Aluminum Square External Corner Tile Trim

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A square corner tile trim that is both aesthetically pleasing and protectively enhancing is used to complete the outer corners of tiled surfaces. Use with tiles that are 8mm, 10mm, or 12mm thick is intended. The trim’s endurance and damage resistance are guaranteed by the high-quality aluminum utilized in its production. The square shape of external tile trim offers the finished installation a neat, modern look while enabling a seamless transition from the wall to the tiled surface. Any tiled surface looks better overall with the addition of the trim, which is easy to install and offers a polished finish. It works perfectly in a variety of settings, including kitchens, baths, and other tiled places.


Material:Aluminium Alloy
Color:Silver/Golden/Bronze/Black Titanium/Rose Gold/Champagne, etc.
Height:8/10/12 mm / Customizable
Thickness:0.5-2.0 mm / Customizable
Length:2.4/2.5/2.7/3 Meters
Packing:Plastic film for each piece, outside with carton
Applications:Ceramic tile edge protection & decoration

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    Premium Quality


    The Durable and Low-Maintenance Solution for Kitchen and Bathroom Spaces

    To provide the tilework with a neat, polished edge, external corner tile trim is a sort of finishing material used in tiling projects. Listed below are a few uses for external corner tile trim:

    • Corner protection: External corner tile trim is made to keep the tiled surface’s corners from breaking or getting damaged.
    • Increasing aesthetics: The tiled surface looks tidy and polished when exterior corner tile trim is used. It assists in giving the tiling process a more polished appearance.
    • Constructing contrast: External corner tile trim is available in a variety of hues and finishes that can be employed to set off the tilework. When utilized with tiles that have a single hue or are monochromatic, this can be really effective.
    • Creating a border: A tiled area can be framed or have a border made using external corner tile trim. This might be helpful to draw attention to a certain aspect of the tiled surface, like a backsplash or accent wall.
    • Facilitating simple cleaning: By preventing dirt and grime from settling in the corners, external corner tile trim can make it simpler to clean the tiled surface.

    In general, external corner tile trim is an adaptable finishing substance that can improve the look and toughness of tiled surfaces.

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      Other Optional Profiles

      In addition to square tile trim, aluminum trim is offered in a number of shapes and patterns to satisfy a range of installation requirements and aesthetic preferences. Here are a few popular styles and varieties of aluminium tile trim:

      • Round shape tile trim: Tile trim in a round shape has a rounded edge as opposed to square edge trim, which can give it a softer, more ornamental aspect. It can be used to polish the edges of tiles on walls, countertops, and other surfaces where a rounded profile is desired.
      • L shape tile trim: Tile trim in the shape of a “L” is shaped at an angle. It is typically used to protect and finish the edges of tiles that meet at a corner, such as those on the outside corners of walls or countertops.
      • U shape tile trim: U shape tile trim, which has a profile in the shape of a U, is used to protect and finish the edges of tiles that are surrounded on three sides, such as the edges of tiles on the top of a countertop or the edge of a stair.
      • T shape tile trim: The edges of tiles that meet at a T-junction, such as the edges of tiles where a wall and a floor meet or where two different types of tiles meet, are protected and finished with T-shaped tile trim. It has a T-shaped profile with a vertical section and a top section that is horizontal.
      • Floor ramp trim: Floor ramp trim, also known as transition trim, is used to create a smooth transition between two different flooring surfaces, such as when a tile floor meets a carpeted or vinyl floor. The profile is typically sloped, enabling a seamless transition between the two surfaces.

      These are just a few examples of the many different styles and variations of aluminum tile trim that are available on the market. By safeguarding the tile edges and enhancing the overall appearance of the finished product, they can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of tile installations.

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        The Benefits of Square External Corner Tile Trim

        The corners of tiled surfaces can be beautifully finished off with square external corner tile trim, especially in high-traffic areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and commercial settings. The advantages of employing square external corner tile trim include the following:


        Protecting tile edges from wear and tear or impact damage is the main purpose of square exterior corner tile trim. It aids in preventing tile chipping or cracking, which can happen as a result of continuous foot activity or unintentional impacts.


