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Aluminium Bullnose Border Tile Edge

For 8/10/12mm
Aluminium Bullnose Border Tile Edge Trim | TBK Metal

Aluminium bullnose border tile edge trim demonstrates a marvelous finishing profile suitable for 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm thick ceramic or porcelain tiles. Its round bullnose edge creates a gapless appearance to the surrounding material while at the same time protecting against chipping and cracking.

Sourced from rust-resistant, strong aluminum, this attractive trim revamps tiled surfaces by adding a modern touch. It can be installed in business premises and homes including bathrooms, kitchens, or living rooms. Easy installation with common hand tools and adhesive, makes it a viable and fashionable choice.

Material:Aluminum Alloy
Color:Silver/Golden/Bronze/Black Titanium/Rose Gold/Champagne, etc.
Height:8/10/12mm / Customized.
Thickness:0.5-2.0 mm / Customizable
Length:2.4/2.5/2.7/3 Meters
Packing:Plastic film for each piece, outside with carton
Applications:Ceramic tile edge protection & decoration

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    Premium Quality


    The Durable and Low-Maintenance Solution for Kitchen and Bathroom Spaces

    Bullnose tile edge trims are an ideal choice for ceramic, porcelain, and stone tile installations as they give their surface the finish of smoothness. It may be preferred for countertops, a backsplash, a staircase, and borders on the wall, it gives at once both practicality and aesthetics. Its utility and clean look are considered the minimalist style desired by many design projects.

    Wall tiles

    Bathrooms, kitchens, and other rooms with tile walls in many cases use bullnose trim as a finish at the edge. This function takes care of the tile from chips and cracks while also performing the neat edge finishing making it smooth and well-completed.

    Shower stalls

    Bullnose border tile edge trim is a great profile option that you can use as finishing for exposed tile edges on shower stalls more often. So it avoids damaging the walls with the water coming in contact with the spacers between the tiles.


    To have a tiled countertop sometimes bullnose tile edge trim is acquired to finish with. This guarantees the usability of the countertop, it should look seamless and glossy and at the same time protect the edges due to safeguarding the edges from harm.


    The end of the skirted stairs where the bullnose tiles are edged is an extra touch to finishes and looks which indeed adds more safety. This will be a good move that will make the stairway safe as the steps will be free from the clutters caused by objects.

    Outdoor applications

    Aside from the inside application, Bullnose tile edge trim can be incorporated in other blues like outside on decks, walks, and around pools. In can deliver a stunning look from one end to another and also give the tile surface a tough non-slippery rim.

    A bullnose tile edge trim which is versatile and practical brings tiled surfaces to perfection in diverse surroundings. Its versatility ensures use in multiple settings resulting in a decorative and practical tile product. Whether in residential or commercial settings, this molding serves a useful and beautiful purpose of achieving a world-class look.

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      Other Optional Profiles

      Rather than sticks, the bullnose border tile edge trim can be replaced by several other aluminium tile trim profiles. Let’s take a quick look at a few common ones: fice cuts of different shapes: straight edge, square edge, round edge, L-shape, and quadrant trim. Each of these portrayals is multi-faceted and very specialized letting it translate various visual aspects to diverse tile setups.

      Square edge tile trim

      A square top offers a stylish, modern look to go with its straight edges and right angles. The beauty of this design is in its simplicity, creating a feel of a clean and modern look for the final installation, an impression that neat and stylish were considered.

      Round edge tile trim

      As opposed to standard angle trim, aluminum tile trim offers a curved, rounded natural look that provides sophistication for any room Its curve is created so effortlessly that it creates and invites which adds to the space's appealing aesthetic with sophistication and allure.

      L-shape tile trim

      The L-shaped trim that has this name is a profile with one leg at the same level as the tile surface and the other leg long enough to completely hide the tile edge. From tile installations of different sizes to clean and polished sides, practical design is used extensively.

      U-shape tile trim

      The U-shape design is a leg that is an end of it where it descends downwards as far as to hold the low line of the tile. It is so unique and different as opposed to close to an L-shape trim. It also gives the entire tiled surface a glossy and all-smart look.

      T-shape tile trim

      The T-shape trim is intended to achieve that by snapping on the tile edges and being installed on top of it. This also called caulk compound next to corners will prevent them from being cracked and further proving the installation gives a professional look.

      Ramp tile trim

      This trim is shaped like a slope that begins from the space between the wall and the floor and is well complemented with an elegant but smooth look. The particular geometry of the included one excludes the defects and leaves the edges very delicate.

      Besides that, the bevel shape creates an elegant effect with its borderless, curved border. Either by picking from the two profiles being square or round, you can then go with the best design which might also blend well with the rest of the tile setup thus enhancing the overall appearance of your space.

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        Benefits in Tiling Applications

        Highlights of Aluminium Border Tile Edge Trim

        Excellent Performance

        Know the nature of sophistication and practicality through our aluminum border tile edge trim. Carefully designed with an emphasis on durability and style, these trimmings are sure to bring a classy, modern design to any tiled room. Whether it’s edge protecting or stunning contemporary interiors, experience our diverse trim range.

