Architectural Metalwork For Tawar Mall In Doha Qatar

Architectural Metalwork For Tawar Mall In Doha Qatar


The architects at Doha Tower have created a structure that is uniquely suited to the needs of the owners. The unique dome structure creates a unique space that responds to the weather and also allows the owners to have the flexibility to choose where they work. The building is positioned on a prominent coastal road overlooking the Persian Gulf, close to the future Al Bidda metro station. The building’s unique shape is primarily designed to maximize its efficiency. To achieve this, the building’s core has been moved out of the center of the structure to create flexible floor space.

Gulf Steel Factories is a local company that has been contributing to the Qatar construction market for 67 years. In this time, they have completed many significant projects, including the Tawar Mall Cinema, Mall of Qatar, Vendome Place Project, and the New Doha International Airport. Their staff is made up of highly skilled people with expertise in engineering, quality management, and the fabrication industry. Having completed more than 200 projects in the Middle East, Gulf Steel Factories is a trusted and respected name in the industry.

There are numerous dining and entertainment outlets at Tawar Mall. From high-end to casual, the mall offers something for everyone. The food court at Tawar features the best on-the-go snack franchises. Moreover, the mall is home to a musical water fountain. Using the latest technology, the fountain synchronizes the music with the flow of water. A visit to Tawar Mall is sure to be a memorable one.

While the mall’s overall aesthetics are unique and stylish, the design and architecture of the Bounce facility are a great choice for kids and families alike. The Bounce facility includes over 100 interconnecting trampolines. The wall itself functions as the floor, making it a perfect activity for families and kids. It also has a large selection of luxury retailers. With the diverse array of stores, Tawar is sure to delight the entire family.

Project Details

Project: Architectural Metalwork For Tawar Mall In Doha Qatar
Location: Doha City, Qatar
Products: Stainless steel & aluminium mashrabiya, external stainless steel cladding, aluminium pergola

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