        Square external corner tile trim is incredibly long-lasting and durable since it is composed of strong materials like PVC, stainless steel, or aluminum. Because of their corrosion resistance and ability to survive moisture contact, these materials are ideal for use in damp environments like bathrooms and kitchens.

        Easy to install

        Installing square external corner tile trim is not particularly difficult and doesn't call for any specialized equipment or expertise. It just needs to be cut to size and adhered to the tile edge using glue or nails. This makes it a well-liked option for both expert installers and DIY enthusiasts.


        Many square external corner tile trims are constructed from sustainable materials like PVC or recycled aluminum. Because of this, consumers who care about the environment and want to lessen their carbon footprint can consider them as a viable option.


        External tile trim in square shapes is low maintenance and simple to clean. It doesn't need any special cleaning supplies or methods; just a moist towel may be used to wipe away any dirt or grime.


        Square external corner tile trim is available in a range of colors, finishes, and sizes, making it a versatile option for different tile designs and styles. It can also be used to create interesting visual effects by combining different colors or finishes.


        Through the provision of a level and smooth surface for people to walk on, the installation of square exterior corner tile trim can also aid in the prevention of accidents. This is especially significant in locations where slip resistance is crucial, such as damp rooms or swimming pool surrounds.


        A practical solution that might help you save money in the long term is square external corner tile trim. By shielding the tile margins from harm, it might help to avoid the need for pricey tile replacement or repairs.


        The usage of square external corner tile trim can improve the tiled area's overall appearance. It gives the edges of the tiled surface a glossy, tidy, and clean appearance, making it appear more finished and polished.

        In conclusion, there are several advantages to employing square external corner tile trim. It offers cost-effectiveness, protection, durability, beauty, and safety, and is simple to install and maintain. A practical and adaptable solution that can improve the appearance and tensile strength of your tiled surfaces is square external corner tile trim, whether you are remodeling your bathroom, kitchen, or commercial space.

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          FAQs about Aluminum External Tile Trim

          A: A sort of edge protection made specifically for use on the exterior edges of tiled surfaces is aluminum external tile trim. It gives the tiled area a tidy and expertly finished appearance and is composed of extruded aluminum.

          A: By providing a level transition between the tiled surface and the surrounding floor, aluminum external tile trim lowers the risk of slips and falls while also protecting the external edges of the tiles from damage and giving the tiled area a clean, polished finish.

          A: Aluminum external tile trim comes in a variety of styles, including straight, corner, end, and expansion joint trim. Each kind is created to fulfill a certain requirement throughout the tiling process.

          A: Aluminum external tile trim is installed by cutting the trim to the appropriate length, applying adhesive to the trim’s back, and pushing the trim firmly against the tiled surface. The trim can be fastened in place with screws or other fasteners.

          A: Trim made of aluminum for exterior tiling is simple to maintain and clean with a wet cloth or sponge. Use of abrasive or acidic cleansers should be avoided because they can harm the trim’s surface.

          A: Yes, with the use of a suitable metal paint, aluminum external tile trim can be painted. Prior to painting the trim, it is crucial to make sure that it is clean and free of dust and debris and that the paint has had the time to dry completely.

          A: To accommodate various tile thicknesses and edge profiles, aluminum external tile trim is offered in a variety of sizes. The sizes 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 15mm are typical.

          A: Most hardware stores and home improvement retailers sell aluminum exterior tile trim. It is also offered by a number of retailers online.

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            Ideal Manufacturing Solutions

            TBK Metal

            A Custom-Made Manufacturer for Aluminum Tile Trim

            A maker of made-to-order products with a focus on aluminum tile trim is called TBK Metal. They offer a wide variety of tile trim solutions that may be customized to meet the unique needs and specifications of their clients. They use premium materials to create goods that are long-lasting, visually beautiful, and made to last.

            The highly trained employees of TBK Metal create their products using cutting-edge equipment and technology. To guarantee that the things they make fulfill their customers’ needs and expectations, they maintain a tight working relationship with them. TBK Metal is dedicated to giving its customers top-notch support, prompt delivery, and affordable prices.

            All things considered, TBK Metal is a superb option for anyone seeking for premium, specialized aluminum tile trim solutions. They are well-known in the business for providing top-notch goods and services.

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