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3D Textured Wall Panels

Liquid Metal Finishes
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Our 3D textured wall panels with liquid metal finishes will elevate your environment. These bonded metal panels combine creativity and ingenuity for upscale environments. Complex 3D patterns are tactilely fascinating, and liquid metal finishes play with light to give surfaces an ethereal glow.

The well-crafted panels unobtrusively merge form with function creating modern sophistication. Use textured metals to enrich your storytelling. Your design will not be about just seeing it but even touching it will elicit a feeling of luxury and endless creativity, appealing to all those who come across it.

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    For Interiors & Exteriors


    Explore our Amazing Designs

    Our liquid metal finishes on 3D textured wall panels are the pinnacle of adaptability. It subtly improves both the lavish interior and the alluring exterior. Redefine spaces with a dash of undiluted luxury and character by transforming walls, designing fascinating reception desks, giving charm to tables, and more.

    Our panels blend art and architecture and create an impression of creative and stylish artwork everywhere – from amazing feature walls to chic exterior facades. The role of texture and metal can be transformational in various applications that create imaginable and amazing spaces around us.

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      Technical Details


      Uplift your space with 3D textured wall panels made of aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and bronze. These customizable panels (4”x8”), coated with epoxy or acrylic and available in thicknesses of (2-18 mm), can be used either indoors or outside. Adding more convenience to this allure is their ease of adhesion.

      Substrate Options: Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Copper, Bronze, and other metals
      Coating Options: Epoxy Coating or Acrylic Coating
      Standard Size: 4” * 8” (1220mm * 2440mm), customizable
      Thickness Range: 2 – 18 mm, customizable
      Applications: Wall Panels, Reception Desk, Tables, and Interiors & Exteriors
      Installation: Attach with laminate adhesive
      A Wide Range of Styles

      Pattern Options

      With Creative Designs

      Utilize liquid metal finishes to discover endless creative possibilities. A vast tapestry of designs, from modern minimalism to ageless classics, beckons. Our carefully chosen options include enticing textures and shiny surfaces that give your interiors a refined feel while also realizing your individual design goals.

      Our liquid metal designs give almost unlimited design options. Subtle sheens can express understated elegance while bold statements have creative greatness. However, these designs are not just about decorations but leave permanent marks on your walls that showcase your classy taste for timeless beauty.

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        Creative Design

        Reveal your masterpiece using the 3d Textured Wall Panel along with the bewitching liquid metal finishes. A lot of effort has gone into making these panels modern yet tactile. The world’s most fascinating patterns will elevate your space as liquid light dances on metal surfaces. Join our panel and be creative with the interior design while incorporating luxury in every detail. Transforming walls into irresistible canvasses which combine architecture and art leaving an imprint of refinement in design.


        The liquid metal finishes have been meticulously designed to represent the highest level of refined artistry that goes beyond standard design limits. The works from the artisan’s hand are combined with the most contemporary technology into the waltz of touch and glimmer. The union of precise workmanship and new technologies creates a chorus of liquid metal finishes, which fills your space with means luxury atmosphere and tells about the exclusiveness of style by whispering sense.

        Epoxy Coating vs. Acrylic Coating

        Options for Coating Materials

        Epoxy Coating vs. Acrylic Coating

        Easily compare with our simple comparison chart on different coating options. Go for epoxy coating with resilient shine and suitable for luxury uses. Instead, go with Matt Finish Acrylic Coating which looks beautiful inside but will protect your furniture from the sun outside. Ensure harmonization of choice on beauty, maintenance, and purpose that ensures the smooth realization of your visions.

        AspectEpoxy CoatingAcrylic Coating
        FinishGlossy, glass-like shineMatte, customizable
        DurabilityExcellent wear and tear resistanceGood durability
        UV ResistanceModerateExcellent UV protection
        Aesthetic OptionsLimited color and texture variationsWide range of customizations
        Color ConsistencyHigh color consistencyVariable color consistency
        ApplicationSuitable for indoor and outdoor useIdeal for indoor applications
        InstallationRequires careful application due to glossy finishEasier application
        VersatilitySuitable for various design stylesVersatile for different looks
        UsageHigh traffic areas, high-end applicationsVersatile interior designs
        Recommended ForProjects requiring premium aestheticsDiverse design preferences

        Note: Choose the ideal coating based on your project’s specific requirements and desired aesthetics.

