Decorative Metal Panel Systems

Elevate your surroundings with our exquisite decorative metal panels, meticulously fashioned from top-tier metal sheets. Brimming with durability and lightweight attributes, these panels are treated to withstand corrosion and rust, guaranteeing enduring allure. Embrace an eclectic selection of patterns and finishes, tailoring your style effortlessly. Adorn walls, ceilings, screens, handrails, and beyond with their ingenuity, infusing your spaces with a harmonious blend of aesthetics and utility that is sure to captivate and enhance your environment.

Metal Ceiling | Decorative Metal Panel Systems Fabricator | TBK Metal

Metal Ceiling

Leveraging our mastery in fabrication and cutting-edge design, we deliver metal ceiling systems that effortlessly blend exceptional functionality with breathtaking aesthetics. Our holistic solutions cater to the dynamic needs of architects, contractors, and designers, offering unparalleled flexibility. Employed extensively across diverse settings – from opulent hotel lobbies and expansive conference halls to chic retail spaces, efficient offices, and vibrant school classrooms – our metal ceiling products elevate myriad commercial projects.

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    Stainless Steel Column Covers & Wraps | TBK Metal - Best Top 10 Manufacturers

    Metal Column

    Stainless steel or metal column covers boast an extensive lifespan, featuring flawlessly smooth surfaces that discreetly mask unattractive support columns. The stainless steel covers are artfully designed to seamlessly enhance any aesthetic scheme. You can then opt for the ideal finish to grace your columns. These are often referred to as stainless steel column wraps, comprising numerous meticulously crafted pieces that elegantly...

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      Aluminium Ceiling | Custom Architectural Metal Roofing Systems | TBK Metal - Top 10 Companies In China

      Metal Roofing

      In today's market, a diverse array of metal roofing options awaits your consideration. Encompassing a wide spectrum of metals, styles, sizes, colors, and finishes, metal roofing offers a versatile range of choices. Each variant boasts distinct characteristics, advantages, and some constraints. Familiarizing yourself with these nuances empowers you to discern the ideal fit for your project or upgrade. With a wealth of experience in the field, we guide you in making an informed decision.

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        Stainless Steel Fixed Bollards | TBK Metal - Top 10 Manufactuers In China

        Stainless Steel Bollard

        Stainless steel bollard posts find versatile application indoors and outdoors, boasting corrosion resistance and an elegant stainless finish. Crafted with welded stainless steel, they seamlessly enhance doorways, corners, and egress routes. Variants include fixed, removable, and retractable types, each showcasing robust durability and impact resistance. However, regular maintenance is crucial to ensure their prolonged functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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          Custom Stainless Steel Grating (SS Grating) | TBK Metal

          Stainless Steel Grating

          TBK Metal presents stainless steel grating known for its exceptional robustness, ensuring extended utility. Its remarkable resistance against rust and corrosion renders it an excellent choice for diverse architectural purposes in extremely humid and corrosive settings. Its suitability extends to commercial kitchens, food processing facilities, chemical plants, sewage treatment centers, and oil refineries, demonstrating its adaptability and reliability.

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            Custom Solutions for Decorative Metal Panel Systems

            At TBK Metal, our prowess extends beyond stainless steel grating. We’ve meticulously developed an intricate system for crafting decorative metal panels, embodying both precision and innovation. Our collection showcases a myriad of designs, each a masterpiece of high artistry and functionality. Dissimilar to ordinary offerings, our forte lies in bespoke metal panels, meticulously tailored to elevate interior aesthetics and architectural undertakings.

            With a keen eye for detail, we imbue decorative metal panels with practicality, offering an extensive array of styles and functionalities that cater to diverse applications. Backed by our seasoned engineering team, we go the extra mile to ensure convenience and safety in the transportation and installation of these ornamental marvels.

