Aesthetic Appeal & Sound Absorption

Linear Metal Ceiling System

Aesthetics & Outstanding Performance

The metal linear ceiling system is a perfect option to design modern ceilings with sleek lines and subtle undulations. Comprising engineered suspension and metal profiles, it offers versatility based on your needs. For indoor applications, TBK’s Linear Metal System stands out as the top choice. It works well for both interior and exterior ceilings, granting unrestricted access to the ceiling area. When selecting a linear metal ceiling system, take into account installation, budget, and visual appeal. This system boasts easy installation and numerous advantages, making it suitable for various settings like schools, offices, and public buildings.

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    For Commercial Interiors


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    If you’re aiming for a striking touch in a commercial building, home, or warehouse, a linear metal ceiling system offers numerous benefits. It’s an easy installation that doesn’t call for specific knowledge and needs little upkeep. This short tutorial will help you choose the best solution for your project: choose appropriate materials and stick to proper installation practices.

    Linear metal ceiling systems offer remarkable flexibility as one of their major advantages. Their easy installation makes them a perfect fit for commercial spaces, schools, and public buildings. Crafted to the highest standards, these systems are suitable for virtually any environment. With their wide range of applications, there is undoubtedly an option that aligns with your specific needs and budget. Reach out to our consultant today for further details and information.

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      Wide Range of Options


      Standard:GB/T 24001-2016, GB/T 19001-2016, ASTM, JIS, EN
      Thickness:0.5 mm – 1.5 mm.
      Height:40, 65, 75, 90, 100, 150mm, Customized
      Width:20, 25, 30, 40, 60, 70mm, Customized.
      Alloy Grade:1050, 1060, 1100, 3003, 3105, 5052, etc.
      Technique:Cold Rolled.
      Finish:Film Coated, Roll Coated, Spray Painted, Powder Coated.
      Colors:Champagne, Black, Blue, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, etc.
      Edge:Mill, Slit.
      Applications:Ceiling, Wall, Screen, Interior Decorations.
      Packing:PVC + Waterproof  Paper + Wooden Package.

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        Color Options

        Linear metal ceiling systems offer a wide array of color options to choose from. These choices include original, unopened containers provided by the manufacturer. Furthermore, you are allowed to combine different sizes inside a single ceiling. Each linear panel boasts a distinctive finish, accompanied by a specific color palette. If you want to give your area a genuinely one-of-a-kind look, think about combining different metal ceiling kinds.

        Discover the versatility of TBK’s Linear Metal Ceiling System, featuring sophisticated linear pans suspended from an engineered system. Unleash creativity with dynamic ceilings that seamlessly accommodate lighting, air, audio, and plumbing. This system offers unmatched design freedom while requiring minimal plenum depth. Choose from an array of finishes, including painted or wood-look, to achieve your desired aesthetic. For a comprehensive selection of colors, explore our dedicated page on Color Options for the Linear Metal Ceiling System. Create an exquisite ceiling that truly reflects your vision and style.

        The anodized finish combines electrolytic and chemical processes to create a natural oxide layer on metal surfaces. This treatment enhances appearance, prevents corrosion, and resists oxidation. Anodizing is ideal for aluminium sheets and profiles, as it forms a durable protective layer of aluminum oxide. Unlike plating or painting, it doesn’t peel or chip easily.


        • The anodizing layer on the surface is resistant to severe weather.
        • The anodizing material is durable and tough, and not easy to wear and peel off.
        • When the anodizing is being processed, some elements can be added in to give it more colors available.
        • The anodizing layer can be the underlayer for surface enhancement.

        The powder-coated finish employs a dry metal surface treatment method, widely utilized in metal finishing. By applying a powdered polymer coating to the sheet metal through electrostatics, an electric current facilitates bonding, and heat curing solidifies it into a durable and colorful layer. Powder coating offers diverse color choices and numerous functional properties, enhancing aesthetic appeal.


        • The color and appearance of powder coating can be retained originally for a long time.
        • The layer of powder coating is much thicker than other traditional paintings, and it’s more tough and evenly distributed.
        • Materials for powder coating are environmentally friendly as it releases nearly no volatile organic compounds into the air.
        • A wide variety of color options are available to help metal achieve a stunning and eye-catching appearance.

        Notes: powder coated finish doesn’t suit all types of metals.

