Perforated Aluminium Screen & Privacy Metal Mesh

Any architectural project benefits from the elegant and useful addition of perforated aluminium screen. These thin metal panels have opening holes that are placed purposefully to allow for controlled light and heat. They provide privacy while bringing in a dash of modern design, making them perfect for both inside and exterior applications. The durability of aluminium ensures long-lasting performance, while its corrosion-resistant properties make it suitable for various weather conditions. These panels are an efficient option that is simple to install and clean. Perforated metal screen mesh add a contemporary style to residential and commercial areas by resembling a flexible mesh, boosting both aesthetic appeal and practicality.

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    Applications For Perforated Aluminium Screen

    Perforated aluminium screens and privacy metal mesh find versatile applications in both indoor and outdoor settings. They excel as outdoor awnings, offering enhanced protection with their deeper layers. Moreover, these screens add an industrial aesthetic to interior design, elevating small design details. Their applications span across different spaces, showcasing their adaptability. Here are some examples of their diverse uses:

    Perforated aluminium screen panels find common use in patios, balcony railings, and fences. They offer varying levels of light and visibility through different perforation sizes, showcasing the metal’s versatility. At TBK Metal, we specialize in delivering fabrication projects that cater to your specific requirements, regardless of size or complexity.

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      Regular Specifications Of Perforated Aluminium Screen

      Standard:GB/T 24001-2016, GB/T 19001-2016, ASTM, JIS, EN
      Thickness:0.8 mm – 3.0 mm.
      Width:30mm-1850mm, Customized
      Length:1220mm-3000mm, Customized.
      Alloy Grade:1050, 1060, 1100, 3003, 3105, 5052, etc.
      Technique:Cold Rolled.
      Finish:Powder Coating, PVDF Coating.
      Colors:Champagne, Black, Blue, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, etc.
      Edge:Mill, Slit.
      Applications:Ceiling, Wall Panel, Facade, Interior Decorations.
      Packing:PVC + Waterproof  Paper + Wooden Package.

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        Color Options For Perforated Aluminium Mesh

        A variety of colors are available in privacy metal screens and perforated aluminium mesh. They offer a stylish style that blends in beautifully with your house and allows you unobstructed views. The mesh is appropriate for door and window security grilles, balustrade railings, and architectural features since it has a variety of opening designs, including square, rectangle, and circular.

        Perforated mesh screens utilize corrosion-resistant aluminium panels. These structural-grade panels, with a thickness of 1.6mm, adhere to industrial standards and offer affordable security solutions. While stainless steel boasts superior durability, aluminium proves more cost-effective. It also resists galvanic corrosion, making it a suitable choice for coastal residences. Additionally, these screens feature a patented keyway fixing system, eliminating the necessity for extra hardware.

        Anodized finish is a combination of chemical and electrolytic processing that coats metal surfaces with a natural oxide coating to give them a beautiful aspect and increase their resistance to oxidation and corrosion. Aluminium is the most proper substrate for anodizing, anodizing process can perfectly generate a tough protective layer of aluminium oxide on the surface, unlike other finishing types such as plating or painting, it’s not easy to peel and chip.


        • The anodizing layer on the surface is resistant to severe weather.
        • The anodizing material is durable and tough, and not easy to wear and peel off.
        • When the anodizing is being processed, some elements can be added in to give it more colors available.
        • The anodizing layer can be the underlayer for surface enhancement.

        Powder coated finishes involve a widely-used dry process for treating metal surfaces. Through an electrostatic process, a low electric current runs through the sheet metal while a powdered polymer coating is sprayed onto it. A bond is formed as a result, and when it is quickly heated to cure it, it hardens into a vibrant and lasting coating. Powder coating offers numerous functional properties and a wide range of vibrant colors, allowing for various aesthetic effects to be achieved.


        • The color and appearance of powder coating can be retained originally for long time.
        • The layer of powder coating is much thicker than other traditional paintings, and it’s more tough and evenly distributed.
        • Materials for powder coating are environmentally friendly as it releases nearly no volatile organic compounds into the air.
        • A wide variety of color options are available to help metal achieve a stunning and eye-catching appearance.

        Notes: powder coated finish doesn’t suit all types of metals.

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          Perforated Aluminium Mesh Screens

          For enhanced privacy and security, explore the versatility of perforated aluminium mesh screens or privacy metal mesh. With a range of options in sizes, shapes, and materials, these panels cater to diverse needs. Crafted by puncturing countless small holes into metal sheets, perforated mesh offers varying features based on materials, hole size, and hole spacing. Conveniently available as individual panels, installation becomes effortless. When seeking the perfect mesh for your specific requirements, trust Accurate Perforating, a company that provides comprehensive services to ensure the ideal solution for your application.

          Expanded metal, crafted from diverse alloys like aluminium, comes in various shapes and sizes. It serves as an ideal choice for privacy, sun protection, and security screens. Being lightweight and corrosion-resistant, it offers a cost-effective solution for numerous applications. These versatile panels find use in security applications, machine guards, and window coverings. Notably, heavy-raised expanded metal is commonly employed for its robustness and durability.

          Perforated Metal Privacy Screens

          If you’re seeking some added privacy, a perforated aluminium screen is an excellent choice. These lightweight and durable panels are available in various powder-coated colors. Perfect for balconies and patios, they allow refreshing breezes to flow while creating a distinct separation from neighbors. Choose from flat or louvered designs, featuring a range of slat sizes, to meet your specific preferences.

          Perforated aluminium security screens are made from a tough hardened aluminium sheet with a perforated mesh layer. This material is more cost-effective than stainless steel and also offers excellent corrosion resistance in coastal areas. The metal security screen has a unique fixing system, reducing the chance of galvanic corrosion and combining the sturdiness of aluminium with the beauty of a perforated aluminium mesh.

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            Processes Of Making Perforated Aluminium Screen

            The creation of decorative perforated metal screen differs based on the chosen material. Various shapes, such as round holes, squares, hexagons, and slotted holes, are available for perforation. Although the process used to be labor-intensive, automation has become more prevalent. Nowadays, three primary methods are utilized: punch press, rotary pinned, and laser perforation.

            Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet Metal | TBK Metal - Top 10 Manufacturers

            Discover the versatility of perforated aluminium screen panels, offering an array of shapes, sizes, and materials. Crafted by puncturing metal sheets with countless tiny holes, customization is key, allowing for tailored sizes, hole patterns, and spacing. Conveniently available in standard panel sizes, these panels ensure easy installation. When seeking top-quality decorative perforated aluminium products, turn to TBK Metal – an esteemed provider offering a diverse selection of sizes and features to meet your specific needs.

            Decorative aluminium panels offer versatile functionality for various purposes. They can enhance the aesthetics of existing structures, giving them a contemporary touch. These panels are especially well-suited for expansive areas like hotel lobbies and railway station hallways. TBK Metal provides comprehensive solutions, encompassing design, engineering, fabrication, and installation. You can rely on their expertise throughout the entire process, ensuring a seamless and efficient outcome.

            Advantages Of Perforated Aluminium Screen

            Perforated aluminum screens provide numerous advantages for building applications. They offer a cost-effective alternative to heavier metal sheets while remaining lightweight yet durable. These versatile screens find utility in architecture, sunshades, fencing, and column covers, among others. The holes in the screens can be customized in various shapes and sizes, allowing for tailored solutions that meet diverse architectural needs.

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