Stainless Steel Roofing & Ceiling For Haramain High-Speed Railway KAEC Station

Stainless Steel Roofing & Ceiling For Haramain High-Speed Railway KAEC Station


The Haramain High-Speed Railway (HHSR) is also known as the Mecca-Medina High-Speed Railway or the Western Railway, which is a major transportation project in Saudi Arabia. The HHSR traverses the major cities that include Makkah, Madinah, Jeddah, and the developing King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC), and the distance between the two terminals is 453 kilometers. These stations are regarded as the gateways to each city, inspired by the local traditional architectural styles, and provide passengers with wide space where is shaded from the sun. The stations of the Haramain High-Speed Railway are large and flexible and cover a huge area that is initially capable of accommodating 60’000’000 passengers per year, and it’s expected to increase to 135’000’000 passengers by 2042.

All the stations come with the modular design method, which is combined with metallic colors, as their architectural structures & decorations mostly apply decorative sheet metal, the common properties of these stations of the four cities present that they all have the same symbol of the Haramain High-Speed Railway system. The two railway terminals are respectively located in Makkah and Medina, they are both characterized by rich colors. The station of Medina features a vivid green color that is inspired by the Mosque of the Prophet. The city of Makkah is considered a holy site, so from the station of this city, you can notice the gold leaf that is designed with Kab’ah style.

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    To have a special resonance with the city, the station of Jeddah is characterized with a purple tone. And the dominant colors of KAEC’s station are silver and blue, which not only symbolize futurism but also represent the role as a sense of the modern city. The metal ceiling system and roofing system are designed with the traditional arch shape with a height of 9 meters from the platform, it looks like a gateway, this design is inspired by Islamic architectural style. And there are a series of arch shape roofing with a 25 meters height above the concourse. A 26-meter square grid is consequently covered by numerous arched roofing and ceiling panels, which are connected together to form a flexible metal roofing system. Such a designed style is commonly applied to all other stations.

    According to the condition and orientation of each station, they are built up with a combination of different metal facade cladding systems. In order to reduce sunray, solid cladding is applied where visibility is not required. The entrances with glass doors to the platforms and station halls are located at the external facade and far from the interior. The layouts of each station are arranged according to the direction of sunlight. The spatial arrangement is reasonable to allow passengers to know the direction of the trains, and that can help navigate to the right trains of them. And the space is perfectly designed to prevent the heat that is transferred from outside.

    In addition to the functions of railway transportation between different cities, the stations provide passengers with seamless connections to other public transportation networks in the city, especially with the Metro and other public traffic systems in Jeddah.

    The railway project is developed according to sustainability. As it’s always hot throughout the year in Saudi Arabia, the station buildings are constructed according to the principles of felt temperature reduction. With this advanced air conditioning system, the interior temperatures can be maintained without the need for a mechanical cooling method. The temperature inside the station is always kept at around 28˚C. The facade cladding system with perforated design helps reduce the excessive sunlight to condition the temperature at the proper level, meanwhile, allows to take a view of the outside of the station.

    Project Details

    Project: Haramain High-Speed Railway KAEC Station
    Location: King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC), Saudi Arabia
    Products: Stainless steel roofing & ceiling system with No.4 satin finish and rose gold color (bronze color). Color coating got the best SGS test result on Adhesive, Taber Abrasion, and Salt Spray.

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