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          Linear Ceiling Adds Functionality & Aesthetics

          Enhancing commercial spaces with a sleek, contemporary touch, the linear metal ceiling system effortlessly combines style and functionality. Its snap-in solutions facilitate hassle-free installation and provide convenient access for air conditioning and cable installations. Additionally, the system delivers remarkable acoustic advantages. With a variety of styles and price ranges available, it effortlessly adapts to any interior design scheme. In the following sections, we will explore the numerous benefits offered by this innovative design system.

          Linear metal ceilings bring a modern touch to interiors, offering both visual appeal and acoustic advantages. This type of ceiling system seamlessly merges aesthetics and functionality. Crafted from 85% recycled aluminum, the hollow metal bars are fastened to the grid using a torsion spring mechanism. The system offers a variety of designs, including customizable sizes. The spacing between each baffle determines the level of openness desired for the space.

          Linear Ceiling Improves Acoustical Function

          A Linear Metal Ceiling System enhances occupant health and well-being, delivering both visual charm and customizable features. Its design can seamlessly integrate lighting, audio, and plumbing. Furthermore, it meets demanding performance criteria such as acoustics, wind load, humidity, and fire resistance. Architects have the freedom to select from a range of painted colors and wood-look finishes, enabling them to achieve their desired aesthetic and ambiance.

          The capacity of metal to absorb sound is essential to improving acoustics in buildings. Having a good acoustic environment improves the comfort of occupants in the space, promotes work and healing processes, and contributes to phonic insulation in adjacent rooms. A suspended ceiling’s acoustic absorption is measured in terms of reduced reverberated energy. To compare the performances of various systems, a weighted sound absorption coefficient (aw) is used. It can range from no absorption to total absorption.

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            Why Choose Linear Metal Ceiling

            Linear metal ceilings are a great choice for spaces that need to absorb sound. They don’t create echo chambers and they can hide utilities in plenum areas. There are many interior and exterior applications for linear metal ceilings, including train stations, airports, and shopping malls. If you’re looking for a beautiful ceiling that’s easy to maintain, linear metal ceilings may be for you. You’ll love the versatility and durability of linear metal ceilings, and you’ll love the look!

            Linear metal ceilings offer a luxurious touch to upscale retail stores, seamlessly integrating mechanical and electrical services. Their easy demounting for maintenance, coupled with being 100% recyclable, adds to their appeal. Crafted from durable aluminum and steel, these panels withstand high-traffic commercial environments flawlessly.

            Linear metal ceilings come in different shapes and lengths, but their defining feature is their elongated design. They are often favored for long structures due to their straightforward installation process. They offer an economical means of achieving a modern aesthetic for your residence. For a sleek and contemporary appearance, consider incorporating filler strips or open reveals between the panels during installation. This creates a clean and stylish effect that enhances the overall appeal of your space.

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              Benefits in Commercial Applications

              Highlights of Water Linear Metal Ceiling

              Excellent Performance

              When embarking on your upcoming project, it’s worth exploring the advantages of incorporating a linear metal ceiling. These elements come in diverse face widths and lengths, ranging from two to eight inches, allowing for creative combinations within a single ceiling. Furthermore, they offer square, reveal, or round edges, with the visual impact increasing as the linear panels are spaced farther apart. Additionally, maintenance is a breeze, making them even more appealing.

              Enhances Acoustics

              In open-plan spaces with high ceilings, acoustics can be a challenge, impacting comfort and safety. To address this issue, linear metal ceiling systems are crafted to absorb and redirect sound, ensuring a better acoustic environment. By choosing appropriate acoustic materials, noise levels can be minimized while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the room.

              Enhances Aesthetics

              Aesthetics are vital in commercial design, as they influence customer engagement and comfort. Crafting a design that harmonizes with the space can be a daunting task, particularly when it comes to walls and ceilings. However, a sleek and modern solution like a linear metal ceiling offers a contemporary aesthetic, providing an appealing alternative to traditional metal ceilings.

              Reduces Reverberation

              When renovating a space, it's crucial to prioritize sound absorption and acoustic performance, especially as future noise levels are expected to increase. Designing ceilings with sound absorption in mind is essential. This article provides valuable insights into effectively reducing reverberation with linear metal ceilings. Before choosing a metal ceiling system, consider various factors that come into play.