        Durable Construction

        Made from heavy-gauge aluminum construction, this trim tile edge gives you lasting strength and durability. The robust construction makes it long-lasting, ensuring worry-free tiling installations in both residential and commercial spaces it is applicable.

        Sleek Design

        Its stylish and modern design instantly provides a luxurious and attractive appeal to any space, which further enhances its interior look. Border tile edge trim, aluminum, and sexy design will bring an accord of classiness to your room design.

        Versatile Application

        Aluminum border tile edge trim edge is all about those who simply want to upgrade their bathrooms, kitchens, floors, and any other space. This edge trim is very versatile and adaptable and will blend freely with many kinds of tiles and installations.

        Protective Edge

        It also acts as an edge detailing because it prevents the chipping and twisting, thereby, upholding the quality. Moreover, despite having the protective feature, the dorsal feature makes you feel secure thereby making it the good choice of the surface.

        Easy Installation

        You can stick that in a flash and it is ideal for both values of beginners and experts. The simple and easy-to-install process guarantees a haggle-free experience, consuming less time and effort, but still affords a fine finish consequently, a professional look.

        Wide Range of Finishes

        They can range from the classic to the modern and anything beyond, varying in form and nevertheless complementing well your interior design, providing at the same time a touch of that unmatchable uniqueness to your tiled rooms.

        Low Maintenance

        Low maintenance and thus ideal for busy families and heavily trafficked neighborhoods. With ease it can bring the look of tiled surfaces to a new level, supplying both polished and finished appearance that adds sophistication to a space.

        Enhanced Aesthetics

        Bring a new dimension to your room with ease with our aluminum border tile edge trim, which fashions a sophisticated edging to your tiled surfaces. Polished appearance not only adds to the aesthetic value but more so lends your space an air of style and finesse.

        Replace that border tile edge trim with a modern-looking aluminum one, you will get an amazing solution that both preserves and improves the appearance of tiled surfaces. Moreover, being manufactured from durable materials and also ideas in design, these kinds of gutters become even more popular as they combine practicality and nice scenery.

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          Frequently Asked Questions


          Frequently Asked Questions

          Now you know all about bullnose tile edge trim details due to the full and compact information provided in our FAQs. Know the essence of why it is used, materials available, installation processes, its essential application areas, material compatibility, size and profiles, suitability of being used outdoors, and if there is any concerned restorative tip.

          The bullnose tile edge trim is a particular kind of trim, made to provide a smooth, rounded finish on the outside of a tile installation. It is not sporadically employed to cap a countertop, surround a shower, or backsplash built with tiles.

          Installing bullnose tile edge trim will add a little bit of sophistication and give a covered look to your tiling installation. This will prevent the tiles from splitting or falling off retaining the edges neat and also preventing the sharp edges that could be dangerous.

          With a large range of materials to pick from, a high choice includes metal, stone, porcelain, and ceramics which are used to enhance the bullnose tile edges. Strength, beauty, and simplicity in installation are the features that all types of materials have in common.

          These dimensions form the basis for some of the available sizes for bullnose tile edge trim which are several widths and thicknesses of the tiles that are used. Consistency too includes installing a bullnose trim that suits the texture and color of your tiles.

          Whether the material or the edge trim is used, glue or mortar can be used for the installation of bullnose tiles. According to the manufacturer’s information product should be installed and the trims cut and shaped using the right tools as it may be needed.

          The most tile alternatives including ceramic, porcelain, stone, and glass are with bullnose tile edge trim. To attain the right logo together with the adherence it’s very important to select a bullnose trim that is made to blend with the kind of tile that is being used.

          Some of the other types of mouldings might be cheaper but the bullnose will do the job well as well as have a more beautiful look. The trim that is applied wide or narrow will affect the cost calculation along with the width.

          Bullnose tile edge trim can be installed outside but you have to pick a sturdy material that will withstand the environment, e.g. stone or metal. To get the service life you need, install with the correct sealant and adhesives. Follow the directions from the manufacturer.

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            Ideal Manufacturing Solutions

            TBK Metal

            A Custom-Made Manufacturer for Aluminium Border Tile Edge Trim

            A custom-made manufacturer that specializes in making aluminum border tile edge trims on demand for a range of uses is called TBK Metal. These edge trims obtained at various angles or in different finishes are the ones that a tiling project will need to get that finish of beauty and protection.

            TBK Metal runs its production with the main concern about quality and precision taking high-end manufacturing processes and the best materials into account. Consequently, every edge trim will be durable and attractive to use, which will make it a perfect choice for a variety of business and residential jobs.

            The completely customizable aluminum border tile edge trim from TBK Metal is a versatile choice whether you installed a new tile or want to modernize the room you already have. We have quality suppliers for the builder, the contractor, and the designer because of its commitment to customer satisfaction.satisfaction and emphasis on innovation.

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