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          Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Coppers ...

          Material Options

          for Substrate of 3D Textured Wall Panels

          Go out for an exploration of creating 3D textured wall panels utilizing different substrates. Varieties from the time-honored elegance of the stainless steel panels to the cozy appeal of the copper panels constitute each panel. Discover the heart of these materials as you breathe life into your artistic dreams and designs.

          Stainless Steel

          Modern design is seen in stainless steel, which oozes sophistication. The fact that it is resistant to corroding also enables it to be applied both indoors and outdoors as well as having reflective surfaces between light and texture interplay adding the sophistication


          The copper design brings about a warm reddish brown that gives off subtle undertones of sophistication. Overtime gives it a special patina that is unique to itself which makes it more attractive. The design choice for giving homes a luxurious feel reminiscent of ancient grandeur is perfect.


          Aluminium becomes a flexible work of art, well known for being light in weight and not rusting. With various treatments, it adapts wonderful looks as its native silver glare changes into fascinating textures easily catching the eyes.


          Live the charisma of brass with its ever-lasting appeal and golden tone that will give every setting style and wealth. The material is very flexible which allows for more detailed textures than most other media available, providing freedom for really special designs.


          As time goes by, Corten steel develops a weather-patina, rugged, and rusty look giving life to the unique industrial character of your projects. It offers a unique dimension of aging by its very existence in exteriors; creating the exciting story of age and design.

          Corten Steel

          Over time corten steel embraces the weird attractiveness and becomes more and more rusty, which gives your project an authentic appeal of the real industry. A unique tale of age and design through exteriors that are endowed with vivacity itself.

          Apart from aesthetics, what you choose as a substrate material for your 3D textured wall panels is bound to influence how people touch them and feel in their surroundings. They are raw in that they either have loud statements or just light highlights that allow you to bring your artistic inspiration to life to enliven your spaces.

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            Benefits in Exterior & Interior Applications

            Highlights Of 3D Textured Wall Panels

            With Liquid Metal Finishes

            Join us on a design journey with our stunning 3D textured wall panels covered in liquid metal finishes. A smooth combination of design and function will make your spaces works of art. Explore the various advantages these panels provide in terms of decoration either inside a house or even outside; an endless realm of inspiration.

            Elevated Aesthetics

            Enjoy the pinnacle of contemporary luxury. Our panels with 3D textures and liquid metal finishes revolutionize visual appeal. No nook escapes their charm as they deftly catch interest and fill spaces with delightful vibrancy.

            Tactile Delight

            Discover your way through complex designs, each featuring different tactile qualities. Allow your fingers to play into different surfaces transforming the experience of space in a way that interlinks and makes everything come as one with the environment.

            Versatile Design

            Craft your vision on this canvas of possibilities: versatile panels successfully incorporate different styles. You get an assortment of color blends and textures from which your distinct creative story speaks through every nook and cranny thus revealing personalness.

            Reflective Radiance

            Behold an awesome play of light. Wall finishes made from liquid metal give walls an amazing glow that reflects light to create wonderful visual symphonies enhancing the space while adding a sense of extra dimension.

            Durability and Longevity

            Skillfully constructed for the longevity tests of time, these panels are timelessly tough. Carefully and once-in-a-lifetime built; this permanent beauty has not changed with time so, one would buy this and it will be astonishing still.

            Easy Maintenance

            Simplicity combines timeless grace into it. The panels that barely need maintenance are immune to any effect of time or use and look vivid after decades. Enjoy their perpetual charm without the burden of daily upkeep; let peace enter your space.

