Aluminum Metal Carpet Trim Profiles
with 8-12mm Height

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For finishing and safeguarding carpet edges, aluminum carpet trim profiles with a height range of 8–12 mm are useful and adaptable accessories. These trim profiles, which are made of top-notch aluminum, provide remarkable durability and resilience to wear and strain. With a sleek and polished finish, their narrow height range of 8–12mm makes them perfect for carpets of various thicknesses. Aluminum is a lightweight material that is sturdy and durable, enabling quick installation and reliable operation. These metal carpet trim profiles protect the carpeted regions from fraying and damage in addition to improving their aesthetic appeal. They provide a workable alternative for achieving a smooth transition between carpets and other flooring types thanks to their utility and contemporary style.


Material:Aluminium, Stainless Steel
Color:Square/Round/L Shape/U Shape/T Shape/Ramp Shape, etc.
Height:8/10/12 mm / Customized.
Thickness:1.0-2.0 mm / Customizable
Length:2.5/3.0 Meters
Packing:Plastic film for each piece, outside with carton
Applications:Ceramic tile edge protection & decoration

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    Premium Quality


    The Durable and Low-Maintenance Solution for Kitchen and Bathroom Spaces

    There are many uses for aluminum carpet trim profiles in both home and commercial environments. Here are a few typical examples:

    • Transition between carpet and other flooring: To make a seamless transition from carpeted areas to other flooring types, such as hardwood, tile, or laminate, aluminum carpet trim profiles are employed. They offer a neat, attractive edge and safeguard the carpet from tearing and other harm.
    • Stair edging: Staircase edges can be trimmed with aluminum carpet trim profiles for a safe and professional appearance. By offering a clearly defined edge and preventing carpet from slipping or coming loose on steps, they improve safety.
    • Door thresholds: To make a smooth transition between various rooms or spaces, these trim profiles are applied at entrances. They assist in avoiding trip risks and preserving the carpet’s quality.
    • Commercial spaces: Commercial structures like offices, hotels, and retail establishments frequently use aluminum carpet trim profiles. Particularly in high-traffic areas, they provide carpeted surfaces a polished and professional feel.
    • Decorative accents: Some aluminum carpet trim profiles include decorative patterns or finishes that can provide carpeted areas, like those in opulent homes or expensive businesses, with a touch of elegance and beauty.

    Aluminum carpet trim profiles provide a variety of applications to improve the appearance and tensile strength of carpeted surfaces, acting as both utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing decorations.

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      Optional Profiles

      To improve the look and functionality of different flooring transitions, a variety of other decorative profiles are available in addition to metal carpet trim. These consist of:

      • Carpet transition strips: The purpose of these strips is to offer a seamless transition between various carpets or between carpets and other flooring materials. They shield the carpet edges and lessen tripping dangers.
      • Tile transition strips: used to make a seamless change from one type of tile flooring to another or between tiles and other flooring materials. They provide a polished, finished appearance while guarding the tile edges.
      • Floor transition strips: These profiles are used to fill the gaps between various flooring materials, such as carpet and vinyl, laminate and tile, or hardwood and hardwood. They safeguard the floor’s margins while offering a seamless and aesthetically pleasing transition.
      • Tile edge trims: Tile edge trims are made expressly to provide tiled surfaces, such worktops, backsplashes, and shower walls, a tidy and completed edge. They provide a crisp, defined edge and protection against chipping.
      • Stair nosings: For a staircase’s edge to be secure and clearly defined, stair nosings are necessary. They improve visibility, guard the stair edges, and aid in preventing slippage. To complement the overall aesthetic of the staircase, they are available in a variety of materials and styles.

      Different flooring transition requirements are met by these optional ornamental profiles, which combine usefulness and aesthetics to create a seamless and aesthetically pleasing finish in a variety of settings.

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        The Benefits of Metal Carpet Trim Made of Aluminum

        Metal carpet trim made of aluminum has many benefits over competing materials. It is a great option for many residential and commercial applications due to its durability, corrosion resistance, lightweight design, aesthetic appeal, versatility, ease of maintenance, and affordability.


        Heavy foot traffic and wear and tear can be withstood by aluminum, a material that is incredibly resilient. It is perfect for high-traffic areas because it is less likely to bend, shatter, or warp.