              Highlights - Linear Metal Ceiling System | TBK Metal

              Improves Fire Reaction

              There are several advantages of linear metal ceilings, and TBK's products meet these requirements. They are suitable for use in public and collective kitchens, as well as in evacuation passages. They also reduce the need for artificial lighting, as they reflect incident sunlight. However, some of the benefits of linear metal ceilings have to be considered when choosing a solution for your building.


              A linear metal ceiling system is cost-competitive in comparison to many alternatives. A SAS study, which looked at the life-cycle cost of various ceiling materials, determined that a metal ceiling system saves 47% of the cost of non-metal alternatives over a 15-year lifespan. A typical linear metal ceiling system can last up to 30 years, far longer than many alternatives. This durability makes it a sound financial decision, and many contractors appreciate its low cost and ease of installation. Architects and designers enjoy the flexibility and creative potential it affords, and specifying professionals are constantly faced with balancing the costs and benefits of various ceiling systems.

              Easy To Install

              A linear metal ceiling is a suspended ceiling system that uses long narrow panels to create an elegant, stylish ceiling. Linear metal ceilings can be made of aluminium, galvalume, or steel. The panels come in different widths, ranging from 30mm to 300mm. The panels snap together and can be installed on any type of ceiling, including curved ceilings. This material is extremely versatile and can be used both inside and outside your home.

              Frequently Asked Questions


              Frequently Asked Questions

              Explore our comprehensive FAQs about Linear Metal Ceiling Systems. Discover the benefits, customization options, installation process, and maintenance guidelines. Learn how these sleek and versatile architectural designs enhance aesthetics, acoustics, and sustainability in various spaces. Find answers to your questions and make informed decisions for your next project.

              A1: A Linear Metal Ceiling System is an architectural design that blends linear metal panels, often aluminum, within a suspended grid or framework. This fusion produces a visually captivating and practical ceiling surface, marrying aesthetics and function seamlessly.

              A2: Explore our comprehensive FAQs about Linear Metal Ceiling Systems. Discover the benefits, customization options, installation process, and maintenance guidelines. Elevate your space with the sleek, modern aesthetic of metal panels while enjoying advantages such as enhanced acoustics, durability, and sustainable design:

              • Aesthetic appeal: The sleek and modern appearance of metal panels can enhance the overall look of a space.
              • Durability: Metal panels are typically robust and resistant to wear, moisture, and environmental factors.
              • Acoustic control: These systems can incorporate acoustic backing materials to help improve sound absorption and control noise levels.
              • Sustainability: Many metal panels used in these systems are recyclable and can contribute to sustainable building practices.
              • Customization: Linear Metal Ceiling Systems offer a range of design options, including panel shapes, finishes, and configurations.

              A3: Linear Metal Ceiling Systems offer remarkable versatility, seamlessly integrating into diverse interiors like offices, commercial hubs, airports, schools, retail areas, and beyond. Elevate your design with these adaptable solutions.

              A4: The installation process entails suspending a metal grid framework from the structural ceiling, with linear metal panels securely affixed to this grid. Variations in installation methods may arise, influenced by both the manufacturer’s specifications and the unique system design considerations.

              A5: Yes, many Linear Metal Ceiling Systems allow for the integration of lighting fixtures, HVAC diffusers, sprinklers, and other building services. This integration can help maintain the ceiling’s aesthetic while providing necessary functionality.

              A6: Yes, Linear Metal Ceiling Systems are highly customizable. Design options can include different panel widths, lengths, shapes, perforation patterns, finishes (such as powder coating or anodizing), and color choices.

              A7: Maintenance typically involves regular cleaning to remove dust and dirt. Depending on the specific finish, a damp cloth or mild cleaning solution may be used. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines to preserve the appearance and performance of the system.

              A8: Some limitations to consider include potential higher costs compared to traditional ceiling materials, the need for professional installation, and limited accessibility for maintenance once the system is in place.

              A9: Certainly, numerous Linear Metal Ceiling Systems incorporate recyclable materials, such as aluminum, aligning with sustainability goals. Moreover, specific systems integrate acoustic enhancements, fostering energy efficiency and ensuring occupants’ comfort within the environment.

              A10: When choosing a Linear Metal Ceiling System, consider factors such as the desired aesthetic, functional requirements (acoustics, integration with building services), budget, and the manufacturer’s reputation for quality and support. Consulting with architects, designers, and industry experts can help you make an informed decision.

              FAQs - Linear Metal Ceiling System | TBK Metal

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