            By devising optimal structural solutions, we mitigate challenges, allowing our clients to effortlessly translate inspiration into tangible elegance. From intricate latticework adorning contemporary spaces to robust cladding protecting industrial edifices, our panels serve as a testament to our commitment to innovation, quality, and unparalleled design. With TBK Metal as your creative collaborator, the journey from conception to realization becomes a seamless and gratifying experience.

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              Fabrication of Decorative Metal Panel Systems

              TBK Metal has a powerful team that not only owns fabricating experts that can make a variety of decorative metal panel products, but also has experienced installers that can install nearly all types of ceilings, interior walls, and handrails for numerous famous projects in China, even projects located in Middle-East Countries and all over the world. We help customers fabricate a wide range of decorative metal panels with different patterns and styles as follow:

              Perforated Metal Sheet | TBK Metal

              Perforated Metal Sheet

              Perforated metal sheet is a decorative type of metal sheet products processed by some alternative pattern shape punching fabricating works, it is easy to fabricate an opening hole in wide varieties of shapes and patterns. This allows you ...

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              Laser Cut Metal Sheet | TBK Metal

              Laser Cut Metal Sheet

              Laser cut metal sheet is fabricated with laser cutting process, which is the extremely effective way to cut sheet metal, and it’s also called CNC laser cutting or laser beam cutting. For most fabricators, using the laser cutting process is the favorable solution ...

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              Embossed Metal Sheet | Decorative Patterned Sheet Metal | TBK Metal

              Embossed Metal Sheet

              Embossed metal sheet is a decorative type of metal sheet fabricated with a embossing process that leaves concave-convex patterns and designs. When embossed metal sheets are fabricated, the metal sheets pass through between a pair ...

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              Custom Water Ripple Stainless Steel Sheet | TBK Metal - Top 10 Manufacturers

              Water Ripple Stainless Steel

              TBK Metal provides a diverse range of water ripple stainless sheets & metal sheets, which come with an exclusive style that looks like a water ripple effect. They are all appealing, functional, and durable, used in a variety of applications such as ceilings, ...

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              Expanded Metal Sheet | Decorative Patterned Sheet Metal | TBK Metal

              Expanded Metal Sheet

              Expanded metal sheet is fabricated with a combinative process of slitting and stretching to make numerous diamond-shaped opening holes on it. The sheet metal options can be aluminium, stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper, or other metal materials ...

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              Corrugated Metal Sheet | Decorative Patterned Sheet Metal | TBK Metal

              Corrugated Metal Sheet

              Corrugated metal sheet is made of industrial metal piece with regular ripple shape design which is like a series of waves. It’s generally used for architectural applications such as roofing, siding, wainscoting, fencing, etc. As corrugated metal sheets ...

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              Throughout this decade, TBK Metal strategically established fabrication facilities and marketing enterprises abroad. This deliberate expansion fosters enhanced accessibility to local clientele, facilitating a deeper comprehension of their unique needs. This, in turn, empowers our adept personnel to swiftly grasp and address project challenges, resulting in expedited and effective solutions.

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                Surface Finishes of Decorative Metal Panel Systems

                Surface finishes play a pivotal role in enhancing building aesthetics and function. They offer a variety of options catering to diverse needs, yet each finish has distinct characteristics, performance levels, and costs. Not all finishes suit all metals, making it crucial to align your specific requirements when selecting the ideal finish for your decorative metal panels, ensuring a harmonious blend of beauty and practicality for your building projects.

                Brushed Metal Sheet | Stainless Steel Finishes | TBK Metal

                Brushed Metal Sheet

                The surface texture of brushed metal sheet looks like hairline, so it’s also called hairline finished metal sheet, it’s dully polished with a metal bristle brush, which is turning on a wheel or belt that moves in the same direction when polishing the metal surface ...

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                Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet | TBK Metal - Top 10 Manufacturers

                Mirror Metal Sheet

                Mirror metal sheet is mainly use stainless steel as the substrate for a highly polishing process, it can help the surface achieve to a shiny, bright, and highly reflective effects that look like a mirror. This is processed by directionally polishing with some abrasive ...

