Decorative Perforated Metal Screen Panels

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Decorative perforated metal screen panels are a great way to add elegance and style to a room without the hassles of using curtains or window treatments. They come in a variety of colors and designs and can be used in various applications, including facades, feature walls, balcony, and stair railings, privacy screens, dividing panels, and shading panels. Decorative perforated metal can be made from aluminum, copper, or other metals and is widely used in architectural & decorative applications. They are strong and lightweight can be crafted into complex shapes, and are rust-resistant. These features make them an ideal choice for cladding exteriors or interiors. 

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    Metal Types For Decorative Perforated Metal Screen

    Stainless Steel Perforated Metal Screen Panels | TBK Metal

    Perforated Stainless Steel Screen

    Perforated stainless steel screen panels are made of stainless steel sheet metal, they are available with various hole patterns and scales to match any decor. Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, durable, and have a very low maintenance cost. The flexibility of the perforated design makes them ideal for various applications, from decorative screens to window treatments. Because they are so versatile, they can be incorporated with lighting to make any space more decorative. You can also select between rope and expanded metal mesh to create a unique design.

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      Perforated Aluminium Screen Perforated Metal Screen | TBK Metal

      Perforated Aluminium Screen

      Perforated aluminium screen panels are designed with geometric patterns. This creates a more distinctive and defined decor. They are suitable for interior or exterior wall decoration and are also an excellent choice for use as window treatments. If you are looking for decorative panels for your home or office, you should definitely check out our range. Decorative perforated aluminum panels are lightweight, easy to install, and maintain. They can also be customized according to customer specifications and design requirements, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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        The types of metals that can be perforated include stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. Typically, perforated stainless steel sheet comes with stronger strength, and the softest metals such as aluminum or copper, are the easiest to perforate. The thickness and function of the metal also affect the process of punching. Decorative perforated metals have a high strength-to-weight ratio and are durable. They are an excellent choice for a variety of applications, from window coverings to sound suppression. Perforated aluminum is an excellent choice for commercial and residential projects alike and is widely used in many industries, including stadiums, retail stores, and airport terminals.

        Regular Specifications Of Perforated Metal Screen

        Standard:JIS, AiSi, ASTM, GB, DIN, EN.
        Thickness:0.3 mm – 3.0 mm.
        Width:1000mm, 1219mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, Customized.
        Length:2000mm, 2438mm, 2500mm, 3000mm, 3048mm, Customized.
        SS Grade:304, 316, 201, 430, etc.
        Technique:Cold Rolled.
        Finish:Anodized, Brushed, Satin, Powder Coated, Sandblasted, etc.
        Colors:Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Champagne, Copper, Black, Blue.
        Edge:Mill, Slit.
        Applications:Privacy Screens, Cladding, Partitions, Railing Panels, Fencings,
        Packing:PVC + Waterproof  Paper + Wooden Package.

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          Color Options For Perforated Metal Panels

          If you’re looking to change the look of your exterior facades or screening, you may want to consider using custom-painted perforated metal. This type of finishing allows you to choose the exact color of the perforated metal panels, adding a unique touch to your property. Many companies offer custom-painted perforated metal products, and you can choose from many colors to complement your existing decor. Here are some ideas for perforated metal:

          Talking about the surface finishes for decorative perforated sheet panels, there are commonly 2 types of finishing process, which include anodizing and powder coating. Each of them has their own properties to achieve different effects. Below are some brief information about these finishing methods for consumers to choose a suitable one to meet their desired styles.

          Anodized finish is a processing combination of electrolytic & chemical, it can help process the metal surface with a layer of natural oxide layer, which can make the appearance with decorative effect, and improve its resistance to corrosion and oxidation. Aluminium is the most proper substrate for anodizing, anodizing process can perfectly generate a tough protective layer of aluminium oxide on the surface, unlike other finishing types such as plating or painting, it’s not easy to peel and chip.


          • The anodizing layer on the surface is resistant to severe weather.
          • The anodizing material is durable and tough, and not easy to wear and peal off.
          • When the anodizing is being processed, some elements can be added in to give it more colors available.
          • The anodizing layer can be the under layer for the surface enhancement.

          Powder coated finish is processed with a dry finishing process that are commonly used for metal surface treatment. When a low electric current is running through the sheet metal, the powdered polymer coating is sprayed on the metal surface, the coating material forms a bond when it come through an electrostatic process, then quickly cured with heat to be a hard and colored layer. Powder coating provides many functional properties and rich color options for aesthetic effects.


          • The color and appearance of powder coating can be retained originally for long time.
          • The layer of powder coating is much thicker than other traditional paintings, and it’s more tough and evenly distributed.
          • Materials for powder coating are environmentally-friendly as it releases nearly no volatile organic compounds into the air.
          • A wide variety of color options are available to help metal achieve stunning and eye-catching appearance.

          Notes: powder coated finish doesn’t suit all types of metals.