        Corrosion resistance

        Because aluminum has a built-in resistance to corrosion, it won't corrode or degrade with time. This qualifies it for use in damp environments like bathrooms or outdoor installations.


        Aluminum is an environmentally friendly material since it is recyclable. Compared to other non-recyclable materials, it may be recycled multiple times without losing its qualities, minimizing the environmental impact.

        Aesthetically pleasing

        Aluminum carpet trim frequently has a sleek, contemporary design that gives any room a touch of elegance. It is offered in a variety of finishes, such as brushed, polished, or anodized, so you can pick the one that most closely suits your decor.


        Aluminum trim is available in a variety of profiles and shapes, allowing for creative flexibility. It can be utilized to make a seamless change from carpeted areas to other flooring choices, like tiles, wood, or vinyl. Additionally, it aids in shielding the carpet's borders from damage or fraying.

        Easy maintenance

        Trim made of aluminum is simple to maintain and clean. To keep it looking brand-new for longer, wipe it down with a moist towel or a mild cleaning solution to remove any dirt or stains.


        Compared to trim composed of other metals like brass or stainless steel, aluminum carpet trim is frequently less expensive. It provides an economical alternative without sacrificing quality or appearance.


        Due to its small weight, aluminum is simple to handle and install. When compared to heavier metals like brass or steel, it is very advantageous.

        Aluminum carpet trim has gained widespread acceptance in both residential and commercial settings due to its amazing mix of durability, appealing aesthetics, and affordability, serving the unique needs of customers in a variety of applications.

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          A: Metal strips or profiles known as aluminum carpet trim are created especially to give a seamless transition and finishing touch between carpeted regions and other flooring types. They are constructed from aluminum, a strong and lightweight material.

          A: Durability, corrosion resistance, light weight, aesthetic appeal, design flexibility, ease of maintenance, eco-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness are just a few advantages of aluminum carpet trim.

          A: Aluminum carpet trim is extremely robust and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Since it is designed to withstand wear and tear, it is suitable for high-traffic areas in both home and commercial settings.

          A: Installing aluminum carpet trim is not too difficult. It frequently comes with pre-drilled holes or adhesive backing, making installation simple. To ensure correct installation, it is advised to stick to product instructions or seek expert assistance.

          A: Yes, aluminum carpet trim resists corrosion, making outdoor installations possible. It won’t corrode or deteriorate even when exposed to moisture and harsh weather.

          A: Yes, aluminum carpet trim is available in a variety of profiles, forms, and finishes to accommodate differing design tastes. Common finishes offer a variety of options to meet the desired look, such as brushed, polished, or anodized.

          A: Aluminum can be recycled quite easily. It is an environmentally responsible option for carpet trim because it can be recycled numerous times without losing any of its qualities. Recycling aluminum reduces waste and has a little negative effect on the environment.

          A: Residential buildings, workplaces, retail establishments, lodging facilities, and other commercial settings are just a few places where aluminum carpet trim can be employed. It is frequently utilized at doorways, at the edges of stairs, at the transitions between various flooring types, and anywhere else a seamless carpet-to-floor transition is necessary.

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            Ideal Manufacturing Solutions

            TBK Metal

            Architectural Metal Fabricator for Metal Capet Trim

            A reputable architectural metal fabricator with expertise in the creation of metal carpet trim is TBK Metal. With years of expertise and a dedication to quality, TBK Metal has made a name for itself as a reliable supplier of high-end metal solutions for the building and design sector.

            Precision and craftsmanship are the cornerstones of TBK Metal’s business practices. They create metal transition strips that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also strong and long-lasting using cutting-edge production procedures and cutting-edge equipment. Each piece is painstakingly crafted by their team of talented artisans and engineers, who make sure that every requirement is fulfilled to the greatest standards of precision and quality.

            The commitment to personalization displayed by TBK Metal is one of its main advantages. They collaborate closely with architects, designers, and contractors to realize their vision since they are aware that each project is distinct. In order to meet various design needs, TBK Metal offers a wide range of alternatives, from choosing the appropriate metal finishes to constructing unique profiles and sizes. They stand out as a top resource for architects and designers looking for superior metal carpet trim due to their capacity to offer customized solutions.

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