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                Etched Stainless Steel Sheet | Etched Metal Sheet | TBK Metal

                Etched Metal Plate

                Etched metal plate is also known as engraved metal sheet, as the engraved patterns and designs on it are achieved with etching method, which is a chemical process. This type of fabrication is widely used for various decoration and furniture ...

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                Sandblasted Metal Sheet | Aluminium Finishes | TBK Metal

                Sandblasted Metal Sheet

                Sandblasting process is that the metal surface is hit by some abrasive materials (such as sand, walnut shells, metal soda ash, etc.) which are forced at high speeds to clean and treat the surfaces. The surface of the metal sheet or plate comes with an ...

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                Powder Coated Metal Sheet | Sheet Metal Finishes | TBK Metal

                PVDF Coated Metal Sheet

                PVDF coated aluminium sheet is one of the innovative types of powder coated metal sheets. PVDF coating is a type of paint that is applied to the surface of the sheet, which is a mixture of polyester and fluorocarbon. PVDF coated aluminum sheets are ...

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                Anodized Metal Sheet | Metal Surface Finishes | TBK Metal

                Anodized Metal Sheet

                Anodizing finish is a processing combination of electrolytic & chemical, it can help process the metal surface with a layer of natural oxide layer, which can make the appearance with decorative effect, and improve its resistance to corrosion and oxidation ...

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                With extensive expertise in crafting decorative metal items, TBK Metal adeptly understands and fulfills customer demands. We consistently enhance finishing quality to ensure satisfaction, driven by years of manufacturing and marketing experience. Our surface services cater to both finished and semi-finished sheet metal, accommodating small or batch orders. Expect premium quality and unwavering stability in all our offerings.

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                  Benefits of Decorative Metal Panels

                  With an array of patterns and finishes to choose from, our metal panels offer the perfect fit for your desired style. Ideal for enhancing interior aesthetics, these panels lend buildings a sleek, contemporary look. In the realm of design, metal has emerged as a coveted choice, surpassing other materials. Discover the advantages of incorporating metal decorative panels in your upcoming projects or renovations:

                  Flexible Design

                  Metal panels can be widely used for interior and exterior improvement of structure and decoration, such as ceiling, walls, dividers, roofing, railings. In addition to the natural metallic colors or styles, decorative metal panels can be finished with bright or dark solid colors, wooden grains, and some art patterns. And the metal panels can be made in many different dimensions and shapes according to project requirements.

                  Versatile Purposes

                  The versatility of decorative metal panels allows seamless installation both indoors and outdoors. In the past, prefabricated metal panels were confined to vertical placement. Today, design innovation has transcended installation limitations, offering panels that can be positioned both horizontally and vertically, opening doors to diverse and captivating styles. Furthermore, modern lightweight alternatives have emerged, rendering heavy antiquated products replaceable with newly designed counterparts.

                  Easy Installation

                  Efficient installation translates to significant time and cost savings. Prolonged projects inflate expenses. Metal panel installation outpaces alternatives, curbing labor and time expenditures. Opting for metal panels means streamlined installation, reducing both time investment and associated expenses.

                  Low Maintenance

                  The longevity of the decorative metal panel spans several decades, preserving both its visual allure and structural robustness. Minimal upkeep and repair requirements further enhance its durability. Yet, in regions characterized by harsh weather patterns, periodic inspections become advisable to preempt wear and tear.


                  Opting for metal as the primary medium for decorative panels stands as a prudent decision embraced by both manufacturers and end-users alike. Metal's innate malleability facilitates seamless fabrication. This encompasses an array of metal variants like stainless steel, aluminium, copper, galvanized steel, and beyond. A plethora of hues, textures, and designs further enrich the palette, affording users an expansive spectrum of choices to explore and indulge in.


                  Metal stands as an eco-conscious choice for architectural and decorative ventures. Its recyclability upon refurbishment underscores its environmental affinity, fostering sustainable practices and curbing waste and pollution effectively.

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