            Acoustic Enhancement

            They combine serenity with style to form the perfect orchestra. Your space becomes a sanctuary where silence and beauty dance together in unison - specific panels enchant the eye as well as orchestrate an acoustic haven.

            Architectural Versatility

            They combine serenity with style to form the perfect orchestra. Your space becomes a sanctuary where silence and beauty dance together in unison - specific panels enchant the eye as well as orchestrate an acoustic haven.

            Environmental Appeal

            The zenith of environment-friendliness luxuriance. Carefully crafted from ethically acquired materials, our ECO styles work beautifully in harmony with your green principles, blending luxury aesthetics against careful design considerations.

            Distinctive Identity

            Awaken intrigue in your space. Create an atmosphere that would encourage talk and leave every one of your visitors with their indelible memories. Revealing the personality of your design as a unique character who will not shut up.

            Embrace design innovation and explore beyond “panels”. 3D textured wall panels with liquid metal finishes are not just surfaces but portals of enhanced sophistication. Uplift your project, engage the audience, and integrate a balance of aesthetics and functionality for space transformation in a lasting inspiring way using this unique design solution.

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              Frequently Asked Questions


              Frequently Asked Questions

              Discover core details about our stunning textured wall panels with liquid metal finishes. Disclose details on issues related to applications, modification, durability, and servicing. These FAQs are in essence, your full-blooded friend throughout your explorations into innovative designs and craftsmanship.

              A1. Discover outstanding artistry and ingenuity among these compositions of architectural excellence! Complex 3D textures blend perfectly with liquid metal coatings converting walls into paintings that are vivid and alive. This mesmeric modern art form is a result of an interaction between “touchable” textures and reflective surfaces with an emanating light glow.

              A2. These three-dimensional textures do a choreography and give a fascinating depth to the surfaces and with its liquid finish it looks like a mirror gloss. The fusion is perfect by far than just its appearance creating a luxurious atmosphere for a new era of interior styling.

              A3. Yes, these panels come with different patterns, styles, and finishes giving an array for one to express himself or herself in their designs. You can also have an extended customization that lets you convert your creative idea into a beautiful statement whether it is bold or subtle sophistication.

              A4. However, these boards extend beyond being beautiful. They may improve on acoustics giving a peaceful setting. They are durable and hence remain almost untouched by repair. Furthermore, they go beyond the walls to adorn ceilings and furniture in each corner turning it into a melody of texture and luxury.

              A5. The installation must be tailored to the panel’s nuance. For some this direct surface adhesion is sufficient but for others, there is more than just a need for this direct surface adhesion. Let these experts install it for you to achieve perfect results because of its complexities.

              A6. These highly adaptive pieces have an unending charm that easily goes well with many a business atmosphere. The elegance does not require much effort at all on their part as they easily raise the complexity level in corporate offices and give attractiveness to malls adding luxury to hotels while giving design inspiration to the restaurants.

              A7. Many of them are deliberately created to have eco considerations and they do integrate perfectly well with contemporary sustainability in design practice. Adopt sincere, green-conscious chic that is authentic and fashionable.

              A8. This product is made inherently durable making it a simple maintenance requirement as well. A simple wipe using a soft cloth takes care of its charming shine to keep alive the attraction that will make it a gracefully beautiful addition to your room.

              A9. Certain panel designs are compatible while others work well for dry weather and moist air respectively. Ensure that you get guidance from experienced people who understand this delicate balance between aesthetic appeal and useful function, to make a sound determination about what works for you, depending upon your needs and preferences.

              A10. These panels blend touch and sight to project an unadulterated atmosphere. They create the atmosphere and impression of the space as they are very specific about it and leave a strong identity in the room. It embraces bystanders towards it into a spellbinding tour of sensory lures through which it forever etches itself into people’s memories and minds.

              Your 3D textured wall panel will exude both visual and touch appeal depending on the type of substrate material used and its influence on the surrounding ambiance. Regardless of whether you want a big impact statement or just a hint of sophistication, they will provide the framework within which your imagination can thrive and create the mood of your place.

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