High-Quality Metal Transition Strips
for 8/10/12mm

Our specially crafted brushed metal T molding transition strips cater specifically to 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm tiles, ensuring a seamless connection between different flooring surfaces. Premium brushed metal components guarantee both durability and aesthetic appeal. With a tight fit and easy installation, these strips create a robust link between floors. The modern and sleek appearance of the brushed metal finish complements any decor style. Versatile and suitable for various applications, they work wonders in both residential and commercial settings, adapting effortlessly to different requirements. Embrace the sophistication and functionality of these transition strips for an elegant and smooth flooring solution.


Material:Aluminium, Stainless Steel
Color:Square/Round/L Shape/U Shape/T Shape/Ramp Shape, etc.
Height:8/10/12mm / Customized.
Thickness:0.5-2.0 mm / Customizable
Length:2.4/2.5/2.7/3 Meters
Packing:Plastic film for each piece, outside with carton
Applications:Ceramic tile edge protection & decoration

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    Premium Quality


    The Durable and Low-Maintenance Solution for Kitchen and Bathroom Spaces

    In residential spaces, metal T molding transition strips seamlessly connect tile and hardwood flooring, offering protection and an attractive finish. In commercial settings, they serve as durable barriers between different flooring materials, maintaining a professional and polished appearance.

    • Flooring transitions: To connect two distinct types of flooring surfaces, such as tile to carpet, wood to tile, or laminate to tile, T molding transition strips are frequently utilized. The strip’s metal design provides a strong and long-lasting solution.
    • Edge protection: The borders of tiled surfaces can also be shielded from harm or deterioration using metal T molding transition strips. This is especially helpful in places with plenty of foot activity.
    • Stair nosing:  Metal T molding transition strips serve as excellent stair nosing, ensuring a robust transition between steps. They are the best option for dependable and safe stairway protection due to their sturdy design and non-slip characteristics.
    • Wall base: Transition strips for T molding can also be used as a cove base or as a decorative wall base. Any decor style is complemented by the sleek and contemporary appearance of the metal construction.
    • Commercial applications: In commercial locations where high foot traffic and durability are important considerations, such as offices, retail establishments, and hospitals, metal T molding transition strips are frequently employed.

    Their sturdy build and attractive design make metal T molding transition strips an excellent choice for seamless transitions between different floors. From residential to commercial settings, their versatility shines through.

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      Optional Profiles

      Here are some more instances of decorative profiles that offer smooth transitions and stylish edges between flooring surfaces: quarter-round molding, stair nosing, bullnose trim, and corner guards. These versatile options add an extra touch of elegance and functionality to your flooring projects.

      • U shaped molding: Similar to T molding, U molding features a U-form as opposed to a T shape. It is frequently used to generate an expansion gap between two flooring surfaces or to connect two floors of the same height.
      • L shape tile trim: A seamless transition between flooring surfaces that meet at a 90-degree angle is achieved with an L molding profile. It is frequently employed at entrances and other locations where two rooms converge.
      • Quarter round molding: Small, decorative molding known as quarter-round molding is used to make a seamless transition between flooring and walls. Installations of hardwood and laminate floors frequently employ it.
      • Triangle molding: In order to provide a beautiful edge or transition between flooring surfaces or walls, triangle molding is a form of a profile. It is frequently used at corners and other places where two surfaces intersect at an angle and has a triangular shape.
      • Stair nosing:  Stair nosing also referred to as a profile, provides secure and appealing edges for stair steps. It suits various settings—residential or commercial—offered in metal, wood, PVC, and other versatile materials to complement any staircase design.

      These transitions provide limitless opportunities for establishing a smooth and seamless mix between various flooring surfaces thanks to the abundance of decorative profiles that are available. Beyond their practical function, they also add an extra layer of protection and decorative charm, elevating the overall aesthetic of your space.

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        The Benefits of Metal T Molding Transition Strips

        Metal T molding transition strips offer several benefits as below: Enhanced durability for high-traffic areas, protection against edge chipping, smooth transition between floors, and the ability to withstand temperature changes. Their timeless appeal and ease of maintenance make them a top choice for both residential and commercial settings.


        The exceptional durability of metal T molding transition strips is attributed to their top-notch materials like aluminum, brass, or stainless steel. Ideal for high-traffic areas, they effortlessly endure heavy foot traffic and remain resistant to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance.


        Metal T molding transition strips shield your flooring's borders from wear and tear brought on by people, furniture, and other objects. Additionally, they stop moisture from penetrating your flooring's edges, which could result in warping or other damage.


        With an array of colors and finishes to choose from, metal T molding transition strips exude style, becoming a chic enhancement for any room. Elevate your flooring with a hint of sophistication and enjoy the polished, refined appearance they bring to your space.