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            Applications For Perforated Metal Screen Panels

            Perforated Metal Screen Panels are used for a variety of applications. These panels are typically flat, but can be customized in shape and size to meet specific requirements. The various advantages of perforated metals make them a popular choice. Here are some of the common uses. Listed below are some of the benefits of perforated metal screens. Let us explore a few of them. Read on to discover more about the many uses of these screens!

            Architecture and site amenities: Perforated metal screens are often used in facades and screens, as well as metal signage and fences. They are also available in different colors and can be made from a variety of metals, including copper, zinc, and weathered steel. When choosing perforated metal panels, be sure to look for those that are rust-resistant. This will help them last longer.

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              Processes Of Making Perforated Metal Screen

              The processes of making decorative perforated metal screen panels vary depending on the material used. The different shapes available in perforation include round holes, squares, slotted holes, hexagons, and squares. While the perforating process used to be labor-intensive, it has been increasingly automated. Today, the process relies on three basic methods. These are the punch press, rotary pinned, and laser perforation.

              Perforated metal screen panels are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. They are produced by punching thousands of tiny holes into metal sheets. Their sizes, holes, and spacing are customizable depending on the material and design of the screen panel. Perforated metal screen panels are sold in panels, which makes installation easy. A reliable source for quality decorative perforated metal screen panels is TBK Metal, which offers many different sizes and features.

              Decorative metal panels can be engineered to accommodate multiple functions. They are not limited to new accomplishments but can be used to coat existing buildings to add a modern look. They are especially suitable for areas with wide-open spaces, such as hallways and lobbies. TBK Metal’s full-service approach includes design, fabrication, supply, and installation, and only that, the finished process is also available here.

              The Benefits Of Decorative Perforated Metal Screen Panels

              Perforated metal screens are used in architecture and other sites for a variety of purposes. These panels are often used as sunshades, cladding, infill panels, fencing screens, column covers, and more. Perforated metal panels allow architects to choose the exact hole size and placement for a particular design, adding visual appeal to the project. In addition to their durability and aesthetic appeal, perforated metal screens can also be aesthetically pleasing, allowing for greater creativity when creating buildings.


              When it comes to choosing a quality provider of perforated metal, you should turn to the experts at TBK Manufacturing. Not only do they have a wide variety of options for customizing panels, but their expertise and skill set ensure you get the best results possible. In addition to delivering top quality products, they offer superior service and exceptional value for money. If you are ready to get started with custom perforated metal screens, contact us today. Perforated metal screens can serve many purposes in buildings, from providing privacy to reducing exterior noise and foot traffic. From simple to intricate designs, perforated metal panels can be used in both ordinary and extraordinary settings. With more than 12 years of combined experience with metal and perforated screens, TBK Metal has the know-how and the experience to complete any custom perforation project. With the help of laser technology, custom perforation options are virtually endless. In addition, our custom finishing options give you creative freedom.

              Various Options

              Perforated metals are highly valued for their aesthetic appeal. This type of screen is also highly versatile, enabling it to fit into a variety of applications. Their ability to control interior climatic conditions is another key advantage. Perforated metal screens can be used to create an ambiance of quiet space, while also contributing to reduced noise levels. They are available for both indoor and outdoor applications. Screens can be manufactured with one, two, or three layers, with one or more repairable plates and bonding materials. Another option is to utilize a sandwich screen. This is made up of two fine-mesh screens supported by a calendered backing screen. The cross wires in the bottom screen prevent the free openings on the top screen from allowing oversize particles to get trapped.


              In addition to various functionalities and versatility, perforated metal screen provides durability for long useful life. Whether you choose a simple or complex design, the durability of these screen panels makes them an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. These screens are also incredibly easy to maintain, and they can withstand many years of use without requiring any maintenance. Perforated aluminium screens have several benefits. Unlike most screens, they do not distort. Because they are made from high grade aluminium alloy, they are a perfect option for enhancing appearance. These panels can be fabricated in various thicknesses according to bespoke order. Unlike cheaper, mass-produced screens, they can be customized to fit your requirements. You can also find panels in a variety of styles and colors, including metallic and solid colors.


              The Eco-friendliness of perforated panel metal has long been a major concern for building owners, who are progressively demanding that their buildings use environmentally friendly materials. In addition to using recycled metal, these panels use less metal than metal panels, saving between 10 and 40% in the production process. In addition, they are less heavy, requiring less fuel than metal panels. TBK Metal is proud of its efforts to make its products more environmentally friendly. The eco-friendliness of perforated metal screens is a significant factor for many industries. The energy efficiency of a building can be improved by using metal panels, and the use of perforated panels can reduce indoor lighting requirements. Additionally, the use of these screens can add a dramatic visual impact to a building, transforming an ordinary feature into an attractive, sustainable one. In fact, perforated panels are a great way to improve the appearance of a building, too!

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