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As you step into the market, metal roofing is defined by several styles colors, and finishes of the different metals that they represent. Every choice is imbued with some characteristics, benefits as well as downsides that must be considered when choosing the right roofing solution – for your project or replacement. 

Our company has many years in the roofing industry and we provide popular decorative as well as architectural metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, galvanized, etc. With our expertise, quality supplies are guaranteed for your roofing needs as we commit to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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    Metal Roofing Systems


    Explore our Amazing Designs

    Explore different types of metal roofs focusing on the major characteristics and advantages each consists. Combinations of roofing panels made of stainless steel and aluminum offer lightweight properties, besides affordable thermal benefits that are durable. Show what is the best roofing system for your project specifications and environmental problems.

    Aluminium Ceiling | Custom Architectural Metal Roofing Systems | TBK Metal - Top 10 Companies In China

    Aluminium Roofing

    Aluminium roofing has the perfect combination of being flexible and durable thus having corrosion resistance capability as well as high thermal qualities. They get well accepted in the case of residential and commercial projects where their adaptability, energy efficiency as well as recycling sustainability make them preferably appealing.

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    Galvanized Ceiling | Custom Architectural Metal Roofing Systems | TBK Metal - Top 10 Companies In China

    Galvanized Steel Roofing

    Galvanized steel roofing enjoys a protective zinc coating which makes them more durable and resistant to corrosion. Their low price, do-it-yourself installations, and durability make them suitable for all manner of architectural designs as well as climates; providing a safe bet with almost any circumstances where roofing is required.

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    Stainless Steel Ceiling | Custom Architectural Metal Roofing Systems | TBK Metal - Top 10 Companies In China

    Stainless Steel Roofing

    The reliability stems from the fact that stainless is a durable material that can be used in tough conditions since it protects against corrosion. Resistant to the worst weather conditions, having minimum maintenance needs; these proved ideal for industrial and coast areas - most importantly indicating reliability as well as durability.

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    All these roofing systems can provide some benefits concerning their durability ability, resistance to corrosion, and flexibility. As such, the selection of a metal roofing category whether for industrial installations or residential settings and commercial construction is determined by project specifics along with weather conditions while looking attractive.

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      Metal Roofing Panels

      Surface Finishes

      A Wide Range of Color Options

      Find out about a variety of metal roofing panel surface finishers, varied with different features and aesthetic character. Whether you are looking for the lasting performance that PVDF provides, or from a cost-effective perspective with options such as Polyester and Acrylic, locate your perfect coatings to enhance durability and appearance in any rooftop project.

      PVDF Finish

      The PVDF coatings are highly celebrated for their excellent durability and long-lasting color retention properties. Not affected by any elements including fading, chalking and chemical damage they embody high performance and enduring aesthetics in architectural projects offering long-term visual stability.

      Polyester Finish

      Polyester coatings are a good alternative if you are shopping on a budget, they promise excellent color retention and weather resistance. Suitable for both residential and light commercial enterprises, these coatings find a happy medium between the basic protection and the appeal of ornamentation, to suit various projects.

      Acrylic Finish

      Acrylic coatings which are known for their good durability and color retention give a cheaper alternative for metal roofing panels. They are used frequently in areas where effectiveness and cost are important such as temporary setups or areas with low traffic where practicality and affordability take priority.

      The options in surface finishes for metal roofing panels, as mentioned above offer custom-designed solutions to individualized project needs. Whatever the focus – be it durability, affordability, or aesthetic appeal – these finishes give you versatility and performance that add to any roofing job in terms of style as well as function.

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        Metal Roofing System

        Considerations for Metal Roofing Material

        How to Choose Material for Your Metal Roofing System

        Considering the material for your metal roofing is crucially important but you must consider different factors. It comprises of durability of the roof to weather extremes and effects on costs and aesthetics over time, material ability to enhance your property’s beauty, and at the same time structural stability and green-house friendly.


        Pick materials reputed for their strength and resistance to harsh weather. This keeps your roof undamaged and strong in its resistance to the harsh elements thus providing long-term quality protection to your building without frequent replacement.


        To calculate the affordability, see the initial cost, periodic maintenance charges, and possible energy savings. This complete assessment makes sure that the metal roof you go for is economical and a sound long-term investment.

        Aesthetic Appeal

        Choose a substance that matches your residence’s architecture and visually improves its look thus selecting materials with different colors and textures. This guarantees your metal roofing system to integrate seamlessly with your design visual concept.


        Evaluate your building's structural strength and pick the material following its strength load-bearing capacity. This kind of measure is taken proactively and avoids the chances of problems to arise thus having good commencement for your metal roofing system.

        Energy Efficiency

        Choose materials that possess reflecting coatings or thermal insulation characteristics, and thus decrease heat absorption hence decreasing cooling costs in the summer. In doing so we create a comfortable environment at the same time promoting energy efficiency.

        Environmental Impact

        Select sustainably friendly materials first of all, made from recycled stuff, if possible, to help with sustainability initiatives and minimize your carbon footprint. Practice environmental accountability reflecting your sustainability efforts.

        Installation Complexity

        Look at the installation simplicity and if you need specialized skills or tools to install the selected product. The comprehension of these aspects aids in forecasting the possible delays and cost impacts hence the entire metal roofing project will be smooth and efficient.

        Warranty and Maintenance

        Go through warranties and maintenance instructions to know the level of protection and care to extend the life of your metal roofing system. This profound information results in practice maintenance, which offers the best quality in the long term.

        Based on the mentioned factors you can make a logical decision that accounts for the budgetary limitations and your taste preferences at the same time. By this same approach, you will next stand to be offered a menu of the pertaining metal roofing options to meet and accomplish the set present and future functions of your building.

