      A square shape profile that is usually applied to make tidy transitional details and edges that are all maintained when the material changes can be used to 'simply' give style and a profiled finish can be used to create a finished look.

      Round edge tile trim

      Its curled surface with the soft and naturally appealing profile is displayed and more of it. This elegant lining is a very common feature around the spherical elements of rooms, column covers and handrails, adding decorative beauty everywhere.

      Ramp tile trim

      The ramps that are mainly constructed with sloping surfaces have a common application, mainly to bring in accessibility and most times as a transition from one floor to another. It just ensures a healthy transition and also contributes as a design aspect.

      The stainless steel decorative trim molding class can boast a range of different profiles which is more than just a few samples. Through a varied portfolio that incorporates uniqueness and ease of installation, designers and architects find the perfect match for their projects, building the practical aspect while preserving aesthetics.

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        Benefits in Tiling Applications

        Highlights of Stainless Steel Trim Molding

        Excellent Performance

        Stainless steel trim molding, with its long serviceability, weathering resistance, and design versatility, is a commonly used decoration accessory in many industries. Its low maintenance level and modern comfort reflecting the spirit of modern times make it desirable among both residents and organizations since it combines the virtues of durability and elegance at the same time.

        Aesthetic Appeal

        Stainless steel trim molding and profile enhance an architectural and interior design and additional style. Its neat looks take your projects to the next level, making rooms look refined by enhancing edges, corners, and transitions.


        Sustainable stainless steel that is 100% recyclable use reduces both waste and resources. Stainless steel trim molding utilized for sustainable design incorporates eco-friendly measures and creates environmental benefits.


        Stainless steel decorative moldings are a representative selection in terms of their myriad of profiles, sizes, and finishes. Versatile enough for a variety of designs, it smoothly and naturally blends with different materials, styles, and locations.

        Strength and Structural Support

        Edge and corner strengthening forms with stainless steel trim molding are utilized to support and protect the exposed sections structurally. Its functionality includes shielding parts from friction and impact damage causing the system to live longer.


        It means that this stainless steel trim molding can be used in outdoor as well as indoor areas since it can last long under such harsh conditions. Because of its durability, it ensures long-run performance therefore reducing maintenance or replacements.


        The stainless steel trim molding will be more expensive at the beginning, however, it will be cheap in the long run, since it is durable and needs only simple maintenance. It decreases long-term expenses by minimizing production and repair costs.

        Hygiene and Cleanliness

        Because the absence of pores stops bacterial growth and can relieve cleaning, then it can be said that it is apt for hygiene-sensitive areas like kitchens, hospitals, and labs. Stainless steel trim strip is very convenient to keep it clean.

        Sometimes, stainless steel trim molding looks like the first choice among various designers for architectural, interior design, and industrial applications because of its durability, aesthetic, and versatility. Now either for functional or ornamental purposes, it is still the first opt for the strong beauty and low maintenance of any project.

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          Frequently Asked Questions


          Frequently Asked Questions

          Stainless steel decorative trim not only improves appearance but also functions in architecture and interior design. Durability and its modern look make it a favorite option for places like kitchen countertops and furniture edges. You may look beneath the frequently asked questions on its uses, installation, customization, and maintenance:

          Decorative stainless steel trims are both a beautiful element of finishing and a protective layer in architectural and interior designs. By its sleek design, it improves aesthetics and resistance to impacts to the edges and corners.

          Brushed stainless steel decorative trim is known to be resistant to rust and scratches making it the preferable option for areas with high traffic. The new technology boosts all the objects’ elegance, causing them to be resistant to the daily wear and tear, and retain the beauty.

          The stainless steel trim molding is being used anywhere from residential to commercial to industrial sectors. It is used in countertops, backsplashes, and even in snapping furniture edges and architectural features which are beautiful and long-lasting.

          Instruction is given either a direct fastener or an anchor tape is used, in terms of trim types and shapes. It can be by using adhesives manually applied or by bolted or pinned methods or, for the highest alignment and strength, through a specific machine installation.

          Yes, the stainless steel trim is designed to order and this can be done to the exact dimensions, finish, and design. Customized options have been provided with thickness, shape, profile, and surface demanded to fulfill distinctive personality.

          Routine cleaning with mild detergent and water normally takes care of the slimy pup decorative trim. Do not use harsh chemicals or tools that will cause scratches. Polishing periodically brings the luster back and clears minor marks, hence keeping its sleekness in shape.

          Stainless steel is reusable and hence it is relevant for environmental conservation. Being an environmentally friendly material. Its durability lowers the need to replace it often; less wasting and environmental damages therefore take place.

          These choices go further than adding sheen from matte to gloss. There are also brushed/polished, and textured surfaces implied. Every piece comes in different flavors, matching the different tastes in the design world.

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            Ideal Manufacturing Solutions

            TBK Metal

            A Custom-Made Manufacturer for Stainless Steel Trim

            TBK Metal provides tailor-to-order stainless steel decorative trim molding with a general recognition that the company is a reliable source in diverse industries. Boasting an ample repertoire in metal fabrication, they are capable of providing corresponding designs to accommodate different profiles, sizes, and finishes suitable for architectural and design projects.

            Commitment to excellence is obvious in the company’s premium-grade stainless steel trim products by TBK Metal, providing longevity resistant to corrosion and good looks. At the heart of their operations is a well-skilled, state-of-the-art, precision machining team, who pay attention to details when they are creating through profiles like U, L, and T as well as others.

            Through collaboration with customers, TBK Metal comes up with a range of solutions to fulfill any needs of their clients with high quality offered to clients. We have a dedicated team that is focused on a smooth process thus offering trim products that perform above expectation, and this is what makes architects, designers, and facility managers like us.

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