        Metal T molding transition strips may be more expensive than other types of transition strips, but they provide long-term cost benefits by requiring fewer repairs or replacements overall. The transition strips for metal T molding are long-lasting, so you won't need to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

        Easy installation

        The straightforward installation process of metal T molding transition strips demands only basic tools. Swiftly installed and easily cut to fit any length, they offer a hassle-free solution for achieving seamless flooring transitions.


        The versatility of metal T molding transition strips extends their benefits to residential, commercial, and industrial settings. These strips serve as ideal bridges between different flooring materials, like tile and carpet, while also seamlessly connecting various sections of the same flooring type.


        By lowering the possibility of trips and falls brought on by uneven flooring, metal T molding transition strips can further increase safety. Metal T molding transition strips remove the possibility of trip hazards by establishing a level, smooth transition between various types of flooring.

        Easy maintenance

        Metal T molding transition strips offer effortless maintenance and cleaning. With their low-maintenance nature, a damp cloth or mild cleaning agent is all you need to keep them looking pristine. Enjoy the convenience of a hassle-free and polished flooring solution.

        With their blend of strength, safety, and aesthetics, metal T molding transition strips present an excellent choice for enhancing your flooring. Whether you’re renovating your home or outfitting a commercial space, these strips provide a durable and cost-effective solution for seamless transitions between different floor surfaces. Elevate your installation with a touch of elegance and reliability using metal T molding transition strips.

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          A: This T molding transition strip serves as a vital flooring accessory, seamlessly bridging gaps between identical or different flooring materials. Commonly made from wood, metal, or plastic, it features a distinctive T-shaped profile for a polished finish.

          A: The T molding transition strip efficiently bridges gaps between identical flooring pieces or provides a seamless link between different flooring types. Moreover, it acts as a barrier, preventing moisture from seeping in and protecting the edges from potential damage.

          A: Molding transition strips efficiently bridge different flooring types, including hardwood, laminate, tile, carpet, and vinyl, ensuring a seamless and polished transition throughout your living spaces.

          A: T molding Transition strips are normally placed with screws or adhesive. The type of flooring and the precise T-molding transition strip being utilized will determine the installation technique. For the best results, it’s crucial to adhere to the manufacturer’s installation guidelines.

          A: Metal T molding transition strips encompass a plethora of benefits: lasting durability, aesthetic charm, easy installation, and adaptable usage. They excel in commercial and high-traffic areas, providing robust protection, cost-effectiveness, low-maintenance appeal, and efficient sound insulation.

          A: Consider your flooring type, thickness, color, and finish when selecting the proper T molding transition strip. To achieve a precise fit, take into account the molding’s breadth and height as well. It’s vital to select one that complements your flooring design and serves its purpose flawlessly.

          A: Whether transition strips for T moldings are reusable depends on their condition and installation method. If the T molding has sustained damage or was permanently bonded, reusability might not be possible. However, with proper care and installation, they can often be used again when needed.

          A: If they are not installed correctly or if they become loose over time, T molding transition strips have the potential to constitute a trip hazard. To ensure appropriate installation and safety, pick a high-quality T molding according to the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

          A: Transition strips for T molding are often made for clean transitions between flooring types. For curved or angled transitions, certain manufacturers do, however, offer flexible T molding transition strips. It’s crucial to choose a T molding specifically made for the kind of transition you require.

          A: T molding Transition strips are typically low-maintenance and can be cleaned as needed with a moist cloth or mild cleaning agent. It’s crucial to refrain from using any abrasive cleaners or tools that can harm the T-molding or the nearby flooring material.

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            Ideal Manufacturing Solutions

            TBK Metal

            A Stainless Steel Fabricator for & Decorative Profiles

            TBK Metal is a leading stainless steel fabricator specializing in the development and creation of premium metal transition strips. TBK Metal is dedicated to offering consumers outstanding products that are both strong and beautiful. The company has years of experience and competence in the sector.

            With an extensive range of metal transition strips and decorative profiles, TBK Metal caters to diverse flooring systems. Elevate any space with a touch of elegance and sophistication using their decorative profiles, and ensure a safe and smooth transition between different flooring types with their seamless transition strips.

            At TBK Metal, our state-of-the-art facilities enable us to manufacture transition strips and profiles in stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper with a wide range of finishes. Whether you prefer sleek and contemporary or traditional styles, we offer diverse designs to match every taste.

            At TBK Metal, unparalleled customer service is our priority. We work hand in hand with every client, understanding their unique needs. Our expertise lies in delivering tailor-made solutions, ensuring the exact aesthetics and performance desired for their flooring projects.

            TBK Metal offers top-tier metal transition strips and decorative profiles, perfect for those prioritizing quality, reliability, and style. Their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and exceptional craftsmanship sets them apart in the industry, making them a preferred choice for both residential and commercial flooring projects.

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