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3D Textured Wall Panels

Liquid Metal Finishes

Elevate your space with our exquisite 3D Textured Wall Panels, adorned in mesmerizing Liquid Metal Finishes. These avant-garde panels blend innovation and artistry, transforming any interior into a realm of sophistication. Crafted with precision, the intricate three-dimensional patterns evoke tactile wonder, while the liquid metal finishes cascade with an otherworldly luminosity, creating a play of light that dances across surfaces. These panels redefine elegance, bringing a harmonious fusion of form and function. Elevate your design narrative with a symphony of texture and metal, captivating the senses and leaving an indelible impression of opulence and creativity.

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    For Interiors & Exteriors


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    From luxurious interiors to striking exteriors, our 3D Textured Wall Panels with Liquid Metal Finishes transcend boundaries. Elevate walls, design captivating reception desks, infuse character into tables, and redefine spaces with a touch of opulence. Whether it’s an awe-inspiring feature wall or a sophisticated exterior facade, these panels effortlessly merge art and architecture, leaving an enduring impression of creativity and refinement. Experience the transformative power of texture and metal across a spectrum of applications, crafting environments that inspire and delight.

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      Technical Details


      Elevate spaces with versatile 3D textured wall panels in metals like Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, and Bronze. Coated in Epoxy or Acrylic, customizable in size (4″x8″) and thickness (2-18mm), ideal for Walls, Desks, Tables, Interiors & Exteriors. Easy laminate adhesive installation.

      Substrate Options: Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Copper, Bronze, and other metals
      Coating Options: Epoxy Coating or Acrylic Coating
      Standard Size: 4” * 8” (1220mm * 2440mm), customizable
      Thickness Range: 2 – 18 mm, customizable
      Applications: Wall Panels, Reception Desk, Tables, and Interiors & Exteriors
      Installation: Attach with laminate adhesive
      A Wide Range of Styles

      Pattern Options

      With Creative Designs

      Discover a world of design possibilities with our diverse pattern options of Liquid Metal Finishes. From sleek modernity to timeless classics, our curated collection offers a range of captivating textures and reflective surfaces. Elevate interiors with a touch of sophistication, allowing you to tailor your space to your unique vision. Whether it’s a subtle shimmer or a bold statement, our Liquid Metal patterns bring an enchanting allure that transforms walls into works of art, leaving an indelible impression of elegance and creativity.

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        Creative Design

        Unveil an artistic marvel with our 3D Textured Wall Panels, adorned in enchanting Liquid Metal Finishes. Meticulously crafted, these panels fuse innovative design and tactile elegance. Elevate your space with a symphony of mesmerizing patterns, where light dances across liquid metal surfaces. Our panels invite you to reimagine interiors, infusing creativity, and opulence into every detail. Transform walls into captivating canvases, a seamless blend of form and function, leaving an enduring impression of refined aesthetics.


        Meticulously crafted to embody the essence of refined artistry, our liquid metal finishes transcend conventional design boundaries. Every stroke of the artisan's hand converges with cutting-edge technology, resulting in a harmonious dance of texture and sheen. The marriage of meticulous craftsmanship and innovative techniques yields a symphony of liquid metal finishes that adorn your space with an unparalleled aura of elegance and distinction, making a statement that whispers luxury and captivates the senses.

        Epoxy Coating vs. Acrylic Coating

        Options for Coating Materials

        Epoxy Coating vs. Acrylic Coating

        Explore our user-friendly comparison table to effortlessly navigate through coating options. Opt for the glossy resilience of Epoxy Coating, perfect for luxurious applications. Alternatively, embrace Acrylic Coating, boasting a matte finish that gleams indoors while providing exceptional UV protection. Align your preferences for aesthetics, upkeep, and purpose, guaranteeing a seamless realization of your design aspirations.

        AspectEpoxy CoatingAcrylic Coating
        FinishGlossy, glass-like shineMatte, customizable
        DurabilityExcellent wear and tear resistanceGood durability
        UV ResistanceModerateExcellent UV protection
        Aesthetic OptionsLimited color and texture variationsWide range of customizations
        Color ConsistencyHigh color consistencyVariable color consistency
        ApplicationSuitable for indoor and outdoor useIdeal for indoor applications
        InstallationRequires careful application due to glossy finishEasier application
        VersatilitySuitable for various design stylesVersatile for different looks
        UsageHigh traffic areas, high-end applicationsVersatile interior designs
        Recommended ForProjects requiring premium aestheticsDiverse design preferences

        Note: Choose the ideal coating based on your project’s specific requirements and desired aesthetics.

