Architectural Metalwork For Qatar University Metro Station

Architectural Metalwork For Qatar University Metro Station


The Doha Metro is an automated rail system that operates mostly underground throughout the city of Doha. The service will likely begin earlier than 8AM, targeting early morning commuters and workers. The stations will also handle vehicle registration, transfer of ownership, and accident claims. The lines run seven days a week from 6am until 11pm, Saturday to Wednesday. You can use the metro for work, school, and play.

The Doha Metro’s design, chosen by the Emir of Qatar in October 2013, was based on historical Islamic architecture, and is reminiscent of the region’s vernacular architecture. The design mimics the shape of an oyster and emphasizes the vernacular architecture of the area. This is the first time that a Metro station in Qatar has incorporated a traditional vernacular architectural style into a modern building.

Doha's Red Line North

Doha’s Metro system will connect the main commercial, residential, and town centers of the city. The system will run underground in the heart of the city and at ground level in the outskirts. The metro will be built using 21 TBMs, or tunnel boring machines, which are seven-and-a-half meters in diameter and a hundred and twenty meters long. These giant machines will cut tunnels up to 20 meters below the city’s surface.

The Red Line is a 40-kilometer rail system connecting the airport to the city center. It has nine underground stations, including Al Wakra, Corniche, Free Zone, and Qatar University. The Red Line is also known as the Coast Line and is made up of three separate lines. The Gold Line connects Airport City North and the Pearl, while the Green Line stretches from Al Mansoura to Msheireb.

Doha's Green Line

Doha Metro has launched the green line underground, the first phase of the city’s underground metro system. The route starts at Mshaireb Station and moves north, passing Al Diwan Station and then moving west through the Al Rayyan/C-Ring and Sports RA districts. After this, it continues west through the Education City South East station and to the Trough at-grade portal. The green line will eventually connect the main districts of Doha.

During these times, the metrolink service will be available to transport passengers to Metro stations and locations near the metro. In the same day, Qatar Rail announced the opening of five new Metro Red Line stations, including Hamad International Airport, Lusail, Katara, and Al Khor North. In the coming months, the city will also open the Legtaifiya station. A total of EUR two billion was spent on the project.

Doha's Al Rifaa Metro Station

The Green Line of the Doha Metro extends west to the Qatar University metro station and the municipality of Al Rayyan. It serves the region south of the Pearl and the western end of the Green Line is located in the municipality of Al Rayyan, near the Mall of Qatar. The station is in the newly developed Rawdat Al Jahhaniyya district, opposite the mall.

The Doha Metro system is a state-of-the-art automated rail system that runs mainly underground. It is one of the fastest systems of its kind in the world and is revolutionizing the way people move through the capital city. The system has 110 trains and 3 cars and is easily navigable, making it a great alternative to driving a private car. If you’re considering moving to Doha, the Metro is definitely the way to go!

Mall of Qatar's Al Rifaa Metro Station

One of the largest shopping destinations in Qatar is easily accessible from the Mall of Qatar’s Al Rifa Station. This green line station is connected directly to the Mall of Qatar through a pedestrian bridge. The station is one of the many in Qatar that connect to the various stadiums for the 2022 World Cup. Visitors to the stadium can enjoy the sights and sounds of the upcoming World Cup while taking a train from Al Rifaa Metro Station to the Mall of Qatar.

The closest metro stations are the Gold Line’s Al Wakra, Al Bidda, Al Muazzeer, and Msheireb. The Msheireb station is interchangeable with the Al Bidda and Al Rifaa stations. You can also take a Green Line train to Al Rifaa and Joaan stations. From the latter two stations, you can change to the Red Line and head towards Al Rifaa.

Project Details

Project: Architectural Metalwork For Qatar University Metro Station
Location: Doha City, Qatar
Products: Stainless steel wall cladding panels with 3D surface effects, stainless steel railing, stainless steel manhole covers, and frames

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