Stainless Steel Ceiling With Mirrored Surface Finish For Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station

Stainless Steel Ceiling With Mirrored Surface Finish For Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station


Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station (VMC) is located on the west corner of Jane Street And Highway 7 in York Region, Vaughan City are outside of the city of Toronto. VMC was completed and opened to the public on December 17, 2017, and replaced the Sheppard West to become the northwest terminal of the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension, and it’s the northernmost station in the entire subway system of Toronto. Furthermore, VMC is one of the two Toronto subway stations that are under the jurisdiction of York Region, Vaughan City, another station is Highway 407.

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station is set in Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, so that’s why it is called that name. This station is designated by the government as a transit terminal, one of several union mobility hubs in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. and this area will be developed to become a CBD (Central Business District). Vaughan Metropolitan Station provides 900 parking spots, unlike other parking lots at TTC rapid transit station which are owned and operated by the TTC itself, parking lots at Vaughan Metropolitan Station are privately owned and operated by SmartCentres.

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    The Vaughn Metropolitan Station was envisioned as a transportation hub and a pioneer to expand comprehensive utility development around there. The area around the station was challengingly imagined as a new town and a landmark building with an organizing element and focal point was built up. This station is a transportation link across a fast developing region and provides people with various transport alternatives. The operating range of this station includes platform, station hall, and the entrance building located in a north-south linear park that is designated as a central axis within the city. People located at the building can view down to both platform and station hall, the building responds to the envisioned city circumstances and the central axis.

    The design of the station is based on the idea to bring daylight into the depths of the building,  providing the waiting room with excellent ventilation, and presenting an intuitive route of the train. The four corners of the building are connected by an X-shaped bridge that looks stunning, the voids allow glimpses of trains and platforms below. In addition to convenience and ease of use, geometry and transparency create a safer and more secure transport environment. Space earmarked for future retail opportunities will bring more amenities to the subway station.

    The station’s ceiling is made of stainless steel with a mirrored surface finish to reflect light to the entire environment with brightness. The metal ceiling panels capture the actives of moving passengers and pulsing trains and improve the light conditions, the combination of aesthetics and functions can provide passengers with a unique sense. A high-quality project improved with artful and characteristic elements will let people favorably impressed and have a joyful experience.

    Project Details

    Project: Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station
    Location: Vaughan City, Canada
    Products: Stainless steel ceiling with mirrored surface finish and five different levels PVD blue colors

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