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          Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Coppers ...

          Material Options

          for Substrate of 3D Textured Wall Panels

          Embark on a journey through a rich assortment of substrates for crafting 3D textured wall panels, each infusing distinct attributes into your design ventures. From the enduring sophistication of Stainless Steel to the inviting charm of Copper, let’s delve into these materials that breathe life into your artistic aspirations.

          Stainless Steel

          A quintessential element of contemporary design, Stainless Steel emanates a sleek, modern allure. Its corrosion-resistant nature suits diverse indoor and outdoor uses, while its reflective surface elevates interplays of light and texture.


          Infusing designs with an aura of warmth and sophistication, Copper introduces a captivating reddish-brown hue. As time passes, it gracefully acquires a unique patina, enhancing its allure and individuality. An ideal choice for imbuing interiors with a luxurious touch that resonates with timeless elegance.


          Aluminum, renowned for its lightweight and corrosion-resistant attributes, becomes a canvas for versatile design. Its inherent silvery luster transforms through diverse treatments, yielding captivating textures that effortlessly draw the gaze.


          Infusing spaces with a rich sense of history and grandeur, Bronze unveils deep brown tones that gracefully interlace with its storied past. Its vintage elegance seamlessly enhances modern designs, rendering it a beloved preference for impactful statement pieces.


          Indulge in the enduring charm of Brass, boasting a rich golden hue that infuses every setting with opulence. Its remarkable malleability facilitates intricate textures, offering versatility for elaborate designs that truly stand out.

          Corten Steel

          Embracing an unconventional allure, Corten Steel evolves a rustic, weathered aesthetic as time passes, infusing your projects with an authentic industrial charisma. Its distinct aging journey injects a dynamic essence into exteriors, crafting an engaging narrative of time and design.

          Choosing the perfect substrate material for your 3D textured wall panels goes beyond aesthetics, influencing tactile sensations and the ambiance of your spaces. Whether you crave bold statements or subtle touches, these materials become a canvas for your creative vision to flourish and breathe life into your surroundings.

          Benefits in Exterior & Interior Applications

          Benefits Of 3D Textured Wall Panels

          With Liquid Metal Finishes

          Discover boundless design horizons through 3D textured wall panels, adorned with captivating liquid metal finishes. This fusion of aesthetics and functionality metamorphoses your spaces into captivating masterpieces. Embark on a journey to explore the myriad benefits these sheets bestow upon your interior and exterior design ventures.

          Elevated Aesthetics

          Indulge in the epitome of modern luxury. Our 3D textured panels, intricately graced with liquid metal finishes, redefine the very essence of visual allure, effortlessly commanding attention and infusing every corner with an enchanting vitality.

          Tactile Delight

          Engage in a sensory dance with design. Run your fingers over intricate textures, inviting an immersive tactile journey that intertwines with your environment, forging a profound connection that resonates within your space.

          Versatile Design

          Your canvas of creation, these panels bridge diverse styles. An expansive array of patterns and finishes empowers your unique design visions, ensuring each space embodies your distinct artistic narrative and unfurls a world of individuality.

          Reflective Radiance

          Witness a breathtaking interplay of light. Liquid metal finishes bestow walls with an entrancing luminosity, refracting light to craft captivating visual symphonies, enriching ambiance, and engendering a compelling illusion of added depth.

          Durability and Longevity

          Impeccably engineered for lasting endurance, these panels gracefully endure the passage of time. Their impeccable aesthetics remain unblemished, upholding an investment that defies years, perpetually leaving an awe-inspiring impression.

          Easy Maintenance

          Effortless elegance, simplified. Resistant to wear and the passage of time, these panels effortlessly maintain their vibrant allure, granting you the luxury of savoring their beauty without the burden of frequent maintenance.

          Acoustic Enhancement

          Serenity meets style in a perfect symphony. Specific panels not only visually enthrall but also orchestrate an acoustic haven, transforming your space into a sanctuary where tranquility harmonizes seamlessly with a captivating design.