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          Elevating Architecture with Custom Metal Roofing

          Raise architectural designs with custom metal roofing solutions made to fit your project’s vision. Ranging from streamlined and contemporary styles to detailed and elaborate motifs, metal roofing provides flexible options in terms of visual appearance. Its flexibility allows them to create custom shapes and curves improving the looks of the building.

          Other than its aesthetic value, custom metal roofing is confidently durable and long-lasting. Using materials like stainless steel, aluminum, and copper, architects can blend unique designs with strength. The roofs can withstand different harsh weather conditions and stay at their pristine look for a long time to ensure a classy design and functionality.

          Custom metal roofing integration provides architects with limitless creativity and innovation. Does it matter what detail, what special shape, or what sustainable material is being used, metal roofing offers so many possibilities to turn architectural ideas into real objects that without a doubt, it becomes an essential component of each building.

          TBK Metal: Your Trusted Choice Among Metal Roofing Companies

          With TBK Metal you will find our company among the metal roofing companies that are trusted because of our professionalism in the work and our attitude toward quality. Having 15 years of industry experience, we specialize in supplying excellent metal roofing solutions made according to your unique needs and desires.

          Precisely, at TBK Metal quality is the core of all our services. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority starting with the 1st consultation through the final installation. Our highly qualified professionals always aim for perfection of quality and dependability, thus making us your unique choice for all your metal roofing installations.

          When you go for TBK Metal, it’s more than just having a roof, it’s having peace of mind. Unlike other roofing companies who come in, TBK Metal will give you the integrity, transparency, and satisfaction you will not find elsewhere. Trust in us for our history of commendable outputs built on our heritage of quality and customer satisfaction.

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            Benefits in Commercial Applications

            Highlights of Metal Roofing Systems

            Excellent Performance

            Metal roofing panels are very high in their strength, energy efficiency, and lower maintenance. Their fire-resistant and environmentally friendly properties in combination with the variety of styles and colors make this type a secure if not to say esthetically pleasing decision for any facility. The impressive life expectancy provides a durable, cost-effective long-term solution.


            Due to their tremendous life span metal roofs withstand tough climatic conditions. They offer assuring resilience against heavy winds, torrential downpours, and a dumping of snow as well. Not to worry for property owners with these installed!

            Resistance to Mold and Mildew

            Due to their natural properties, metal roofing materials are normally antithetical to mold and mildew growth conditions; this provision creates a healthier indoor atmosphere besides the reduced labor that is related to combating fungal infestations.

            Energy Efficiency

            Appropriate application of reflective coatings also assists in minimizing heat absorption thereby leading to reduced cooling costs especially when mounted on high latitudes and enhancing energy performance for architectural metal roofing systems.

            Low Maintenance

            Metal roofs require very little maintenance relieving homeowners from the day-to-day care necessary with such options as shingles. Cost savings in the long term not only help to make it much easier for homeowners but take a load off their shoulders as well.

            Fire Resistance

            Metal roofing systems also offer not only peace of mind but also non-combustible which means the least fire risk as well. This function emphasizes the compatibility of these products for safety-oriented home residents and managers which would be the point.

            Environmentally Friendly

            Encouraged by sustainability, metal roofs provide recycled content as being environmentally friendly. Since they last long, such roofs might be recycled at the end of their lifetime thus lowering even more its ecological footprint and making a greener world.


            Uncover the many possibilities that architectural metal roofing provides, featuring various types, colors, and finishes developed to correspond with different styles of architecture. Look at alternatives that can blend easily with the classic, modern, or contemporary style.

            Metal roofs come with a variety of advantages; durability, energy efficient performance, low maintenance nature, fireproof characteristics, and hence environmental friendliness as well as design versatility alongside long-lasting warranties. All these all-round benefits make metal roofing the best choice for both domestic and commercial purposes.

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              Frequently Asked Questions


              Frequently Asked Questions

              Go deep into the architectural metal roofing concept with a guide to frequently asked questions. If you have questions related to noise levels, rust issues, or the life expectancy of these cutting-edge roofs then this complete guide is created to address some universal queries that could aid individuals in choosing the right residence or fledgling project.

              As technology in the way of design started to progress so insulation and underlayment were introduced into modern metal roofs that helped prevent rain noise; hence helping maintain a quiet environment. This intentional construction builds on the comfort and at the same time discards with legendary misconception of metal roofs being noisy.

              Metal roofs do not attract lightning, there is no increased probability of strikes nor any heightened danger in the event of a strike. Being non-flammable, these rods can keep beneficial energy dispersal and practically become the most appropriate solution for home protection.

              Metal roofs are treated to prevent rust thus making them durable. Keeping up routine maintenance and choosing anti-rust metals for instance aluminum or galvanized steel enhance the protection from corrosion making sure your investment is safe for decades to come.

              Such is a yes, metal roofing can be strutted upon suavely. By using the soft sole shoe and walking softly over areas in between ribs or panels you can spread your body weight to prevent any damage.

              With proper installation and maintenance, Metal roofing panels can last 40-70 years or even more being one of the longest-lasting types of possible coverings for a building.

              Yes, the metal is more expensive than shade shingles that wear off faster but the fact remains that they are of better value. Thus their lifespans generally fit with labor costs and lower replacement expenses, hence they are economical.

              One of the examples where metal roofings are thus misconstrued is in their safety during a lightning strike. Contrary to the common misconception they do not attract lightning and equally can disrupt electronics with other roofing materials that are available on the market today.

              Yes, They are often made from recycled materials which can be reused after reaching their end of life span reducing environmental impact. In addition, their energy conservation contributes to the lowering of consumption.

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