This teaching building is enclosured with metal wall cladding panels and laid out along two main axes, the internal axis that runs through the space for students and faculties, and the external axis that serves the public. The two axes eventually get together in the hall of 1,300 square meters, which is one of The most distinctive spot of the entire building. As a transitional area between public and private space, the multipurpose hall provides a variety of communication opportunities for students, professors, and even visitors throughout the campus, and is designed to encourage all users to communicate, research and study in the space.

Metal Wall Cladding Panels Make This Building Like Puzzle | Blog - TBK Metal

Buildings With Metal Wall Cladding

This building comes with so many outstanding features, its walls decorated with metal cladding panels integrate well with the art style and artistic expression. This is a building with simplicity, environment-friendly style, and durability. The pinewood flooring, birch finishes, raw aluminum, raw steel, and concrete easily cope with the wetness of the west coast of Norway while withstanding the high intensity of use, wear, and consumption. The decorative sheet metals and color palette of the interior spaces are also kept low-key, designed to provide neutral and neat areas for studying or working.

Metal Cladding Panels Make This Building Like Puzzle | Blog - TBK Metal

The exterior cladding of this building is mainly composed of decorative metal cladding panels, making the surface of the wall look like a puzzle with a wonderful rhythm. The 900 pieces of prefabricated metal cladding panels jut out from the walls at different depths, and the sizes of panels are not the same, are occasionally punctuated by cantilevered bay windows.

Wall Cladding Panels Make This Building Like Puzzle | Blog - TBK Metal

In addition to the metal cladding panels, the curtain wall is also built up with glass panels, aluminum sheet metal, and glass panels strewn at random distribution in the architectural sheet metal, the metal facade can increase the structure of the solid and visual effect, the architecture of glass can add pervious to light quality, let the teachers and students to work and study relaxedly, at the same time can let indoor and field of vision and comfort have been further enhanced. The metal surface of the curtain wall presents different solidities during the day. As the strength of sunlight changes during the day, the curtain wall will present different aesthetic feelings.

Metal Cladding Panels Make This Building Like Puzzle | Blog - TBK Metal

A total of 9 acres of the 11.45 acre site are used as outdoor areas, including green areas, piazzas, and parking lots. Most of the outdoor area is open to the public, and the square and dining terrace form a natural gathering space. A huge water tank below the restaurant terrace can store excess water from the 4,100-square-metre roof, up to 90 liters per second. Eventually, the water will be collected into 500 cubic meters of infiltration ponds in the square, effectively avoiding the pressure of rain and floods on the environment.

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