          Architectural Versatility

          Transcend boundaries and reshape your realm. These panels become your artistic medium, seamlessly merging with ceilings, columns, and furnishings, bestowing an immersive aura upon your space that resonates with unmatched grandeur.

          Environmental Appeal

          Sustainably inspired sophistication at its finest. Crafted from ethically sourced materials, our eco-conscious choices resonate with your environmental values, seamlessly harmonizing opulent aesthetics with mindful design principles.

          Distinctive Identity

          Awaken intrigue in your space. Instill an ambiance that sparks dialogue, etching a lasting impression on each visitor. Unveil a distinctive identity, a testament to your design's captivating allure and boundless conversation.

          Discover beyond panels – embrace design innovation. 3D textured panels featuring liquid metal finishes aren’t just surfaces; they’re portals to elevated creativity and refined elegance. Elevate your projects, captivate audiences, and harmonize beauty with function, redefining spaces while leaving an enduring, creative imprint through this exceptional design solution.

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            Frequently Asked Questions


            Frequently Asked Questions

            Explore pivotal information about our revolutionary 3D textured wall panels featuring liquid metal finishes. Uncover insights spanning applications, customization, durability, and maintenance. These FAQs serve as your holistic companion, ensuring a confident journey through the realm of innovative design and craftsmanship.

            A1. Discover a transformative fusion of design and innovation. Crafted as architectural masterpieces, these panels harmonize intricate three-dimensional textures with the allure of liquid metal coatings. The result? Walls become dynamic canvases, intertwining touchable textures with luminous, mirror-like finishes in a captivating dance of modern artistry.

            A2. The interplay of 3D textures adds captivating depth and character to surfaces, seamlessly complemented by liquid metal finishes that bestow a radiant, mirror-like allure. This harmonious fusion transcends mere aesthetics, crafting an opulent ambiance that stands as a testament to a new era in interior refinement.

            A3. Certainly, these panels present an array of patterns, styles, and finishes, providing a rich tapestry for design expression. Whether you aspire to make a daring proclamation or embrace understated refinement, the extensive customization empowers you to translate your artistic vision seamlessly into reality.

            A4. Beyond beauty, these panels contribute more than aesthetics. They may enhance acoustics, offering a serene environment. With heightened durability, they withstand the test of time, requiring minimal upkeep. Moreover, they transcend walls, embellishing ceilings and furniture, turning every corner into a symphony of texture and luxury.

            A5. The installation process adapts to panel nuances. Direct surface adhesive suits some, whereas others demand a dedicated framework. To ensure flawless results, we strongly advise entrusting the installation to skilled professionals who comprehend the intricacies of these remarkable panels.

            A6: When making your selection, consider the stunning options that lie before you: the Epoxy Coating, offering a luxurious glossy finish that catches the light in mesmerizing ways, or perhaps the Acrylic Coating, which lends a sophisticated matte allure while effortlessly fending off the sun’s UV rays. Your choice will undoubtedly reflect your unique design inclinations.

            A7. Crafted with a commitment to the environment, numerous choices showcase eco-conscious materials and processes, seamlessly harmonizing with modern sustainable design principles. Embrace conscientious elegance that echoes your values and shapes a greener, more stylish world.

            A8. Savor hassle-free maintenance owing to their inherent resilience. A gentle wipe with a soft cloth effortlessly preserves their captivating sheen and charm, ensuring an enduring allure that remains an exquisite addition to your space.

            A9. The panel’s compatibility varies; certain designs are fit for wet areas, while others thrive in dry environments. To ensure the right choice, seek guidance from professionals well-versed in the intricate interplay of aesthetics and functionality.

            A10. Enveloping surroundings with an unmistakable aura, these panels blend touch and sight seamlessly. Crafting an immersive journey, they etch a profound identity onto the room, eternally shaping the memories and perceptions of all who encounter them.

            The choice of substrate material plays a crucial role in shaping the aesthetics and tactile sensation of your 3D textured wall panels, influencing the overall atmosphere of your surroundings. Whether your intention is to make a striking proclamation or to add a delicate nuance, these materials serve as the foundation upon which your imaginative ideas can prosper.

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